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  1. Anybody know how much it will sell for?
  2. It's mail order. The receipt says shipped from Mesquite, Texas.
  3. Pics delivered. http://imgur.com/a/k63Kv
  4. Alright, I'll get pics up by tonight. Could you give me a link on how to do that? I'll look for a floppy drive.
  5. So I was going through my uncle's old stuff and his video games. He use to be a big gamer and even designed some old games, but anyway I found an old copy of doom in an old box. I tried to find the price of it online but I cannot find it. It's on 3.5 floppies, large rectangle box, No border, and it had the receipt inside with everything in it. Does any of you what this is? If you need any more info just ask.