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  1. Fixed. UV-Max in 1:39
  2. Well, I just was too lazy to make up a real name, but yes, the words are from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", one of my favourite films. Thanks for the FDA.
  3. A very short map for Boom.
  4. MAP29 UV-Speed in 1:47
  5. MAP21 Pacifist in 0:39 the demo %)
  6. attachment
  7. Classic Episode E1M2 Pacifist in 0:33
  8. A playthrough for the newest version (with secrets found in the end of the demo).
  9. MAYhem 2048 MAP20 UV-Max in 5:25
  10. stx-Vile's D1EP1 NM-Speed is 6:46, not 8:35.
  11. Very lame HMP FDAs for map01-12 - . Very beautiful and fun on HMP megawad so far. Definitely a new Speed of Doom :).
  12. MAP29 Pacifist in 0:24
  13. HMP and UV FDAs. I really liked the idea. It's a good and fun dodging and strategy training. Also the design is pretty neat and atmospheric.
  14. Eclipse MAP02 UV-Max in 9:06
  15. MAP18 Pacifist in 0:28