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  1. mekka

    id Anthology

    aaah bad memories... I bought it from someone on the forum here, I paid but never received it. I found he was selling it elswhere at the same time and he told me that he had 2 boxes... He told me he sent it, on problem, if it never arrive to my home the insurance will give my money back. Nothing happened, and he didn't reply anymore... He talked to me again after I came back here to told the story, maybe annoyed for his reputation. After stalking him a lot he gave me half my money back and was supposed to give me the other half next month and never had any news from him. I must have been about 10 years ago, but I still feel my ass burning when I think to it. :/
  2. Yes, I tried, in 1999. After the mandatory "My apartment" map, I started what I wanted to be a 32 level megawad. I quickly tried to find help after realizing it should take ages and be a complete failure, and finally we just did "episode 1", 11 maps, 7 by me and 4 by other maybe forgotten members of the community (Hyena, Mantra, Kronic, and Lu Wang). It took around 6 or 7 months I think and we were all beginners except Lu Wang. It was great, someone did a midi file of a song nowhere to be found in midi, someone did the titlepic, many community members beta tested. Everything was very positive and I enjoyed it a lot, even if it wasn't "32 maps alone" but "11 maps together" and if the maps weren't top quality (except Lu-Wang's !). It made me realize teamwork is better than thinking you can do everything alone.
  3. mekka

    Doom is tragic

    Doom is tragic, Doomguy is the only human left on phobos, then teleported to deimos that is floating above hell. Basically he's owned, stuck in hell, with no food, nothing, just his weapon(s) and ammo, only to kill the more demons he can kill before being submerged and die, he know he will lose the fight and die, whatever the number of demons he kills, but have no choice but to fight until the end. (Thus, I dislike the "hell is playing fair" in the end of Doom, with the opening portal to earth, doomguy is not doomed anymore, maybe this is not really earth and his own personal hell, a earth invaded by demons to fight eternally...). Maybe he dies at the end of ep1, thus being "teleported" to deimos, and endlessly fighting in hell through PWAD, believing eternally he's alive and surviving until a death that won't come.
  4. mekka

    A Doom Dance Night in California

    http://www.mekkanikal.com/?p=36 CD1 04 + Bran Terror + Nothing but a miss [remix] 05 + Anonyme + Bist du Doom and CD2 02 + Circle of Masks + Hurt me plenty are my favorites and should fit for a night like this :)
  5. I never received anything from the post office. And when something is not claimed (here it's 15days), it's sent back to the sender and he has to pay for the travel back. It didn't happened. I gave 3 adresses to Justin : my office (nothing arrived, 100% sure), my previous apartment (now it's a friend living there, he should have told me, I told him about the problem) and my new apartment (here, nothing received).
  6. Justin replied to me and now that communication is re-established, I hope all of this will be ok soon. About that : Easy : 1) I hoped you were sincere and we are just two lazy people (me for not mailing you everyday until I got the package, and you sort of "oh fuck, I still not sent it... I'll do tommorow...") 2) I ticked "Gift" for my paypal payment and not whatever you have to tick to say it's money for a selling, so a claim to paypal about a "gift" would have looked a bit suspicious. Let's hope the package is somewhere in a post office in France, I'll tell you as soon as you tell me to which adress you sent it (as I gave you 3), but that's weird they didn't contact me about it after more than 6 months.
  7. He lied to me, he said he got many IDAnthology when I told him I googled and found another guy "buying" the item. He lied to me about UPS and never send me the ticket number. 6 month laters he was still talking about nearly sending the item ! It seems easy to take money from many international buyers and not send anything ! Sueing is expensive, who will pay a lawyer 500$ to get back 200$ ?? Good luck for me, my new gf's uncle is a lawyer and is ok to help me for free. Anyway I don't like stabbing in the back as all the court expenses will be at his charge if he lose, and it could be a lot of money for some childish internet tactics to rip off money. It could be easy to be tempted to act this way (easy money... ripping off "virtual stranger guy from far far away..."), and I hope he'll realise his error, so I mailed him on facebook with a last chance to give me my money back before I see my gf's uncle.
  8. No news about IdAnthology or my money. Doesn't reply on myspace anymore. F*****g liar.
  9. Sorry for replying to an old thread but I couldn't let it without an answer ! Sorry, the mp3 where down by accident, this album is FREE and always will be ! I reuploaded everything, it's here : http://www.mekkanikal.com/?p=36 Enjoy ! You can also download there many other free albums (tribute to john carpenter, to twinpeaks, to hellraiser...) By the way, now we are working on a Tribute to Silent Hill in two parts : PART I, like the doom tribute, compilation of songs inspired by Silent Hill. PART II, scary dark ambiant tracks with sound samples from the games, as if it was "field recordings" from silent hill ! If you are interested in joining the project you can mail me at mekka2000 [at] gmail.com thank you !
  10. It seems he had 3 ID anthologies, 1 uncomplete was sold for a lower price, 1 to the other guy on the other forum and one to me. I remember something about it when we talk in the beginning, and yes he sent me pictures (with a post it with my name so it's not google pictures !). I think he didn't tried to trick me but was a little lazy about problems with UPS. Anyway I think it'll be ok, let's see !
  11. He replied to me on Myspace, apparently it was not sold to anyone else, and if it doesn't arrive on 29th this month he'll refund me. I'll trust him as he seemed to be ok with fraggle ! I'll tell you lol
  12. OMFG !! Just googled http://forumplanet.gamespy.com/rants_n_raves/b49983/19882179/p1/?0 Someone replied : "BTW ID Anthology has been sold to me wink . (still awaiting package though)" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry to ressurect this old thread but I'd like to know if anyone is in contact with buckshot... I sent him money, still have not received anything and he doesn't reply to my mails anymore...
  14. mekka

    Favorite level name?

    human barbecue
  15. Money is already on his paypal account ! Can't wait to receive the Anthology ! And hello to people that remember me, I was on IRC #doomworld around 1999-2001 nicknamed "lau" and did http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=10766 with some doomers maybe still around (hyena ?)