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  1. LouisTheMarine

    Red vs Blue episode

    Okay the latest episode is out. Monty Oum once again shows his epicness! Same questions as before.Also don't be scared of replying. @Technician Its less about humor and more about plot/fighting still funny though. @Lizardcommando It was supposed to stop?
  2. LouisTheMarine

    Red vs Blue episode

    Watched the new Red vs Blue episode. It was IMO opinion one of their best episodes...Then again all of them are epic.My only problem with it is that I gave to wait another week to watch (I think,not 100% sure) season finale. Any opinions or thoughts? Expectations of the next episode?
  3. LouisTheMarine

    Modern Games that you do like?

    First off lol and Borderlands 2,Transformer FOC, and Darksiders II.
  4. LouisTheMarine

    Favorite weapons in any game?

    1.Assualt Rifle (Halo 1 not the piece of crap from halo 3) 2.Lancer/Retro Lancer (Gears of War) 3.James Heller (Prototype 2) 4.Clemintine (Brutal Legend) 5.The Deuce aka The Druid Plow (Brutal Legend)
  5. LouisTheMarine

    What do you listen to whilst Dooming?

    Depends ussaly "Your're going down" by Sick puppies