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  1. When decorating goes overkill. Desktop snow software included
  2. Since it is the season
  3. It's grandma's cookies gone horribly wrong, The Gingerbread Knight which comes in 2 flavors, Vanilla DOOM and DECORATE. Vanilla is the normal death animation whilst DECORATE, he explodes into cookie crumbs via A_Burst
  4. I've had no issues getting stuff from that site
  5. Still a WIP but, XMASD2DX.Wad (Xmas DOOM 2 Director's Cut) which is a enhanced and polished version of Justin's Xmas DOOM II. I've worked on it for 4 year's. Another which is also a WIP is The NIGHTMARE! Palace which is a massive horror themed wad. One that is done that I'm proud of is WintCity.Wad which is also Christmas themed which is my favorite wad theme
  6. 7CYBDEM.wad which is one of the wads from D!Zone 2. That wad is too much of a cluster@#$%
  7. Cool Manco-Santa! :D

    1. YukiTakashi


      Thank you ^.^


      I've had this thing since 2015

  8. Ok for real this time, I've got your present right here!!!

  9. Hey, is there a WAD version of your turkey pain elemental? I would love to have it.

  10. Feel free to do so. Also, idk any automated tools that does that :/
  11. Hell Cacodemon that's for The NIGHTMARE! Palace as well as Infersol.wad
  12. Why does Kirby 64 have one of the best soundtracks?
  13. Crashes through oven

  14. Maybe not?


    I wasn't expecting to show up again sooner. 

    The Mancubus Claus goes back to the North Pole