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    Brutal HeXen - Beta 1 Released

    My Review And Feedback. Once I learned about BRUTAL DOOM, my second thought was "It would rock it there was BRUTAL HEXEN" And so be the creator himself decided to move forward with the idea. Played the Beta and its awesome! Love how its more aggressive and violent. I always felt that game could use more behind the kills. Cant wait for the full release of the game. My Suggestions +Add a battle cry (like the warrior has an extreme yell, kinda like Doomguys laugh in Brutal Doom) +Add More Blood. (I know its beta, but have blood everywhere! You kill with weapons made for large amounts of blood. I want to slip in it when I walk) +Maybe heavy music (not sure about it tho, not sure if it would work but when playing I felt like it should be more aggressive to go with the violence). Either way, I love the fact that its getting a BRUTAL touch up to a classic game I grew up with. Any word on a release date?

    Brutal Hexen and Zandronum.

    Yeah, I am missing something. Not sure what but it wont load with Zandronum. I downloaded ZDoom tho, and it plays fine. So it all worked out. Thanks for the help.

    Brutal Hexen and Zandronum.

    I'm wanting to play a mod for hexen with zandronum . Won't work for anything else.

    Brutal Hexen and Zandronum.

    That's what it says. All it says. "Fatal error". Using hexen v1.1 when I try loading without doomsday engine it opens just the page with the skeleton bones connecting and then stops.

    Brutal Hexen and Zandronum.

    Have a strange problem. Currently running hexen with doomsday. When I try to play it with zandronum it says fatal error. What should I do to fix this?


    I play on my laptop, maybe its 3 years old. I first tried GZDoom and it was nothing but a pain in the backside. Bugs left and right, and just terrible all around. Either way, dont really care. Zandronum is ten times better so Im cool with that. Happy on my end.
  7. I used to draw all the time, but I have let it go and would really like to see this drawn out. Im sick of the "who is better, halo Cheif or Doomguy" crap. I had this image in my mind of Doomguy standing with his hand raised with master cheifs head cut off holding onto it. Also with a naked female by his side holding onto his leg kinda like the cover for army of darkness. Anyone interested in taking on such an image? I think with the right artist it would be killer.
  8. Hey Everyone. Going to Days of The Dead Horror Convention in Feb. Anyone ever been? Im going to the one in atlanta GA. I have never been to one before. Should be interesting! http://www.daysofthedead.net/atlanta/


    Thanks for the help but WildWeasel was correct. Works perfect now.So happy I switched Screw GZDoom. Hail SKULLTAG II Zandronum !!


    Thanks, I will give that a try.


    Well downloaded Zandronum. Much Much better. Tho, for some reason it will only play DOOM and DOOM II. When I fire up TNT or PLUTONIA they load strange. Any ideas? I tried putting them in skins folder. They will load but with wrong screens and strange sounds like they are trying to mix the other games in. Example:Fire up Brutal Doom with TNT and it comes up but with the sounds or normal TNT firing out of the machine gun.
  12. Thanks Kaiser, You sir are legend! I actually like TC because it has a different look. If I want to play old school Doom64 I just fire up the N64. I really started out just wanting to download the TC because of the extra levels I never got to play. But when playing the TC it made Doom64 feel new again! Really wish DOOM 64 II got to be made. I grew up on Doom64 and Hexen on N64. Classic days.

    Hexen Blood Mod

    Im a pretty big fan of Hexen. Been searching the web for a blood mod to make it more violent. Does anyone know if one exists? I have found one terrible one for grahics but thats about it.


    Interesting....Either way I will give it a go tonight. If all goes well I will be playing until daylight!!


    Well I got both excited and angry at the same time. So its the next skulltag (which would rock) but based off of Gzdoom(THAT SUCKS).