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  1. So, today I had another interview regarding benefits it was all going well, until the bitch next door comes along. I have for the past few years worked in a cash in hand job once a week which of course, is against the law. She spoke to my advisor and they both kept glaring at me (she was most likely telling her this) to which I had to put down details regarding this. I had to lie of course in order to prevent the business for who I work for being jeopardised. He is currently in hospital sadly along with his wife so I had to tell the next person in charge (who also runs a stall) that I will have to quit tomorrow thanks to this stupid load of shit that's cropped up thanks to fucking benefits. I shouldn't have applied in the first place and continued to defy my family by not applying (which I did for a long time). The only benefit from this is a few meetings to help me with some things and some travel money but I kind of wish I was back at school now, instead of doing the same applying for shit daily and not getting an answer back. Oh what a wonderous couple of years it has been.

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    2. Grazza


      You mean the hilarity due to the lack of necessary hyphens, or just the intended meaning?

    3. dew


      You know what, it's worth it reading the entire post again with the unhyphenated meaning.

    4. j4rio


      To be fair, he didn't write it as handjob. Dirty mind level - maximum.