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  1. Omega Tyrant


    Levels are bland, large, and force a lot of backtracking. No thought is put into enemy placement, as 90% of them in a mixed assortment just teleport in at some random part of the map. The levels also feature a lot of traveling through long, claustrophobic brown dark tunnels. Sure I guess its sky and some of its architecture is impressive for vanilla capabilities, but the levels are just so boring and lifeless, among other design flaws.
  2. Omega Tyrant

    2002 A DOOM ODYSSEY (V2)

    I found this to be overrated. It wasn't outright poor, but much of it is a mediocre blur, and some of the better levels went on way too long (e.g. E4M6). Difficulty-wise, it's not much harder than the original Doom for the most part, outside some bullshit traps and some later levels having little resources. My biggest gripe was the secrets, with the majority being behind unmarked walls with no hint that they're there, meaning you're going to have to wallhump everything to find them if you don't cheat.
  3. I've been curious to knowing exactly what its stats are, and the Doom Wiki doesn't have its data, while a Google search and a search here turned up absolutely nothing regarding its stats. So does anywhere here have its data?
  4. Pistol start is a legitimate style of play, and any map should be able to stand on its own and be fully doable from a Pistol start (the original Doom levels were made with this intention, which wasn't at all lost in the transition to PSX, so there's no reason to abandon it here; in fact PSXDoom maps were even more accommodating for Pistol starting, with especially brutal to Pistol start maps such as Hell Beneath being given greater resources). The Plasma Gun is much later in the level, beyond where you fight the Cyberdemon (and you must kill the Cyber to advance, so you can't get the Plasma Gun to fight the Cyber), and the Rocket Launcher was nowhere to be found (though even with the Rocket Launcher, you still wouldn't have enough ammo in the beginning area to take the Cyber out).
  5. Gotcha! doesn't seem properly rebalanced to account for the lack of the Spider Mastermind on UV. From a pistol start, you won't be able to gather enough ammo before the Cyber to take it out, and you will have to resort to berserk punching it (on a not-so-large platform with little maneuverability to boot). Maybe place another box of shells or two in the beginning area? EDIT: There isn't enough ammo for a pistol start in general. I gave myself an extra shell box to get past the Cyber, and even after punching out many of the Cacos and Hell Knights, I still barely had enough ammo to get by. Also the door to the BFG secret doesn't seem to open, and there doesn't seem to be a Rocket Launcher anywhere nor a Chaingun.
  6. Links to Castle, The Escape, Icon of Sin, and Odyssey of Noises are down.
  7. Omega Tyrant

    1 Monster Megawad

    This was a mixed bag. The concept was interesting, and some of the maps had amazing atmosphere. Most of the second half maps went on way too long though (Zumma and Cacophony were really bad in this regard), with too much switch hunts and backtracking. I loved the Spectre levels (which made the best use of the 1 monster gimmick by far), and also liked Knightmire, Mancublood, and The Crucified Factory. I found the rest though mostly forgettable if not too long, with the Chaingunner levels being especially bad