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  1. So, I have decided that it is about time to pack up smoking, I noticed that my parents started and that they had this new E-Cigarette thing that cost about 15 quid. Having used some before to try and pack up and not succeeding I decided to give my view point on them, they're shit and to be honest, I would rather just continue with roll ups than smoke that load of shit. My parents responded by saying that they work quite well and I have noticed a dramatic drop in how much they smoke now. Curiosity struck me on this so I decided to buy one.

    It's called the "Cloud 9 vaporisor", (what a shitty name, ey?) It's rechargeable and it works by buying a small bottle of liquid called "K liquid" that goes for a fiver (no, it's not Vitamin K liquidised before anyone asks, heh) which you have to fill the device up with and it comes in a variety of different flavours, "classic Virginia", "golden Virginia", "Blueberry" and even a "energy drink" flavour. I have been using it for the past week now and I have noticed a drop in the amount I smoke now (now 50 grams of Drum Blue lasts a lot longer than just over a week). Hopefully now I can pack up for good by the end of the year.

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    2. Springy


      Thanks guys. @GreyGhost: I definitely agree with what you said about difficulty as this isn't the first time I have attempted to stop. I tried using patches before but no cigar pardon the pun (though you really shouldn't). I have used E-Cigs before but this one seems to be a much better brand and I can definitely feel a difference.

      @Ed Very true about the nicotine in all honesty and that's a very good tip to take into consideration so thank you for that. If they have a marmite flavour I may have to invest in it.

    3. Creaphis


      As I understand it (without having any personal experience on the matter) the most reliable ways to quit right now are e-cigs and cold turkey. E-cigs are better than pills, gum and patches in that you don't have to change your behavioural habits, which can be stronger than the actual chemical addiction. I've read accounts of people who continue to "smoke" e-cigs with zero nicotine in the mix because that final hurdle is the most difficult (and also completely unnecessary) to cross.

    4. GreyGhost


      I went cold turkey, spending the first week and a bit in hospital connected to drips and surrounded by sick people probably helped.

      Springy said:

      If they have a marmite flavour I may have to invest in it.

      Don't leave them where I can find them. Down here that stuff's called Vegemite and I love it.