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  1. I smoked pot very few times in my past crazy years, mainly because I really hated the effect it gave to me. Especially the dry throat effect. I've been a tobacco smoker since I was 16 years old though, Nearly 23 today, but I was never that addicted to it, I never understood how people could be so addicted, I can just not smoke for over a week and doesn't bother me that much, anyway. U get the point.
  2. The quickest answer I have in mind for this question: Doom II: Hell on Earth Other than that, the debut of the Warcraft series.
  3. whats yur favorit band

    1. Doomkid


      Green Day, duh

    2. CzechMate29200
    3. Mayhem666


      I thought the answer to this was pretty obvious, haha. What about u?

    4. CzechMate29200


      @40oz wuts ur faverit radio sho?

    5. Tracer


      Howard Stern.  Duh.

    6. 40oz


      lol cool

      g2g cya

    7. Tracer


      I'm confused now.

  4. Eh, I don't like the sound of both Overkill "The Years of Decay" and Slayer's "South of Heaven". I agree about the guitar being shity on that one though. I would take "Taking Over" or Show no mercy/Hell Awaits over them easily. Yeah, the playing style is obviously a part of this. But sometimes they just put down the bass volume in the mix for whatever reasons.
  5. I'm really tired of being yelled at because i'm not able to do something correctly. I'm usually a calm person but this drives me crazy in my mind and I just want to say fuck off to everyone who shits at me now.


    Just needed to share my angry mood at the moment. Sorry.

    1. 40oz


      definitely sounds like an asshole if they're literally shitting at you!

  6. Same and in Black metal too, especially melodic and symphonic.
  7. I have a real problem with my clothings, especially t-shirts, metal bands shirts. I can't stop myself from buying new ones, as soon as I have a bit of extra money, I'm going to try to spend it in t-shirts. Even if I have over 70 of them, In my mind I want to have shirts from the most bands I like. Not even funny, I just spent again over 100$ on it yesterday.
  8. Other random crap of me I guess... I'm an nature and animal lover, doesn't look like it, but I wish I could be more in contact with them. I hate humans even more because of that, being so cruel and merciless with them.
  9. Same and it's been several years ago, nothing scary though.
  10. Definitely the Diablo series, it probably made an impact as solid as Doom did in my youth. If I played RPG/Hack 'n slash style, I was playing Diablo, if I were to play shooters, it was Doom.
  11. They're both great imo. But like others said, I also found that Quake II was way easier and didn't have the same atmosphere, still had good moment though. I really had more difficulties in Quake I as a kid than any other Quake or Doom games.
  12. I was oddly the opposite of that as a kid as far as my parents told me, teacher were telling that I got easily angry at my other classmate and shit lol. Today i'm like, i'll just don't talk at all and don't give a fuck about them all. Pretty funny.
  13. Yeah exactly, if I have nothing to talk about with someone, i'll look like a anti-social, because i'll just have nothing to say, but with people I have links with, I really like to talk and develop a conversation. I'm also very difficult to get angry, but don't break my tranquility, because if I get angry, you really seek for it.
  14. Based on people around me, i'm calm and quiet as a person. I dunno about this one tho lol
  15. So the nailgun would have basically the same utility as plasma gun, except using different ammos? Because the plasma gun isn't a hitscan unlike the chaingun, but does more damage and have a similar fire rate aswell.