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  1. Ichtudirweh

    Happy Time Circus 2: too hard?

    Happy Times Circus wasn't TOO hard. It was a very time consuming wad that I felt should have been broken down a little bit better. The popcorn gun/clown grenades was used for room clearing. Shotgun/chaingun/SSG used for the bouncing skulls and Imp Clowns. The rocket launcher/gore launcher/gore balloons were implemented to be used on the street levels and inside the "clown realm". I believe it was fairly balanced despite all of the monster encounters on HMP. Happy Times Circus 2 isnt all about run and gun, if you try to speedrun the maps your gonna die quick. Its more about dark ambiance and enviromental exploration more than anything.
  2. Ichtudirweh

    Strife: Choc or Dosbox on PSP?

    I really want Strife on my PSP. Is there any possible way of getting Strife to work on the PSP? Everyone from what I read redirects me to two versions, chocolate strife or Dosbox Strife for the PSP. I remember the last version of chocolate strife was a beta of sorts, but it is the full version. How in the world do you get chocolate strife to work on the psp when it's a bunch of executeables? Can someone give me a full detailed guide on how to make either version work? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.