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  1. Babel

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Need any help to go on with the project? Today i was thinking about making plutonia 3 or if there is some project out there. And yes, i found this post but smells like dust here. There is some progress or any problem? I will glad to help
  2. Babel

    Plutonia 2

    The wad is epic but need more revenats
  3. Babel

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Okay, thanks, just one question more where is the latest version? Cant find it
  4. Babel

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Can i edit any of these maps?Or just the first one and make a new one?
  5. Babel

    Exploration - Which way?

    I think go straight through the middle is the worst decision, u can get attack from the other sides. Usually i go where the medikit or ammo is
  6. Oh please go on, im very busy right now, a fire happen in a region of my country and i goin to postuled like voluntary. And what is the problem with the music??
  7. Here is map27 finished http://www.speedyshare.com/ejr6a/d2ino-map27fix.wad Now just left map23
  8. OK, map27 fixed but a have a question first MAP27: Are sectors 766, 774, 780 etc. really supposed to be damaging? If yes, add radiation suits for multiplayer around this area. Is necessary the radiation suit? I put the invulnerability sphere for the next reason: finish the map in that lapse of time And about map23, the version in beta VI is my version or one with less problems?
  9. 1 month of vacations and all things are happening here! first of all: thanks to android and mouldy for had corrected my maps and srry for my irresponsability. So antroid, now i can take care it, but need the maps corrected first. Thanks!
  10. Babel

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Wow just 3 maps lefts! i wish you all the luck guys! Maybe i can help making a map with someone if you are in agreement just and idea :P
  11. Hell yea! Thanks for that. The teleport works as i wanted. I forgot put the sector xP In the yellow room i founded another problem. Fixed The map must to be complete now! http://www.speedyshare.com/gnwAd/map27.1-fixed.wad
  12. If mouldy fixed map16, the map will be done. Here is the final version of map 27, fixed to get sure. http://www.speedyshare.com/NaGMr/map27.1.wad Maybe i must give a check in map23 to get sure too Edit: What the hell is the complication with map16. I just could understand something with a teleport and the yellow key
  13. Im gonna upload map23 and 27 again in this week. im not surprised, in all this time even i forgot my maps, so let me review it into this week. About map16... What is the final judgment? Has my part approved?
  14. I found map07 very good. Is a map with a good and hard fight in the first area, specially with the spidermastermind. But the hellish area... I found it very hard and represents the most part of the map, taking all the attention in my personal opinion. Maybe u should reduce it a little. But the architecture in both is great!