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  1. LakiSoft

    What is your favorite DooM Episode?

    Episode 3 Inferno and Episode 3 Hell of Doom 2 (lvls 21-30) i like these kind of textures, placement and action ;)
  2. LakiSoft

    Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter

    @Demonologist: Yes i was stuck at this part, i got pasted that part now! Thank you so much! :D
  3. Hello, I would like to know which is the best place to buy Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion pack for my friend. He has all the Doom games and Heretic & Hexen, but he is missing Hexen Deathkings only. I would like to know which is the best option to get this damn expansion, is the only thing my friend doesn't have. I told my friend to just download HEXDD.WAD only this time (because i have it but is not original like he wants, i got as birthday present from a real life friend that had heretic and hexen full versions & expansions on a burned CD with source port SKULLTAG few years ago) but my online friend says its warez/piracy and doesn't like that, so he wants to buy a original copy from ebay but its too expensive and he doesnt have the money, though he did buy other games he needed, just not this one because is rare. I know STEAM as the best solution (because many people told me to buy from steam) but we both dont like digital download, so i would like to know which is the best solution in this case. Should he get a copy from steam or from ebay? Also if someone has a retail copy of Hexen Deathkings expansion and wants it to sell on ebay, please let me know. Hope you will help me & my friend in this situation, I know its hard to believe but its true. ;)
  4. LakiSoft

    Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter

    Thank you but I still havent found this damn entrance. Could you post a screenshot where i must go? I dont want to sound like a noob but i hate when I looked everything (I tried answering phones too) and I still dont find this entrance. :(
  5. LakiSoft

    Help to get Hexen Deathkings for my friend

    Edited by mod: I should read the FAQ, specifically the part about how this site has a "strict policy against copyright infringement"
  6. LakiSoft

    Help to get Hexen Deathkings for my friend

    @kmxexii: Well, i think i will wait more for cheaper items to appear on ebay and then i will inform my friend. i don't think it's necessary right now if its too expensive. ;) @fraggle: Thanks man for support, I will get familiarized with amazon and i'm glad my question wasn't that stupid. also i knew that you buy from sellers but i meant the layout looks confusing and that you cant see their pictures. P.S: Your Chocolate Doom 2.0.0 is best!
  7. LakiSoft

    Help to get Hexen Deathkings for my friend

    @Fraggle: I tried Amazon but it have less features and cant see a screenshot for item. And it has a confusing layout.
  8. LakiSoft

    Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter

    Cool mod! But i have a question: where do i go? I got stuck at part after i beat 40 people and 2 Santa Clauses and reached a single train part. What i am supposed to do after that? i wandered for about 30 minutes and still havent found a way to pass. Other than that, i love this! :)
  9. LakiSoft

    Help to get Hexen Deathkings for my friend

    Thanks for replies! @kmxexii: I asked what was the best solution between these two, i hate steam but i added as a second solution. Yes, i saw on steam is only $2.49 but as i said i don't like digital download. why would i want to give steam's my money? do the money go to id software or to Valve's steam? i know stupid question but i'm confused here. Where did you see a copy that is only $8.99? all copies I see are of $40+ because of their shipping, otherwise they would be $20 at most. I live in Serbia and the shipping on ebay is $40 or more because all sellers are from US. If they were from UK, then shipping would cost $10 at most. I know that because my friend told me some time ago, i have never bought from ebay but my friend did to get many games (Doom included). @Mr. Chris: I assume the risk to get psychical copy. Yes i know its stupid decision. Maybe i shouldn't have made this thread at all, i don't want to be banned because of my stupid questions. :(
  10. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    Guys, i have an idea for source port. It will be nice if there's port that will allow to add Build Duke Nukem 3D Engine features in Doom levels. 3D Bridges, fliping things, jumping, ducking, allow to object shrink you [like an in E1L4 Toxic Dump]. Transprent water, etc. Actually i know that ZDoom support similar features but it will be nice if this source port run maps made BUILD.EXE but for Doom 1 and Doom 2. I am not programmer. I just want to ask you guys what you think about this idea. Nothing more. :) P.S. If my ideas sucks freely say that. ;)
  11. LakiSoft

    A Mix of Doom Engine games?

    Did anybody tried to make a gamemix? I mean Heretic with HeXen monsters or vice verse. Or maybe Doom with Heretic monster or Strife and Duke3D monsters. I want to see any project like that. :) In past at 2010 i was making HeRen : The Zedek's tower which is supposed to be Hexen with Heretic monsters but it's gone. :((( Also i tried to make Strifetic but that also are gone. I also planed to make Strifetic agian. So is there any mods which presents a game mix? :)
  12. This project are designed for modern source ports only.
  13. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    I never tried it. Anyway this is an idea. Nothing more :)
  14. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    I think that problem is that i extracted map with newest version of MAPSTER32 instead of .GRP file editor
  15. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    Doesn't work. Crashes game.
  16. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    What should i type i console. MAP MAPNAME.MAP ??? I want to try it out
  17. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    It's already made. DTOD3
  18. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    I mean DOOM.EXE that can play both .WAD and .MAP [build files]
  19. LakiSoft

    Source port idea!

    Yes i know that GZDoom are better than Build Engine. But that requires ACS code which can be boring and complicated. Using BUILD.EXE is much easier way for these features. But that would be possible if we made a DOOM TC for Duke Nukem 3D.
  20. LakiSoft

    Obama wins the election. More of the same now?

    Hell NO! Obama Won. This sucks! Novak Djokovic should be president of US. This guy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novak_Djokovic
  21. How cool design! :) This is a Doom 3 on Doom 2 engine ;)
  22. LakiSoft

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    I did EPisode 1-3 but only with respawn parameter and without fast parameter Doom 2 i did beat on true nightmare but i used superwep8.deh file
  23. LakiSoft

    Things that you thought about Doom that weren't.

    Ow man i love this thread! :) -I was thought that Baron and Knight are same monster -I was thought that Soul Sphere in Trick and Traps has same effect as a green invicible spheres that turns screen to white
  24. LakiSoft

    HYMN: A Heretic Community Project!

    I can help you Eregore. :) I will make an "Lava Canyon" styled map. :)
  25. LakiSoft

    Looking for Doom 2 pre-release screenshots

    That means that v1.666 is first version which supports Doom 1 and 2 equal. ;)