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  1. Death666

    I cant get any demos to work.

    compnet ones and a speed run through doom 2 without tool assistance.
  2. Death666

    I cant get any demos to work.

    i finally got it working. Thanks a lot.
  3. Death666

    I cant get any demos to work.

    thats the whole problem i have NO idea how you get command lines.Heck even my messages don't show up in proboom when i type "t" to type messages during the game. #1 thing i have no idea how to get to is THE COMMAND LINE. thanks for a quick response though. edit: I know what to type once i reach the command line that i cannot find.I have win XP pro if that makes a difference.
  4. Death666

    I cant get any demos to work.

    Legacy supports very few demos so i came here and read a bunch of people can run demos easy on prboom.I got pro boom and read the whole faq about demos and dont have any idea how i am supposed to start the demos. Any step by step walkthroughs would be appreciated.
  5. Death666

    Legacy help

    Does anyone know what sock_ unknown error means because i cant play multiplayer with a friend because it gives me and my friend both this error.
  6. Death666


    I dont ever remember my snes doom ever lagging.I dunno for sure though cause i havent played it in ages but i just cant remember it ever lagging.
  7. Death666

    If there had been more monsters in Doom...

    Yes its a creep colony but u have to turn it into a sunken colony before it can attack with its subterrean tentacle. ;)
  8. Death666

    Source port problems...

    U find it hard to play with a gamepad thats weird to me.Ive beat doom 64 on the hardest diffuculty and doom for my snes and psx on the hardest diffuculties, and all those use a controller so thats what im used to not the keyboard and mouse.
  9. Death666

    Beta 33 woes

    This is sort off topic but can u turn that flash off when u pick up an item cause in doom legacy when i pick up an item it lags for like half a sec and its really annoying.
  10. Death666

    Source port problems...

    Well the problem is for some gay reason it runs when i use the gamepad how stupid none of the ports work for me.:(
  11. Death666

    Source port problems...

    Thanx for the info now my problem is he wont stop running and i cant play the game if hes running all the time i have it off and have even tried hitting caps lock to turn it off but he still runs.Is ther a decent port out there for me?????????? This is in zdoom beta123a.
  12. Death666

    Source port problems...

    I got zdoom but dont like it cause i want to play doom with my gamepad.I got jdoom but it lags a lot on my comp when like 6 creatures are attacking and im moving around.I got doom legacy and its great except that when i pick up a clip,health or anything the game pauses for like a half a second and that is really annoying especially when ur fighting and moving around and picking up stuff.Does anyone know of a good source port that has game pad support that dont crash or can anyone help me with fixing the problem with doom legacy?
  13. Death666

    Doom and Windows XP

    I got winxp and my doom game works fine on it and so does the sound, but i got a source port cause i wanted to use my gamepad when playing doom.:)