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  1. Dysfunctional

    Best PC Gamepad?

    Please ignore the last posy from me for it was my younger brothers handywork.
  2. Dysfunctional

    Strangest Thing

    Dan, dude there has been so many times where i almost blew up my screen with a screw driver the only thing that might be different from what you are doing was i had the damn thing open heh
  3. Dysfunctional

    Best PC Gamepad?

    Oh another this DON'T BUY any logitic(excuse the spelling) gamepads.
  4. Dysfunctional

    Best PC Gamepad?

    I picked up my sidewinder for like 15 bucks, but the best gamepad i ever had was a Interact Hammerhead FX, I could use my PSX emu really easy with that thicg it had analog and all that good shit. The only problem was i had to get rid of the bitch after i upgraded to XP. No Driver. oh well