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  1. Bucket Head from Warioland. Decided to be the obscure snowman bc of the snow I've gotten
  2. You demons look a bit cold. Why not go to a nice fireplace to warm up? Playing around with shovelware with a winter texture and Frost Shards mod right after a nice snowy day I've had
  3. Change the secret message to something naughty like @#$% you or one time one of them was somebody toucha my spaget! Ye, I've went there :P I also like to spam the console command Seimos binded on my USB controller over and over again. What it does, it puts out the text SEISMOS IS GAY!
  4. bc it's snowing hard rn
  5. I like skies that are either hand drawn or what I find on Shovelware
  6. I really don't care about it since back in the 90s' there wasn't much plot in FPS'. It was nothing but shoot and kill
  7. ArchViles. Those things are a huge pain to deal with. Off topic but, their meaner counterpart Diabloists are much worse
  8. I'd go with Zandronum
  9. Probably DOOM's version of Black Friday
  10. Something I've worked on since 2013, but I've never gotten back to it until as of now 5 years later
  11. ❄ Get more wads done than art ❄ Wrap up Diablo's Pond
  12. 1. Weenie 2. Wimp 3. No Weenies Allowed 4. Killer 5. PSYCHOPATH!
  13. By all means, go for it :)