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  1. DesecratorJ

    unpopular retro opinions

    I agree more or less with that statement, though Deathcrush is a very bad example for me regarding 80's black metal, but nonetheless It's a very different approach. I like probably equally both period. However, 2000s onwards black metal is definitely something I don't enjoy very much with some exceptions of course, but overall it's copy-paste Darkthrone and such.
  2. DesecratorJ

    Mr noodles

    Eh, when I was about 16 years old, I was eating a ramen at least once per day. I kept doing that for a few years and ended up reducing significantly and now I didn't ate one as of 2020 because of what happened. I miss it af though. I will probably end up eating that shit again because it's so good, but i'll definitely need to control myself. I pretty much tried all existing brand in Canada... They have changed their flavour quite a few times since last 10 years. For instance, Great Values used to be fucking great, but nowadays they ended up tasting the same thing as the No Name and Selection brand. Which is sad because they had their own flavour before. Great value (Wal Mart) Selection (Metro) Loblaws, Maxi (No name) Dollars store brand. Mr Noodle Compliment (IGA) Etc..
  3. DesecratorJ

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    So regarding this whole thing going on, should I ask for a refund or wait to see if something will happen to fix this? I'm kind of confused about what should I do at this point.
  4. DesecratorJ

    Mr noodles

    Guys, beware, I've got a kidney stone few months ago mainly because I was eating too much of that shit. But man, these are just so good.
  5. I like both of these songs but i'll go with Yes.
  6. DesecratorJ

    What Do You Think Of Quake 4?

    First game I got on the Xbox 360 back when I was still playing consoles in '06, played the shit out of it and was pretty enjoyable.
  7. I don't give a single fuck about their opinions or personality in life as I can make out my own opinions myself and stick to it. As long as their music pleases my ears, that's the only thing that matters to me. There are of course few exceptions, but in most cases the guys are jerk and their music are as well duh.
  8. DesecratorJ

    Favorite rock/metal songs?

    There's far too much stuff that I like from single bands to put favorites, but I guess i'll take some of my all time most listened bands according to my last.fm profile. Bathory - Hades, Born for Burning, Enter the Eternal Fire, Blood Fire Death, Shores in Flames, Blood and Iron, The Lake, Foreverdark Woods, The Wheel of Sun. Running Wild - Black Demon,Victims of States Power, Soldiers of Hell, Fight the Oppression, Mordor, Merciless Games, Under Jolly Roger, Calico Jack, Port Royal. Judas Priest - Run of the Mill, Tyrant, Sinner, Stained Class, The Green Manalishi, Turning Circle, The Sentinel, Rock Hard Ride Free, Out in the Cold, Hell Patrol. Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow, Drifter, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Sun and Steel, Flash of the Blade, Deja Vu, Infinite Dreams, Fates Warning, Afraid to Shoot Strangers. Blind Guardian - Guardian of the Blind, The Martyr, Banished from Sanctuary, Damned for All Time, Tommyknockers, Lost in the Twilight Hall, Journey Through the Dark. Helloween - Cry for Freedom, Victim of Fate, Guardians, Phantom of Deaths, Judas, Twilight of the Gods, Future World, Dr Stein, March of Time. Helstar - Burning Star, The Shadows of Iga, Suicidal Nightmare, Angel of Death, Scorcher, Winds of War, To Sleep, Per Chance to Scream, The Curse Has Passed Away. Candlemass - Crystal Ball, Under the Oak, A Sorcerer's Pledge, Bewitched, Mourners Lament, At the Gallows End, Dark Are the Veils of Death, Mirror Mirror. Sodom - Outbreak of Evil, Sepulchral Voices, After the Deluge, Fall of Majesty Town, The Conqueror, Christ Passion, Enchanted Land, Conjuration, Incest, Baptism of Fire. Destruction - Black Mass, Mad Butcher, Antichrist, Invincible Force, Death trap, Curse the Gods, Eternal Ban, Release From Agony, Disastisfied Existence. Kreator - Living in Fear, Dying Victims, Total Death, Tormentor, Ripping Corpse, Carrion, Command of the Blade, Terrible Certainty, Toxic Trace. Protector - Apocalyptic Revelations, The Mercenary, Holy Inquisition, Kain and Abel, Misanthropy. Deathrow - Samhain, Riders of Doom, Spider Attack, Raging Steel, Scattered by the Wind, Pledge to Die. Necronomicon - Hades Invasion, Possessed By Evil, Blind Destruction, Dark Land, The Ancient Ones, Cold Ages (Darkland III), Death Toll. Iron Angel - Black Mass, Legions of Evil, The Metalian, Sinner 666, Heavy Metal Soldiers, Creatures of Destruction. Angel Dust - Legions of Destruction, Fighter Returns, Gambler, I'll Come Back, To Dust You Will Decay. Coroner - When Angels Die, Coma, Fried Alive, Reborn Through Hate, Sudden Fall, Skeleton on Your Shoulder, Shadow of a Lost Dream, Masked Jackal. Artillery - The Almighty, Deeds of Darkness, The Eternal War, Terror Squad, Equal at First, Khomaniac, By Inheritance, Back in the Trash. Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales, Into the Crypts of Rays, Visions of Mortality, Circle of the Tyrants, Necromantical Screams, Eternal Summer. Agent Steel - Bleed for the Godz, 144.000 Gone, Guilty as Charged, Evil Eye - Evil Minds, Unstoppable Force. Savage Grace - Into the Fire, Master of Disguise, No One Left to Blame, Bound to Be Free, Destination Unknown, After the Fall From Grace. Omen - In the Arena, Battle Cry, The Axeman, Death Rider, Warning of Danger, Don't Fear The Night, Hell's Gates, The Curse. Griffin - Flight of the Griffin, Fire in the Sky, Heavy Metal Attack, Judgement Day, Traveling in Time, Cursed Be the Deceiver. Manowar - Battle Hymn, Dark Avenger, Manowar, Gates of Valhalla, Gloves of Metal, Secret of Steel, Hail to England, Thor (The Powerhead), Mountains. Nasty Savage - Metal Knights, Asmodeus, Gladiator, Fear Beyond the Vision, Abstract Reality, Incursion Dementia, Eromantic Vertigo. Sanctuary - Soldiers of Steel, Veil of Disguise, Sanctuary, Termination Force, Epitaph, Seasons Of Destruction, The Mirror Black. Stormwitch - Skull and Crossbones, Priest of Evil, Werewolves on the Hunt, Point Of No Return, Night Stalker, Lost Legions. Ostrogoth - Full Moon's Eyes, Rock Fever, Queen of Desire, Stormbringer, Ecstasy and Danger, Halloween, Sign of Life. Cloven Hoof - Nova Battlestar, Road of Eagles, Reach for the Sky, Notre Dame, Astral Rider, Forgotten Heroes. Mercyful Fate - At The sound of the Demon Bell, Satan's Fall, Curse of the Pharaohs, Welcome Princess of Hell, The Oath. King Diamond - The Candle, The 7th Day of July 1777, Arrival, A Mansion in Darkness, Abigail, Sleepless Nights, At the Graves. Death - Scream Bloody Gore, Evil Dead, Baptized In Blood, Infernal Death, Leprosy, Open Casket, Left to Die, Spiritual Healing. Slayer - Black Magic, Crionics, Evil Has No Boundaries, Tormentor, Chemical Warfare, Hell Awaits, Kill Again, At Dawn They Sleep. Overkill - Overkill, Feel The Fire, Kill At Command, Hammerhead, Wrecking Crew, Deny the Cross, Electro-Violence. Emperor - Beyond the Great Vast Forest, Towards the Pantheon, Inno A Satana, Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times. I Am The black Wizards. Dissection - Unhallowed, Thorns of Crimson Death, Where Dead Angels Lie, Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow, The Somberlain, Black Horizons. Covenant - Through The Eyes Of The Raven, Towards The Crown Of Nights, Night Of The Blackwinds, The Dark Conquest, The Chasm. Burzum - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit, Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown, Snu mikrokosmos tegn, Key to the Gate, Hvis lyset tar oss, Det som en gang var. Darkthrone - Cromlech, Paragon Belial, The Pagan Winter, Kathaarian Life Code, Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust, Natassja in Eternal Sleep, As Flittermice as Satans Spys. Dawn - Everflaming, The Ethereal Forest, Eyesland, Sorrow Flew on Black Wings, Soil of Dead Earth, The Knell and the World, The Aphelion Deserts. Sacramentum - Far Away From the Sun, Cries From a Restless Soul, Obsolete Tears, Beyond All Horizons, When Night Surrounds Me. Necrophobic - The Ancients Gate, Father Of Creation, Before The Dawn, Awakening..., Bloodthirst, Christian Slaughter, Darkside. Lord Belial - Path With Endless Horizons, Lamia, Enter the Moonlight Gate, Unholy Spell of Lilith, In the Light of the Fullmoon, Into the Frozen Shadows, Satan Divine. Abyssos - I've Watched the Moon Grow Old, Through the Gloom Into the Fire, Banquet in the Dark (Black Friday), In Fear They Left the World Unseen. Satyricon - Into the Mighty Forest, Dark Medieval Times, Walk the Path of Sorrow, The Dark Castle in the Deep Forest, Dominions of Satyricon, Vikingland, In the Mist by the Hills. Gehenna - Unearthly Loose Palace, The Conquering of Hirsir, Morningstar, The Shivering Voice of the Ghost, The Eyes of the Sun, A Witch Is Born, Dark Poems Author. Odium - Thy Eternal Nightfall, Riding the Starwinds, The Sad Realm of the Stars, Through the Sorrowfilled Forest. Abigor - I Face the Eternal Winter, Reborn Through the Gates of Three Moons, Revealed Secrets of the Whispering Moon, Scars in the Landscape of God. Enslaved - Allfǫðr Oðinn, Heimdallr, Norvegr, Lifandi liv undir hamri, Vetrarnott, Fenris, Svarte Vidder, Gylfaginning, 793 (slaget Om Lindisfarne), Alfablot. Enthroned - Skjeldenland, Scared By Darkwinds, As the Wolves Howl Again, Hertogenwald, Evil Church, By Dark Glorious Thoughts. Mayhem - Pagan Fears, Cursed in Eternity, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Life Eternal, From the Dark Past, Buried By Time and Dust. Ok fuck it i'm tired.
  9. DesecratorJ

    What are you listening to?

    Well, this is pretty fucking good.
  10. Abigor because Nachthymnen cannot be dethroned.
  11. DesecratorJ

    What do you do during an epidemic?

    I'll return to working after 4 months of being out because of a surgery I had and i'll be working from home apparently because of that shit happening (not that i'm not happy with working from home). Anyway, outside of that and games, not much going on, hope to be able to go outside take a walk without being worried to be watched by the fucking cops.