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  1. Beginner

    Female Slayer

    In general: whatever. If they can make her fit nicely within game, then sure, go ahead at full speed. If the final result will be horrible, then, well... About armor - here's an idea: make amount of armor on a suit inversely scale with difficulty. Doomgal's outfit going from full Praetorian suit on ITYTD to Praetorian™ Armor Bonus Bikini® on NM totally would logically fit with enemy damage rising the higher the difficulty was in Doom 2016 & Eternal. Of course, that should be mirrored for male slayer with his NM outfit consisting of, e.g. Praetorian briefs and socks.
  2. Beginner

    The DWIronman League dies to: Alien Vendetta

    Category 2 entry. Demo is available here. Died in one of the "cacos slowly rise from these corners" sectors in map08 like a dumbass.
  3. Beginner

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sawdust

    Category 1 demo. Survived the set in 1:12:10. I've almost killed myself on map03, but otherwise everything went alright.
  4. Beginner

    When to Pistol Start?

    This wad. Despite weird progression system that resets levels on exit it's pretty much explicitly designed for continuous playthrough. IIRC there were WADS with "no guns 4u later on haha" type of continuous balancing but can't remember the names at all... I think this fits the description but I don't remember much of it except for the need to start from map02 instead of map01 because it'll delete shotgun from your inventory that you pick up on map02 start otherwise for some reason.
  5. Beginner

    The DWIronman League dies to: Eviternity

    Category 2 demo. Died at the same place as AnimaZero.
  6. IMO in mouse-only scenario moving forwards/backwards using vertical sensitivity is more convenient than holding one of mouse buttons. The drawback is that you're pretty much guaranteed to move when turning in place so turning on catwalks is a nightmare, especially with high vertical sensitivity. There's also a matter of having enough buttons to bind commands to...
  7. Beginner

    Favorite Flash Games?

    Transformice is a pretty cool one.
  8. I've recorded a thing... Category: 3 is pretty much unavoidable for UD. Difficulty: UV E1 done in 15:55. E2 done in 22:15. E3 done in 16:28. Total time: 54:38. Recorded in glboom-plus Demos are available here.
  9. Survived the episode in 1:58:02. Category 1 demo. Mostly a smooth cruise besides that one moment where I've almost got myself killed in e3m2. I suppose I've also opened secret exit somewhere in e3m6 but still used the regular one like a champ, ha ha.
  10. I absolutely despise when in a game that lets you acquire levels to upgrade stats, skills, etc. all enemies automagically grow in power as well, even worse if enemy power growth outpaces player's.
  11. Beginner


    Call every possible and impossible special task force, secret service, intelligence agency, terrorist cell, Armageddon and alien invasion on that moderator.
  12. Beginner

    Potato PC Games Recommendations?

    Magic & Might of Heroes series are alright games if you have plenty of time on your hands.
  13. Category 2 demo. Dead on map04, reached that map in 36 minutes flat. It could be DNF on map01 but I've managed to un-trap myself miraculously. dwil20_october_bgnr_dead.zip
  14. Recommended videos section in videos has annoying tendency to re-recommend videos that I've watched already, sometimes even the videos I have just clicked away from. That typically occurs when watching several videos from the same uploader. Though most of the time it's doing alright-ish job at keeping me in my small bubble of interests as it automagically suggests new uploads from the users whose videos I regularly watch... until I manage to click on a video of some popular uploader or of a topic that's gaining popularity then it will suggest me that for several days (at least) even if I click on that "Don't recommend these videos" option.