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  1. I want to have some kind of architecture planning job in the future because I'm heavily into design and layout and I feel that a job like that would be like mapping in real life.

    All I need to do to start studying the subject in university is to earn a matriculation with basic sports, basic hebrew, 3 points math, a high level of english, a high grade on the psychometric and serve for the army for almost 3 years, to earn the metriculation I need to volunteer to work for 90 hours, which means I'll have to work on a day I'm supposed to get a break from a hard week from school, I'll work for 5 hours every friday morning (except today) for 4 and a half months, I chose to help the disabled.
    At the university, I'll have to study architecture for 5 years.
    Currently I'm at the final high school class (12th), so to finish my metriculation I'll have to study for almost a year there.

    Counting all these years led me to knowing that I'll only be able to leave my parents' house in nearly 9 years (about a decade), I don't really want to leave their house, but I would certainly move into Europe or north America when I'll get the chance after I graduate.

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    2. joe-ilya


      Memfis said:

      It's good to have long term plans. Do you have a clear enough picture of what the work in architecture is like, are you confident that you know what you're getting into?

      Yeah, it's about planning structures for all kinds of material, and I've been doing that already somewhat, so I wouldn't mind making my hobby a job.

      I also found out that if you're having some kind of a career (say, an athlete or a musician) then you may leave the army a few months earlier, since I'm learning to play a guitar, I'll get that treatment.

    3. 40oz


      I hope your buildings have lots of monsters in them :)

    4. joe-ilya


      Technician said:

      You're young, what's nine years? Go for it.

      Half of what I lived so far.