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  1. Springy

    Who here has 100%'ed Doom & Doom 2?

    Of the original 1990s classics yeah pretty much, only one I didn't fully complete was the Master Levels and I haven't played Sigil yet.
  2. Springy

    How do you unwind?

    Not really after work, but I do often run a 5k. It's free exercise, I guess, a couple of them a week. Often times I will get home from work, get naked and just either watch some sports or read, go down rabbit holes or go for walks (when not naked). I quite like boxing, although I am just getting back into the sport, what put me off was more the YouTube stuff (which, to be fair is easily avoidable). I like watching football, too. One of my favourite bouts of all time:
  3. Springy

    What are you listening to?

    To Obscure - In the Conflict. Provided I have my German correct.
  4. Springy

    Favorite Album Cover?

    Probably Ufomammut's Snailking.
  5. Springy

    Excited For Eternal?

    I just placed a pre-order for this and this Slayer collection I keep seeing word of. It came as complete news to me when I was watching a UFC FN earlier this year as it was advertised on the mat. I am quite excited to see what is in store.
  6. How so? Is it mainly nostalgia? I was initially disappointed when they went third person as opposed to the fixed camera but it rubbed off on me in the end.
  7. Springy

    Games of the Decade

    In no particular order: Dark Souls: I could spend all day playing this, three or Bloodbourne. These are so captivating. I have yet to play the second one. In terms of sound design and environment I think these are hard to top. Resident Evil 7: First game I played with VR. Quite an immersive experience albeit a little linear. That Batman Arkham armoured edition game for the WII U: As a fan of comics and batman in general, I loved it. The soundtrack was fantastic, too. All in all a very well designed game. These in particular stood out to me. There are probably a few more but I haven't invested as much time as I have to other games than I have to the aforementioned games.
  8. Springy

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Me when I am using the frying pan.
  9. Around four duel maps, a map for 32 in 24-13, a map for a DWANGO anniversary pack, a Zmatch map and a single player map for five rooms of doom. Multiple incomplete maps that I plan to finish off at some point.
  10. Springy

    What were your first Doom impressions?

    97 or 98, was round my step dad's flat and I played PSX Doom. I fell in love with it ever since. When I got around to playing the original PC versions a while later I was a little disappointed that the SFX were different and the atmosphere wasn't as intense.
  11. Springy

    PSVR compatibility?

    How possible would this be for the more classic games? I know there was an Occulus Rift Doom in development at some point.
  12. Springy

    Don't touch that radio (Zdoom wad)

    What happens if I do? Is a baby going to come out of it? :P The screenshots are looking good, are you just planning on having the one map?
  13. Springy

    Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of the wad itself but I seem to remember that Elzee made a map it didn't contain monsters but was a hugely atmospheric tech base style map. I'll try and do some more digging. Found it, it is called Rain this was a bitch to find in the end. Download doesn't work but I am sure I have the map somewhere.
  14. Sweet mother of pearl, this has changed a bit. Needing a new PC as old laptop crapped out. New laptop isn't brilliant. Should be back to making stuff soon, hopefully.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      I like that even after 8 months since the forum change people still make posts like "omg where am i that is this".

    2. Memfis


      Springy! Nice to see you!