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  1. Why is there a "popular now" section and "hot!" banners on active threads?

    Are people too stupid to not know what's popular nowadays? I mean, for fucks sake, can't people see that the thread gets on the top of the page every hour or so?

    It seems unnecessery for any forum whatsoever.

    1. Pavera


      As you get older, your eyes get weaker, and it becomes more difficult to keep up with what's "hot" and "popular now". You kids these days think you'll be with it forever. I was with it once! And then they changed what it was! And now what I'm with isn't it and what's it seems weird and scary to me! And it'll happen to you.



    2. joe-ilya


      What I meant is that usually the thread will be at the top of the page even if you visit the forum on a yearly basis or a monthly basis.


      Nice Simpsons meme.