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Status Updates posted by joe-ilya

  1. Hey, I'm back.

    Will stream Mars Wars tomorrow on my Twitch channel and put some tiny reviews of each map in the DWmegawad club thread.


    I'm also in a bit of a scramble to make a map for Mayhem 2020 and the latest DBP, wish me luck.

    1. dubaCRO


      keep on mappin man

    2. joe-ilya


      Postponing the stream for the next day... Had some internet issues.

    3. joe-ilya


      Nevermind, it will be next weekend.

  2. Why is there a "popular now" section and "hot!" banners on active threads?

    Are people too stupid to not know what's popular nowadays? I mean, for fucks sake, can't people see that the thread gets on the top of the page every hour or so?

    It seems unnecessery for any forum whatsoever.

    1. Pavera


      As you get older, your eyes get weaker, and it becomes more difficult to keep up with what's "hot" and "popular now". You kids these days think you'll be with it forever. I was with it once! And then they changed what it was! And now what I'm with isn't it and what's it seems weird and scary to me! And it'll happen to you.



    2. joe-ilya


      What I meant is that usually the thread will be at the top of the page even if you visit the forum on a yearly basis or a monthly basis.


      Nice Simpsons meme.

  3. I want to have some kind of architecture planning job in the future because I'm heavily into design and layout and I feel that a job like that would be like mapping in real life.

    All I need to do to start studying the subject in university is to earn a matriculation with basic sports, basic hebrew, 3 points math, a high level of english, a high grade on the psychometric and serve for the army for almost 3 years, to earn the metriculation I need to volunteer to work for 90 hours, which means I'll have to work on a day I'm supposed to get a break from a hard week from school, I'll work for 5 hours every friday morning (except today) for 4 and a half months, I chose to help the disabled.
    At the university, I'll have to study architecture for 5 years.
    Currently I'm at the final high school class (12th), so to finish my metriculation I'll have to study for almost a year there.

    Counting all these years led me to knowing that I'll only be able to leave my parents' house in nearly 9 years (about a decade), I don't really want to leave their house, but I would certainly move into Europe or north America when I'll get the chance after I graduate.

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    2. joe-ilya


      Memfis said:

      It's good to have long term plans. Do you have a clear enough picture of what the work in architecture is like, are you confident that you know what you're getting into?

      Yeah, it's about planning structures for all kinds of material, and I've been doing that already somewhat, so I wouldn't mind making my hobby a job.

      I also found out that if you're having some kind of a career (say, an athlete or a musician) then you may leave the army a few months earlier, since I'm learning to play a guitar, I'll get that treatment.

    3. 40oz


      I hope your buildings have lots of monsters in them :)

    4. joe-ilya


      Technician said:

      You're young, what's nine years? Go for it.

      Half of what I lived so far.

  4. Me and many people aren't fond of the current switchhunt DWmegawad play, so this is probably a better place, sorry if I seem blatant.

    Is it 1994? I think it's 2009, but why not both?

    >>>DOWNLOAD 1994 TUNE UP HERE<<<

    MAP01 - "Bitter-Sweet" by Mr. Freeze & Krispavera - Original by James Bearden
    MAP02 - "Taredone" by CodenniumRed - Original by Brad Spencer (Bilbo)
    MAP03 - "Hyper-Vyper" by Travers Dunne - Original by Ash
    MAP04 - "Hades House of Horrors - Part 1" by Mr. Freeze - Original by Robert Zubek
    MAP05 - "BCS01" by Masayan - Original by Brian & Craig Sparks
    MAP06 - "Hades House of Horrors - Part 2" by Lareman - Original by Robert Zubek
    MAP07 - "Dead Temple" by Travers Dunne - Original by Steven Doornbos
    MAP08 - "Helipad" by Snarboo - Original by Sean R. Malloy
    MAP09 - "Bug Hunt!" by GreyGhost & Sebastian Graham (DoomHero85) & Travers Dunne - Original by Daniel Griffiths
    MAP10 - "Melange v2" by maggot202 - Original by Kenneth S. Forte
    MAP11 - "Elements" by Christopher Shepherd (ArmouredBlood) - Original by Henry Chang
    MAP12 - "Rawnwood" by MajorRawne & Travers Dunne - Original by David Damerell
    MAP13 - "The Unwilling" by Travers Dunne - Original by William Leslie
    MAP14 - "COMCON2" by maggot202 - Original by Patrick Hipps
    MAP15 - "Cratebase" by Travers Dunne - Original by Brandon Reinhart (Based on a layout by Geoff Allan)

    MAP31 - "Original Sin" by Travers Dunne - Original by Jeff Bird
    MAP32 - "Cyberpie" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) - Original by James Ojaste

    MAP16 - "Infinity Plus" by Andrew Rehberger (Malinku) & James Cresswell (Phobus) - Original by Darrell Bircsak
    MAP17 - "Tunnels" by Jon Vail (40oz) - Original by Dominique Lavergne
    MAP18 - "Subway Redux" by UOD - Original by Neal Ziring
    MAP19 - "Undersea" by Dragonsbrethren - Original by Brian Plumb
    MAP20 - "Outland" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) - Original by Russell Gruber
    MAP21 - "Return to Ultima" by Jon Vail (40oz) - Original by Jon Charlson (Chaff)
    MAP22 - "Retour en le Nefarious Chateau" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) - Original by Denver J. Curtis
    MAP23 - "BCS03" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) & Solarn - Original by Brian & Craig Sparks
    MAP24 - "Fortified Castle" by Krispavera - Original by Dominique Lavergne
    MAP25 - "Fort Borg" by Christopher Shepherd (ArmouredBlood) - Original by John C. Boyle
    MAP26 - "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?" by printz - Original by Grant Monroe
    MAP27 - "WetWorkD2" by Jason Allison (rf`) - Original by Zen Psychosis
    MAP28 - "The Nightmare" by Masayan - Original by VT Ice
    MAP29 - "The Castle Invaded by Hell" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) - Original by Richard Dignall
    MAP30 - "Pure Evil" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) & Travers Dunne - Original by Doug Ryerson

    Doomwiki (You may play the original maps listed here too and review them here)

    MAP01 - "Bitter-Sweet" by Mr. Freeze & Krispavera

    Nice opener, already introduces mid-tier enemies and chaingunners. Everything is brown and the map itself is pretty harsh too.
    Lots of detail too.

    3/5 Average

    MAP01 original - "Sweet" by James Bearden

    Bland as hell, I can forgive that, but the unmarked door is dumb. This map is way harder than the tune-up, you're given a rocket launcher, a baron, some cacos and lots of low-tier enemies including shotgunners.


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    2. HavoX
    3. Tango


      Which map is that in the picture? I've seen pics of it before and it looks really lovely. Should probably play the whole wad though too at some point...

    4. AD_79


      That would be MAP09 (Bug Hunt!), Tango.

  5. After practising making several MIDIs and learning how to make them better each time, I decided to make this serious effort, it's a gritty MIDI with inspiration from the doom 2 MAP18 map.

    It's a half minute in length and I want to know how to expand it without making it too repetitive, I want the length to be approximatly 2 minutes.


    1. Jimmy


      This ain't any better than Gustavo's. Sorry. There's too much fundamentally wrong with it for me personally to offer any worthwhile critiques.

  6. There's this great punk rock band from the 2000's, they only made a single EP and no albums, the EP's amazing and I have no idea if the song writer (whom I don't know) made other songs outside of this EP. Even google has absolutely no answers, maybe some of you know these guys and can tell me if they made anything else besides of this EP.

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    2. Clonehunter


      To be fair, the whole concept of the term "sell out" is probably abused and misused in ways that the people using the term don't even realize.

      In a way, isn't that kind of like all of the people who got angry at Valve for making Left 4 Dead 2 a standalone game instead of giving the L4D community free expansion packs? Eeh, maybe that's different, actually.

    3. joe-ilya


      Googling "sellout" brought me this article.

    4. 40oz


      Clonehunter said:

      To be fair, the whole concept of the term "sell out" is probably abused and misused in ways that the people using the term don't even realize.

      I agree completely, but it's tough to avoid the vocal minority when the scene is so small to begin with.

  7. It appears every time I mention MLP anywhere at doomworld I get into a little fight for mentioning them.

    What's so bad in MLP that breaks your nerves? The fandom? The big eyes?

    Not to mention my threads that get immediate hatered, and get PH'd right away.

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    2. joe-ilya


      obake said:

      Huh, the person who started the thread you posted is named -

      OH NO!


      Heh, thanks for the note.

    3. geo


      Music makes trailers

    4. joe-ilya


      EDIT : Whatever...
      Why was this locked?

  8. It all happened in a second, without me knowing, it just left this wad : http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nulljnr.zip
    Russel must hate me or something, or one of his fans.

    A list of precious losses :
    -Doom0.wad (good thing I have the beta on MediaFire, but it doesn't have MAP15 and MAP29 which are giant maps)
    -Some un\finished one level maps by me, meaning "Lost Maps again" will be delayed
    -T.N.T, a map for "TNT : Project Greyon"

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    2. GreyGhost


      That's one of the pitfalls of file recovery, you tend to get the best results if no changes have been made to the disk partition you're recovering files from, since once a file's marked as deleted the sectors it occupies are made available for re-use. C: drive is probably the worst place to recover files from.

      Partly recovered files are to be expected, especially if they're older versions, useless from a wad editing perspective but it might still be possible to extract maps from them with a Hex editor. That's something I could help you with.

    3. joe-ilya


      GreyGhost said:

      Partly recovered files are to be expected, especially if they're older versions, useless from a wad editing perspective but it might still be possible to extract maps from them with a Hex editor. That's something I could help you with.

      I don't understand what you mean. What's 'Hex'?

      EDIT:You know what? Whatever, let me get a fresh start.

    4. GreyGhost


      joe-ilya said:

      I don't understand what you mean. What's 'Hex'?

      Hexadecimal, also known as "Base 16". It's a popular format for editing raw data when you don't know or care what its native format is.

  9. If life is hard, then does it mean that death is easy?

    Inspired by a girl complaining about a hard lesson then followed by the teacher saying "That's life."

    I didn't ask this right away because I know I'll end up in the psychologer or something.

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    2. Cupboard


      geo said:

      I still see suicide as weakness. My suicidal friends have found vitamin D3 helps them not want to kill themselves.

      Jesus, just stop saying stuff like that and maybe parties won't turn on you. :P

    3. AndrewB


      geo said:

      Personally, I think death is the easy way out.

      So what? Have you never looked for the easy way out of a situation? Do you live every day of your life looking for ways to make things harder for yourself? I'll answer those questions for you: No you don't.

      Criticizing someone for finding an "easy" solution is pure hypocrisy. You do this every waking hour of your life. Everyone does.

      no matter how shitty life is, just stick in there. Tomorrow is another day. Everything bad or good will end. The entire party of 8 people turned on me.

      I would have as well. You seem to think that you're some fountain of advice and wisdom and other people should turn to you and value life the same way you do. You act like the person that others should turn to for approval on how to live their life. Who are you and why should anyone give a crap about you judging them?

      They defended suicide as the hardest choice someone could make. What? Fuck off. When you suicide that's a one time thing. There is no further suffering for you.

      You're really stupid. Are you willing to throw away all your life's memories, experiences, relationships, etc, in exchange for ending some unending physical or emotional pain?

      But what's REALLY stupid about your rant is how you're arguing both sides while taking only one of them. On one hand, you're arguing that suicide is foolish because "tomorrow is another day; everything good and bad will end". But then on the other hand, you describe suicide as "easy", a "one time thing", and that "there is no further suffering".

      So on one hand, you're saying the issue is a no-brainer and nobody should consider suicide. On the other hand, you're saying that it's a no-brainer and suicide is the obvious choice. You have a lot of thoughts on the issue, but you haven't yet boiled down your thoughts into a single coherent opinion.

      Life is hard. Food, air, water, eating healthy, getting money, dealing with bullshit.

      Absolutely nothing that you just mentioned is a motive for suicide. People don't turn to suicide because life is hard; they do it because life is miserable and hopeless. Difficulty and misery have nothing to do with each other. Difficulty can be pleasurable. Misery cannot.

      Death is... everyone around you becomes burdened.

      Here's the typical entitled attitude of suicide elitists. Here's the truth: You are not entitled to someone else remaining alive. Their life does not belong to you. You do not have a right to not be burdened by their departure. And you judging them morally is nothing more than meaningless neurons firing in your brain. Your judgment is worth nothing because it is nothing.

      I still see suicide as weakness.

      You talk about weakness as if it's a moral wrong. This is obviously ridiculous as nobody would criticize an infant for having weak muscles or [insert obvious analogy here].

      Also, suicide is not a weakness. Weakness can be a cause of suicide. But suicide is not weakness. One is an action and the other is an attribute. So the statement is nonsensical.

    4. geo


      Well this is America. Don't tell people what they can and can't do. They'll get pissed off. If you feel like suicide well then, by all means.

      Dude some of us play Volgarr, Donkey Kong Country 2, Daikatana, Lexica and other things for the bullshit challenge. Those are entertainment. Difficult entertainment. That is how some of us entertain ourselves with challenge.

      I have made a career out of doing things that has been said couldn't be done. Finding ways around restrictions and adhering to rules. I just can't imagine why the do nothings would want suicide. Even with a terminal illness. There is always another way.

      While some woman with brain cancer was arguing for the right to have a doctor kill herself, another woman here in Chicago was having her high school basketball finals moved up by 2 weeks so she could play the game before she died.

      I've had to talk people out of suicide plenty of times. You're disregarding my life experiences of having to put up with it. Hours wasted working for suicide hotlines.

      Sorry if I try to see both sides of the coin and can't just argue for one side.

      When I mentioned air, food, water. Nope none of those things are motive for suicide, I was just meaning life is difficult. Even the things we take for granted are difficult for many parts of the world.

      Even with billions of people in the world, life is valuable. Don't throw your own away.

  10. Every replie should include the following : The answer to the reply above it and why, 2 options to choose from.
    Don't understand how it works? Here are a few examples.
    Example :
    User 1 : Turkey, Tastier for me.
    Desert or arctic?
    User 2 : Arctic, 'cause there are ways to get warm unlike in the desert.
    Zebra or Horse?
    And it goes on and on.

    Here's a start:
    Cyber or Spider Master Mind?

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    2. joe-ilya


      So this thread is dead?

    3. Aoi_Shinigami


      I dunno lol (\ 9_6 /) *shrug*

      Game.com game console


      Virtual Boy?

    4. joe-ilya


      I only know about VB, so I'm voting VB.

      USA or England?

  11. My rabbit died.
    Now I always feel something is missing when I enter my room, it's like dead and dread now.
    It died this morning at 6:00 AM, it wasn't very active the past month and now he's finally out of his misery, he has cancer infections twice, but my family couldn't afford for the second operation so they just left him like this.
    He had poop stuck in him that he could get out because of the cancer bubble. When he died, his body started leaking crap from not the place it needs, he shat all around with soaky crap when he died. He started jumping in pain, and he died in the middle of a jump, and just bumped onto the floor, I literally saw it all hapening, it was terrific.
    First time I saw something dying.

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    2. bytor




      No, I'm leaving it alone. No. Just gonna walk away. Sorry about your rabbit.

    3. joe-ilya


      bytor said:



      No, I'm leaving it alone. No. Just gonna walk away. Sorry about your rabbit.

      I bet those injections cost alot! :(

    4. bytor


      We never let her go out into the yard so we didn't worry about injections for infections. We wiped the infections from our shoes upon entering the house. I'd hose the yard down every now and then, too. It had a good thick grass that felt like carpeting. IIRC, I had deduced that it was Zoysia. It was a good yard. I loved that yard.