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  1. bradcoe

    Id Anthology

    Thanks Randy87 and Greyghost. I checked the md5 checksums vs the doom wikia and confirmed that I do have the update (yay!) I just noticed this ebay listing: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110950558439 Is it just me or is that price crazy high based on other discussions I have seen around here?
  2. bradcoe

    Id Anthology

    Thanks for the info. all files/folders are in lower case with Nov 26th 1996 file dates for the .wads tnt.wad Nov 26 1996 8:17:04am 18654796 MD5:1d39e405bf6ee3df69a8d2646c8d5c49 plutonia.wad Nov 26 1996 8:15:56 am 18240172 MD5: 3493be7e1e2588bc9c8b31eab2587a04 the doom.log shows: TITLE: DOOM CD COLLECTION FOR ID ANTHOLOGY BUILD#: 2 DATE: 11/20/96 So according to my reading it sounds as though this should be an un-patched disk. Although based on the post from Enjay @ http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/47749-tnt-map31-officially-fixed-in-some-versions/ the same date and time have the fixed yellow key in tnt. Strange... * Update added MD5s
  3. bradcoe

    Id Anthology

    My Doom CD is greenish and has the Mastering code: IFPI L531 *04-10252-2 X6C12F (The *04 and onwards being inverse form the back of the CD) I have seen posts suggesting that the mastering code can tell you the version, but my code does not match the ones I have seen. Do you know if there is anyway to confirm the version that represents? Perhaps there is an easy way to check the files? (I never actually used the CD as I have other copies of the Doom disks) Thanks for you help, Brad
  4. bradcoe

    Id Anthology

    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking around these forums off and on for a while and trust this is the the best community to ask. I am thinking of selling my Id Anthology (opened but including everything in good shape, including the t-shirt). Currently, it is just sitting on a shelf and I figure its time for someone else to enjoy it. The problem is that I have no idea what a fair price to ask is (I have heard everything from cheap to ridiculously expensive) or where I should consider selling such an item. I don't think craigslist would hit the right audience, and I'm not sure how many people would search ebay for an id anthology? I live in both the US and Canada so selling in either country works for me. I have a few low quality cell phone pictures here. Any help to determine a fair price would be greatly appreciated. Also I am willing to consider giving someone a good (within reason) deal if I know it's going to a good home ;) Thanks in advance for any help, Brad