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Everything posted by DesecratorJ

  1. DesecratorJ

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Oh really? Definitely not expected from someone with dragon's influence as username. Anyway as a fact I suppose, I hate my job but still carry on it. I guess I enjoy self-torture?
  2. DesecratorJ

    Are you into clothing?

    My mom stopped buying me cloths when I started getting band shirts by my own, she thought it looked outrageous and still do nowadays even if I have nearly 200 of them as of today. She still gets me jeans or socks and shit like that because I absolutely hate shopping cloths (except for band shirts of course).
  3. DesecratorJ

    Are you into clothing?

    What I wear everyday at these times: Band shirt My 9 years old perfecto model leather jacket Jeans or pants (I used to wear only cargo pants back few years ago). Reebok white high tops (my Nike air forces are totally destroyed after only one year of wearing them). Used to wear doc martens boots with my cargos.
  4. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    He's possessed by evil and his master sitting on a throne of blood Possessing!
  5. DesecratorJ

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I went to hospital today and wait 9 hours to see a fucking doctor. I'm tired of having health issues and them being related to all the same thing. This is really not my year, to say the least. (And no it is not related to covid-19).
  6. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    Yeah that shit is awesome, glad to see other people that dig this sort of underground stuff like me.
  7. DesecratorJ

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I had Office courses in my formation to become a support technician, I forgot pretty much everything related to Excel since then... I hated it and still do. I would like to believe I was decent in Access, but who the fuck is that? MySQL was better. I was pretty good in Word tho.
  8. DesecratorJ

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    In the previous month, there was like 600-700 new cases each days in the province I live in Canada, most of them were centered in one specific region (Montreal) and the city where I live had like 300 cases in total. Nowadays, the rate has fallen down pretty significantly as they count like maybe 100 cases or less daily, and there was none in my region for some time now. That being said, it didn't affect us much where I am, mainly because we're in the north and not millions of people lives there and it's far easier to keep distance from them. However, I know the consequences regarding the economy will be fucking huge afterwards, which is what bothers me the most.
  9. DesecratorJ

    How old are you ?

    25, but I feel like my body is over 70 and that i'm about to die.
  10. I used to hate them as a kid because I could not beat them as I was always getting lost at some point during these levels. Nowadays I find them pretty chill and kinda like them ironically.
  11. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    Edit: oh wow, 1000th post.
  12. Interesting, your the first one i've seen that put sign of the hammer as its favorite Manowar record. Back when I did this specific review I was completely addicted to this album, listening to it non-stop, until I expanded further through Into Glory Ride and Hail to England. In the end, all the 80s material is killer to me, cannot really tell a favorite one at this point, but yeah, this latter one has a very unique sound compared to everything else they did, awesome stuff. Forgot to mention, I also have a Last.fm account, but i'm not active community wise, its only purpose for me is to track my music listening history mainly because I like statistics hehe.
  13. Quality price is probably the simplest answer I can give. AMD has improved more than ever over the last couple of years in regards to CPUs. I did also buy a Ryzen 5 when the 3000 series came out last year, should have bought a 7 though, but I was too greedy for many reasons that aren't worthy of being explained. "Better" really depends on what you actually do with your PC anyways and the price you want to put in.
  14. As you wish. I didn't expand much my range of metal style regarding reviewing bands yet though. I'll probably get around bm/dm albums at some point, I hope. Considering the rate I am doing them, it would take even more than my lifetime to review everything I like lol. Same here, I pretty much have a MA tab opened in my browser all the time because I always end up checking up something. Been using that since the last 10 years or so, but my English at the time was too poor to write reviews. I started only in 2017 and my first couple of reviews that year kind of suck as I look back. Well, like I always said, never ending learning process, when it comes to practice a second language.
  15. I've used to be very active on the D2jsp.org forums back when I was a teenager because I was a Diablo 2 addict and played it for many years. Went there to mainly trade stuff and also met a couple of dudes since I was in a guild of people from my province in Canada. Didn't spoke to any of them since years and everyone isn't playing anymore, including myself obviously. I still lurk it from time to time but don't bother posting anywhere anymore. I was also quite active on the Battle.net forums in some Blizzard games but I've seen no point anymore in posting much since everyone seems dumb or braindead on there. I've been quite active in the Zdoom forums for a few years as well, back in the 2010s. I had fun modding in Doom and learnt some stuff in there, people were quite nice and helpful actually. However, I eventually stopped modding and deserted the forums. That was pretty sad since I was enjoying it and had multiples ideas, but i'm so lazy that I've lost the will even though i'm still interested in it. In the mean time that I was on Zdoom forums, I joined Doomworld but didn't post much until late 2016 or early 2017. Since then, this is the only forums that I actually post at all as I don't visit reddit that much. I also just started using Discord but i'm not really familiar with it. I am also active on the Metal-Archives, doing reviews from time to time of albums that I enjoy (same username).
  16. DesecratorJ

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    As a young kid, Doom was one of my favorite game series, but beside that, Diablo was at the top with it. Also enjoyed Starcraft/Warcraft and of course Quake, Sonic and Mario games, there was just too many good games back then to mention them all. Nowadays, I have hard time finding a single new good game that I can enjoy...