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  1. If life is hard, then does it mean that death is easy?

    Inspired by a girl complaining about a hard lesson then followed by the teacher saying "That's life."

    I didn't ask this right away because I know I'll end up in the psychologer or something.

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    2. Cupboard


      geo said:

      I still see suicide as weakness. My suicidal friends have found vitamin D3 helps them not want to kill themselves.

      Jesus, just stop saying stuff like that and maybe parties won't turn on you. :P

    3. AndrewB


      geo said:

      Personally, I think death is the easy way out.

      So what? Have you never looked for the easy way out of a situation? Do you live every day of your life looking for ways to make things harder for yourself? I'll answer those questions for you: No you don't.

      Criticizing someone for finding an "easy" solution is pure hypocrisy. You do this every waking hour of your life. Everyone does.

      no matter how shitty life is, just stick in there. Tomorrow is another day. Everything bad or good will end. The entire party of 8 people turned on me.

      I would have as well. You seem to think that you're some fountain of advice and wisdom and other people should turn to you and value life the same way you do. You act like the person that others should turn to for approval on how to live their life. Who are you and why should anyone give a crap about you judging them?

      They defended suicide as the hardest choice someone could make. What? Fuck off. When you suicide that's a one time thing. There is no further suffering for you.

      You're really stupid. Are you willing to throw away all your life's memories, experiences, relationships, etc, in exchange for ending some unending physical or emotional pain?

      But what's REALLY stupid about your rant is how you're arguing both sides while taking only one of them. On one hand, you're arguing that suicide is foolish because "tomorrow is another day; everything good and bad will end". But then on the other hand, you describe suicide as "easy", a "one time thing", and that "there is no further suffering".

      So on one hand, you're saying the issue is a no-brainer and nobody should consider suicide. On the other hand, you're saying that it's a no-brainer and suicide is the obvious choice. You have a lot of thoughts on the issue, but you haven't yet boiled down your thoughts into a single coherent opinion.

      Life is hard. Food, air, water, eating healthy, getting money, dealing with bullshit.

      Absolutely nothing that you just mentioned is a motive for suicide. People don't turn to suicide because life is hard; they do it because life is miserable and hopeless. Difficulty and misery have nothing to do with each other. Difficulty can be pleasurable. Misery cannot.

      Death is... everyone around you becomes burdened.

      Here's the typical entitled attitude of suicide elitists. Here's the truth: You are not entitled to someone else remaining alive. Their life does not belong to you. You do not have a right to not be burdened by their departure. And you judging them morally is nothing more than meaningless neurons firing in your brain. Your judgment is worth nothing because it is nothing.

      I still see suicide as weakness.

      You talk about weakness as if it's a moral wrong. This is obviously ridiculous as nobody would criticize an infant for having weak muscles or [insert obvious analogy here].

      Also, suicide is not a weakness. Weakness can be a cause of suicide. But suicide is not weakness. One is an action and the other is an attribute. So the statement is nonsensical.

    4. geo


      Well this is America. Don't tell people what they can and can't do. They'll get pissed off. If you feel like suicide well then, by all means.

      Dude some of us play Volgarr, Donkey Kong Country 2, Daikatana, Lexica and other things for the bullshit challenge. Those are entertainment. Difficult entertainment. That is how some of us entertain ourselves with challenge.

      I have made a career out of doing things that has been said couldn't be done. Finding ways around restrictions and adhering to rules. I just can't imagine why the do nothings would want suicide. Even with a terminal illness. There is always another way.

      While some woman with brain cancer was arguing for the right to have a doctor kill herself, another woman here in Chicago was having her high school basketball finals moved up by 2 weeks so she could play the game before she died.

      I've had to talk people out of suicide plenty of times. You're disregarding my life experiences of having to put up with it. Hours wasted working for suicide hotlines.

      Sorry if I try to see both sides of the coin and can't just argue for one side.

      When I mentioned air, food, water. Nope none of those things are motive for suicide, I was just meaning life is difficult. Even the things we take for granted are difficult for many parts of the world.

      Even with billions of people in the world, life is valuable. Don't throw your own away.