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  1. I've tried to upload a demo, it worked fine. It would be nice to be able to specify that demo is multi-level run, e.g. MAPXX-MAPYY/EXMYY-EXMZZ, Episode X or D2ALL - because right now it's either single level or nothing. Also, considering video title is automatically generated, TAS checkbox wouldn't hurt too.
  2. I thought they got rid of that shitty map in the release version and moved it to Lost Episodes compilation or something. Category 2 run, I've played this when there was some pre-release (alpha if I'm not mistaken) version.
  3. @rehelekretep Try this link.
  4. Doom II - Hellscape (v1.1 FINAL) Map30 UV-Speed in 0:33 I bet that spawn point was put there just to screw over snipers with autoaim. dhs30-033.zip
  5. FDAs that feature a plenty of pretty embarrassing deaths. Map designs are top-notch, though balancing is kinda funny with early part (prior to first armor\key) almost always being the toughest part of the levels. Also it's possible to snipe Romero's head without raising the lift and vertical aiming, is it intended to be this way?
  6. FDA. Great map with interesting architecture. There's a lot of snipers on this map though waiting for player in dark corners, in many windows and on castle walls, but they're more irritating than dangerous, considering how much health pick ups there are on the map.
  7. The answer is "yes", I've recorded them after the wad was announced on 01.11, so according to this logic I've submitted category 3 attempt.
  8. This month's entry. The entirety of my preparations consists of recording FDA's once and never touching it until today, so that lands me straight into 3rd (prepared) category, I guess? Dead on map07. Everything was going smooth until I've pressed the air instead of a switch and realized that after Doomguy's dead body went flying.
  9. My pretty sloppy entry. Endpoint: completed in 1:33:14. Endgame: dead at map05. Endpoint went pretty well due to doing FDA's in '16 and applying "survival above everything" tactics. Endgame on the other hand... out of paranoid fear of getting blindsided by Cyberdemon I did some horrible mistakes and paid for it.
  10. Map 18 UV-Max in 1:51 I've just aimed to clear this map in under 2 minutes. 3m18-151.zip
  11. There is one already.
  12. Rushed through everything. Played this mapset long time ago, so before recording an ironman attempt I've revisited the maps just to be sure that my horrible memory won't play tricks with me.
  13. Oh boy that was a bad decision. I have never liked crushers.
  14. Here's a demo if you're interested in watching people wander around. Managed to solve all but one puzzle. Also, it turned out that it's possible to finish the map with just 4 out of 5 puzzles solved, not sure if it's intended or not. Beautiful scenery, though the drawback is that my framerate drops noticeably if I look in general direction of central part when being in the main part of the map. Puzzles made me scratch my head a little bit, but eventually I figured (almost) everything out.
  15. Not even 200/200 is enough if you do this in the wrong moment.