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  1. @Agent6Musically better than all of their release after 1991 yes. But we're in 2018, so I knew that the modern sounding quality would shit on it.
  2. Nope, this is not even close to what i'm talking about x)
  3. Humanity will probably already have killed themselves before that, or nature will do it.
  4. Take a listen to this band if you like Iron Maiden.
  5. To anyone who played GTA:SA
  6. The Hell is so buggy, and not balanced too. What I liked about Belzeebub is the addition of the quests that was meant to be in the original game.
  7. This mod is so d2 influenced, I mean, lol.
  8. I hope to get our 4-songs EP recorded and released this year, we worked on that for so long, but had problems too so some tracks were written in 2016 t'ill nowadays, very long project and will surely sound sick, for people that like 80s dirty speed/thrash metal from Germany.
  9. If I look at my profile, My most listened band is Bathory with nearly 4000 and one particular song 178 times. If we are listening to some songs that much time, it's surely special in a particular way imo.
  10. Yeah, this is fucking great, or you can also check out the true masters of viking, Bathory :)
  11. What? I definitely listened to some records more than 100 times and it still brings me the same nostalgic feelings and emotions as when I first heard them years ago.
  12. The Felidae's species are probably my favorite animals hehe.
  13. You guys don't have the secret to have the best stuff I guess, the game has never been so easy with a barbarian actually, you just wreck everyone and hit fucking fast with an axe that deal ridiculous dmg.
  14. The rock that followed all the fire I made out side at the spot in summer time some years ago.