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  1. I've never been a big patches dude tbh. I've bought quite a few back several years ago to make a battle vest. But I always ended up being unsatisfied with the results and not wearing it for long. Nowadays I don't think I'd wear that anymore due to being unpractical to me, among other stuff I used to rock on unfortunately.

  2. I've been collecting band shirts for a while and probably got about 200 or more (I don't even count anymore). At this point, I have trouble finding stuff that I want to have, I guess doing that for over 10 years has something to do with it, I kind of need to remind myself if I already have this or that when looking up for additional ones.


    I might stop that at some point because i'm starting to run out of ideas, I don't want to buy shirts just for the sake of having it, but actually liking the albums/bands represented.


    Otherwise, I'm starting to flirt with the idea of buying vinyl records as well, but i'm afraid of my wallet to suffer quite a bit if I'm getting into that.



  3. 15 hours ago, Chopkinsca said:

    I can't think of any Doom 64 level that I didn't like. I have played the game a countless number of times. Every time, I never started a level and thought "great, I have to do this level". 

    I agree, however I think the game is getting most interesting in mid playthrough, the castle levels are dope af for instance.


    In other words, it is probably my favorite Doom game other than 1&2.