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  1. Oh please go on, im very busy right now, a fire happen in a region of my country and i goin to postuled like voluntary. And what is the problem with the music??
  2. Here is map27 finished http://www.speedyshare.com/ejr6a/d2ino-map27fix.wad Now just left map23
  3. OK, map27 fixed but a have a question first MAP27: Are sectors 766, 774, 780 etc. really supposed to be damaging? If yes, add radiation suits for multiplayer around this area. Is necessary the radiation suit? I put the invulnerability sphere for the next reason: finish the map in that lapse of time And about map23, the version in beta VI is my version or one with less problems?
  4. 1 month of vacations and all things are happening here! first of all: thanks to android and mouldy for had corrected my maps and srry for my irresponsability. So antroid, now i can take care it, but need the maps corrected first. Thanks!
  5. Joseph Lord

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Wow just 3 maps lefts! i wish you all the luck guys! Maybe i can help making a map with someone if you are in agreement just and idea :P
  6. Hell yea! Thanks for that. The teleport works as i wanted. I forgot put the sector xP In the yellow room i founded another problem. Fixed The map must to be complete now! http://www.speedyshare.com/gnwAd/map27.1-fixed.wad
  7. If mouldy fixed map16, the map will be done. Here is the final version of map 27, fixed to get sure. http://www.speedyshare.com/NaGMr/map27.1.wad Maybe i must give a check in map23 to get sure too Edit: What the hell is the complication with map16. I just could understand something with a teleport and the yellow key
  8. Im gonna upload map23 and 27 again in this week. im not surprised, in all this time even i forgot my maps, so let me review it into this week. About map16... What is the final judgment? Has my part approved?
  9. I found map07 very good. Is a map with a good and hard fight in the first area, specially with the spidermastermind. But the hellish area... I found it very hard and represents the most part of the map, taking all the attention in my personal opinion. Maybe u should reduce it a little. But the architecture in both is great!
  10. Here is the extension of map16. But i wanna say first that maybe i overstep or i did more than i should. Anywhere, if schwerpunk is not satisfied or anyone is, i have no problem with reduce that. http://www.speedyshare.com/bqHtM/map16.wad
  11. Im on it. The date was postponed so in the end of this week i will be ready with end of the map. I hope u enjoy it
  12. A question emerged What happened with map16? I make this question because i have an idea of how to change the final part and keep the prision. The gods inspired me. So if there is no problem. Can i should u guys what i have in mind?
  13. That idea never passed from my mind, i think because i have the habit to always go with the blue key to the throne. Thanks for that. And with the yellow key, im thinking in something to give an use. As yet nothing, maybe i must remove that.
  14. Here are my maps with the problems fixed http://www.speedyshare.com/7UF5t/map23.wad http://www.speedyshare.com/fHqZk/map27.1.wad The maps should not have any problems