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  1. DesecratorJ

    Finding Outpost Omega in Doom 64

    I remember when I was a kid playing Doom 64 on the N64. Outpost Omega was the first secret level I found in the game. I think I just ended up pushing the switches in random orders through my multiple playthrough since I played this game a shit ton back then and was quite surprised when I managed to discover it. It wasn't until few years later as a teenager that I finally got all the other secrets levels. That was the time back when I wasn't digging the Internet yet. Fun times.
  2. DesecratorJ

    Get It Off Your Chest

    Interesting thoughts, I can actually relate to that fairly well. I don't usually like to review myself or my situation in life but yeah, having only a few select friends and loosing a bunch of them over the years is something I came to the conclusion that those people were just not worthy of being kept in touch with. I have no social life at all probably since the last three years or so. Cannot say that i've been trying hard though. However, I did try to talk to some people and it did work but like I said above, I always end up stopping the contacts because of my lack of interest in having social conversation with these people. I went (rather forced I may say) to school in order to have some degree of consideration to get a job without even finishing high school. Not because I was shit at school, but because I had absolutely no motivation to pursue. Imagine yourself at 22-23 years old at a school with 12-16 years old kids around, I was pissed off the whole time I was doing my degree I was speaking to maybe a couple of individuals within my group, but that's it. A bit like you said, I got out of my sole relationship I ever had back in 2014, so 6 years ago already. That was probably the worst plague I ever got into actually. Loosing my friends at the time and fucking around with this girl was pretty much just life experience but surrounded by shit and gave some sort of bad influence in regards to decision taking for me. Once out, I realized how much time i've been wasting and that I should have left long before that to actually do something valuable in life rather than being down on my knees and being a slave. Afterwards, I had probably the best time in my whole life a couple of years ago with real old buddies of mine. This year though, hasn't only been shit, but the worst ever for me. Without even mentioning the lockdown consequences with the pandemic situation that made me isolated even more than I was before, I got into the hospital directly in January to start the year for health issues, and got a surgery in March, which I thought would have resolved my issues. But nope, now It's been 6 months and I'm still enduring a nearly constant pain that I cannot get medication for because pandemic had all my health tracking with doctors in hiatus. I don't know how long I will keep on with this constant pain but I'm getting fucking tired of it.
  3. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    These guys sounds quite similar to Nasty Savage, a bit less memorable but still pretty good.
  4. DesecratorJ

    Your greatest achievement?

    Yep, pretty much the same thing I would say. In my case, once I manage to complete or do something, I might feel happy about it for a couple of minutes, or maybe an hour if it really made me happy at the moment. Afterwards, I just end up being like "meh, whatever". I don't think I ever bothered feeling self-hatred... I'm just like, it is what it is. Unless I did something fucking dumb that makes me thought i'm stupid, but again, it just ends up being whatever... I probably don't care enough about things overall? I don't know man.
  5. DesecratorJ

    Your greatest achievement?

    I cannot really think of any achievements I could have done since the feeling of proudness is still hard for me to perceive at all on whatever I do.
  6. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    @Gerolf Finally someone listening to that. Mandator is the real deal, that bass tone is gorgeous. The stuff was also great before they changed their name.
  7. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    Denmark has good shit indeed.