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Yuki Senmatsu

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Status Updates posted by Yuki Senmatsu

  1. Decided to get Ultimate DOOM Builder and so far, I like it.


    It saved the project history from GZDoom Builder. Maybe I'll see what other stuff it has when I wake up. I've been groggy today

  2. Whoa holy frick, how did I get to 18 followers?


    That's a sign I REALLY need to be on here more

  3. Where am I?

    Technical issues are fun.


    Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  4. Note to self, check username in case I have problems logging in :V

  5. Hello, I'm not dead.


    Just not very active enough

  6. Nevermind. Got inpatient :V

  7. October is here! Let's get spoopy! I'm also looking forward for the Halloween thread

  8. Username change bc Takashi was taken 50% of the time. I've tested the name beforehand, so far no problems.


    Hopefully that will be the last time I'll change her last name

  9. It felt like 2018 just started yesterday. It's going by quickly

    1. mun


      Same. I feel like time is suddenly going very fast now for some reason.

  10. Damn, 2018 is going by quickly. Also, I've knew I've noticed more changes on here. One of them was the like is now a Soulsphere. I need to be on here more often

    1. Gerardo194


      I've realized that as well, it was the blue bottle prior the Soulsphere.

  11. Ok for real this time, I've got your present right here!!!

  12. Crashes through oven

  13. Maybe not?


    I wasn't expecting to show up again sooner. 

    The Mancubus Claus goes back to the North Pole

  14. Early ik but, I've got your present right here!!!


    Mainly bc I won't be online for how long since I'll be moving soon

  15. tfw you do want to update your cover photo, but you have to scale it pretty small and it's too blurry due to the filesize

  16. Who knew decorating for Halloween is fun, only texture and sprite editing.


    I love Halloween!

  17. Early ye but, I'm looking forward for this years Halloween thread. I always am

  18. I've pretty much gotten all the spots on MAP03 in The NIGHTMARE! Palace for colored sectors to give the map a more creepy atmosphere.


    It's always the doors where I miss a spot

  19. Just thought I was done with MAP03 on Infersol.wad, I wasn't. The map was WAY too cramped. Some areas may still have that issue

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Nothing wrong with that.

    2. Yuki Senmatsu

      Yuki Senmatsu

      Not with there were monsters in there, even some tough ones

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      The slaughter fanatics on Doomworld will love your map if you double the monster count.

  20. Happy Easter I guess.


    Ye, I'm a bit old for that :/