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  1. NWOBHM, this album rules man.
  2. This record is definitely one of my favorite bm record overall. Great from A-Z. Like this one too.
  3. Haha, this is fucking raw stuff.
  4. True, new Marduk suck at the highest degree ever lol. My favorite and most played record of Marduk is Opus Nocturne and obviously Those of the Unlight, Joakim period if you will. Didn't listened to Marduk since years ago, still sound fresh to me haha.
  5. Yeah, DFM is definitely a great album for me as well, but my favorite of Immortal is still Pure Holocaust, not because of its atmosphere but for its intensity and fuck-top riffs. Oh damn, it's been a long time, you bring old stuff that I didn't listen for quite some time, remembers me how good it was to discover these back in time.
  6. Actual lyrics : TOAROAROAOAAORO AWOAWRAORAOWROA RORARRRRRRR And Dark Medieval Time is even more better than Nemesis Divina.
  7. Underground Polish fucktop bm
  8. Ah yes, the Belgian black metal, some interesting shit out there.
  10. Same voice, but his solo band.
  11. The typical statement of someone who doesn't know King Diamond lol.