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  1. Episode 3 Inferno and Episode 3 Hell of Doom 2 (lvls 21-30) i like these kind of textures, placement and action ;)
  2. @Demonologist: Yes i was stuck at this part, i got pasted that part now! Thank you so much! :D
  3. Thank you but I still havent found this damn entrance. Could you post a screenshot where i must go? I dont want to sound like a noob but i hate when I looked everything (I tried answering phones too) and I still dont find this entrance. :(
  4. Edited by mod: I should read the FAQ, specifically the part about how this site has a "strict policy against copyright infringement"
  5. @kmxexii: Well, i think i will wait more for cheaper items to appear on ebay and then i will inform my friend. i don't think it's necessary right now if its too expensive. ;) @fraggle: Thanks man for support, I will get familiarized with amazon and i'm glad my question wasn't that stupid. also i knew that you buy from sellers but i meant the layout looks confusing and that you cant see their pictures. P.S: Your Chocolate Doom 2.0.0 is best!
  6. @Fraggle: I tried Amazon but it have less features and cant see a screenshot for item. And it has a confusing layout.
  7. Cool mod! But i have a question: where do i go? I got stuck at part after i beat 40 people and 2 Santa Clauses and reached a single train part. What i am supposed to do after that? i wandered for about 30 minutes and still havent found a way to pass. Other than that, i love this! :)
  8. Thanks for replies! @kmxexii: I asked what was the best solution between these two, i hate steam but i added as a second solution. Yes, i saw on steam is only $2.49 but as i said i don't like digital download. why would i want to give steam's my money? do the money go to id software or to Valve's steam? i know stupid question but i'm confused here. Where did you see a copy that is only $8.99? all copies I see are of $40+ because of their shipping, otherwise they would be $20 at most. I live in Serbia and the shipping on ebay is $40 or more because all sellers are from US. If they were from UK, then shipping would cost $10 at most. I know that because my friend told me some time ago, i have never bought from ebay but my friend did to get many games (Doom included). @Mr. Chris: I assume the risk to get psychical copy. Yes i know its stupid decision. Maybe i shouldn't have made this thread at all, i don't want to be banned because of my stupid questions. :(
  9. Hello, I would like to know which is the best place to buy Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion pack for my friend. He has all the Doom games and Heretic & Hexen, but he is missing Hexen Deathkings only. I would like to know which is the best option to get this damn expansion, is the only thing my friend doesn't have. I told my friend to just download HEXDD.WAD only this time (because i have it but is not original like he wants, i got as birthday present from a real life friend that had heretic and hexen full versions & expansions on a burned CD with source port SKULLTAG few years ago) but my online friend says its warez/piracy and doesn't like that, so he wants to buy a original copy from ebay but its too expensive and he doesnt have the money, though he did buy other games he needed, just not this one because is rare. I know STEAM as the best solution (because many people told me to buy from steam) but we both dont like digital download, so i would like to know which is the best solution in this case. Should he get a copy from steam or from ebay? Also if someone has a retail copy of Hexen Deathkings expansion and wants it to sell on ebay, please let me know. Hope you will help me & my friend in this situation, I know its hard to believe but its true. ;)
  10. This project are designed for modern source ports only.
  11. I never tried it. Anyway this is an idea. Nothing more :)
  12. I think that problem is that i extracted map with newest version of MAPSTER32 instead of .GRP file editor
  13. Doesn't work. Crashes game.
  14. What should i type i console. MAP MAPNAME.MAP ??? I want to try it out
  15. It's already made. DTOD3