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  1. Map 18 UV-Max in 1:51 I've just aimed to clear this map in under 2 minutes.
  2. There is one already.
  3. Rushed through everything. Played this mapset long time ago, so before recording an ironman attempt I've revisited the maps just to be sure that my horrible memory won't play tricks with me.
  4. Oh boy that was a bad decision. I have never liked crushers.
  5. Here's a demo if you're interested in watching people wander around. Managed to solve all but one puzzle. Also, it turned out that it's possible to finish the map with just 4 out of 5 puzzles solved, not sure if it's intended or not. Beautiful scenery, though the drawback is that my framerate drops noticeably if I look in general direction of central part when being in the main part of the map. Puzzles made me scratch my head a little bit, but eventually I figured (almost) everything out.
  6. Not even 200/200 is enough if you do this in the wrong moment.
  7. A whole hour was wasted for mere 432 kills. I knew it wasn't going to go well when chaingunners almost killed me at the very beginning. I was quite surprised to make it this far despite mismanaging all my resources and putting myself in a pretty disadvantageous position several times.
  8. Test stream. Currently trying to get through Doom: the Mars Missions.
  9. Let me fix this interesting fact with this month's entry. It's definitely the easiest map pack so far. My biggest complaint about this wad is that the way machinegun tries to autoaim at turrets is absolutely horrible.
  10. It's been years since brother brought this album, still listening to it. Russian Pirate Station IV also has nice collection of tracks. Too bad 5th & 6th Pirate Stations were more miss than hit and after them I stopped caring about it.
  11. I wonder if users now can (or, at least, allowed to) attach files in all sub-forums. This'll be kinda a nice touch since uploading all these FDA's I post here once in a century to a random filehost service was getting a little bit annoying. Also test post and stuff.
  12. Everything went downhill rapidly at the end of map11. I expected to die at the end of either maps 12 or 15, but I died on my way to yellow key on map12 instead.
  13. "Blind" and "UV-Max" are kind of mutually exclusive. UV-Max considers that player knows where enemies and secrets are located and how to avoid map from suddenly malfunctioning. Blind playthrough considers he doesn't know any of it. In "Blind UV-Max" final times depend more on luck than route, ammo, health and enemy management, simply because when player goes in blind there's no fucking way he's gonna know that, let's say, author decided to make some random patch of random sky-wall a shootable switch that opens up a secret in a weird part of the map.
  14. Windows actually cycles through a lot of wallpapers, but I like this one the most.
  15. Probably it's because majority of population is right handed. It's a pretty comfortable setup that lets player reach all necessary movement keys (run\walk\sprint and jump keys also should count as movement keys) with ease and with a pretty low risk of accidiently hitting something like Win or Fn key.