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  1. I just come off from spending a week on the Kent coast and I have to say I had quite a pleasant time. Visited a nice 50's inspired cafe, drinks and dinner on the beach spending a great time with the family, visiting the arcades and sight seeing in a beautiful village. I can safely say though; I wasn't particularly impressed with the "new" sh-alley(?) we stayed in, god was it awful; the bathroom was about the size of Verne Troyer, uncomfortable beds, shockingly bad kitchen amongst some other things.

    I can safely say; if you're to ever visit the Kent coast (which is pretty good by the way) it is worth checking out some of the places like Hythe amongst a few more I can't remember BUT never EVER book a holiday with Hoseasons and end up in the new beach holiday park, as the accommodation was very unsatisfactory (along with the price of a pint) but there are some good places to eat and to visit around those parts if you can forgive the accommodation. Overall; it was a pretty good week but my parents said that they won't be booking with Hoseasons again. Just out of curiosity; anyone else booked with Hoseasons before?

    1. Grazza


      Hell no. I'm amazed to hear Hoseasons still exists. I thought it was one of those awful British institutions that must have vanished as soon as other affordable holiday options (and esp. cheap flights) appeared.

      And thank you so much for reminding me of their awful TV adverts from the 1980s.

    2. Springy


      Not sure whether that was sarcasm or not. :P I've never seen the 80's advertisement for the company but it was certainly a good week and (in my opinion) better accommodation would have topped the week off nicely. I'm usually the kind of guy who can sleep practically anywhere but those beds were bloody uncomfortable (took me about an hour to nod off most nights).

    3. Creaphis