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  1. I'll never be satisfied with Doom '16 because it will never be as mod-friendly as classic Doom.
  2. What do you mean by un-tight?
  3. A single room from a level from one of the classic Doom games.
  4. Yeah, all 32 levels are completely new and have custom scripts or whatever like imps jumping through glass, minor destructible objects, etc... It starts out on a Mars base, goes to Earth, and ends in Hell. Level 31 caught me by surprise and is probably the best secret level ever. lol
  5. It's the Castlevania I've been waiting for since Harmony of Despair.
  6. Secret rooms =/= secret levels. I'm not talking about classic vanilla Doom. Have you played the hell on earth starter pack? Most of the levels encouraged exploration for secrets and secret levels and they didn't feel anywhere as linear as the levels in Doom '16 I wish I could kick the game's level designers in the balls for making most of the game's levels feel uninspired and repetitive. I would love to know who thought it was a great idea to have most of the levels divided into arenas. The game feels more like Painkiller than Doom. I've not heard any praise for the game's level design. So I think that in the next game, levels should be designed to tell a story and encourage exploration instead of running from point A to B and having the room go into lockdown while you have to kill everything to continue on.
  7. I'm sorry that you call that exploration by your standards. Going off the beaten path for a few seconds isn't what I'm talking about. Maybe you should play the hell on earth starter pack and see what I mean. Oh, and secret levels. Where are they in Doom '16?
  8. I just got around to playing sergeant mark IV's hell on earth starter pack and I think the next game can take a few hints there. The levels didn't feel linear and there was exploration, something Doom '16 didn't have. There also hasn't been many games to my knowledge recently that deal with invasions of any kind in a modern city setting. I think the next game can capitalize there.
  9. OG Doom imp is best imp.
  10. The maledict from Doom 3 comes in and mounts Olivia. What happens next, only the Doomguy is prepared to deal with...
  11. Marty said himself that the award that was won was our award, too. So maybe one of us should stroll down to Id HQ and demand to see it. We'll see if Marty was bullshitting or not. >:D
  12. They should get rid of the possessed security. Those assholes kill the flow of the gameplay. It's like whenever I see them it's, "Oh god, not these annoying fucks...". Then I have to stop everything I'm doing and focus on them. If "boner killer" ever gets put in the dictionary, these guys would have a portrait there.
  13. I got three words that will make this game a lot better: Doom Creation Kit.
  14. My two 980 Ti Classifieds can run recent games at 4k/60fps. DX12-enabled games like Deus Ex: MD make use of SLI setups and now my game runs better than it did under DX11. Too bad the idTech 6 engine sucks massive dick and doesn't really make use of SLI setups. This is the only game I have trouble trying to get 60fps at 4k.