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  1. Oh yeah baby, it's time for Part 2 of the Doom Weapon Tutorial (From 0 to DeNiro)! Here we'll be coding like little maniacs to make our Hombre Skullinazor weapon come to life :D It's a long video, so make yourself comfortable and grab some popcorn... but don't eat it, just hold it for 40 minutes :) See ya around, XOXO.
  2. Hello you beautiful community! It's been a while... Years! But I'm back with a new tutorial series: Doom Weapon Tutorial (From 0 to DeNiro)! In this little vid we'll make some sprites from pictures using Photoshop CS6 (heavily requested) kinda like I did years before with GIMP, but better! Don't miss Part 2 where we'll be coding and putting everything together in Slade 3 baby. Yeah. Hope it helps in your loving Doom ventures. Enjoy! XOXO
  3. Doggo120

    Deep Inside the

    Hello awesome Doomworld community! It's been a long time so I thought I'd share this new little vid showing all the details of the Extreme Weapon Pack and some minuscule, tiny, micro info about a project I'm working on :) Millions thanks and much love to all of you :)
  4. Decorate gives you the flexibility and awesomeness you need to create new weapons. I had no idea about anything but with practice and tons of info found here you'll be creating weapons in no time. Also, download as many weapon wads as you can and peek the code using Slade3 or something. Best way to learn! You can also check out this video I made about converting pics to sprites:
  5. Doggo120

    Extreme Weapon Pack 1.Pie Arrives!!!

    Hahaha oh you guys! :P Hope you liked the extreme updates :) Stay tuned because something is coming... ho... ho... ho
  6. Hello awesome doomworld community. I've made the most insignificant changes to EWP and here it is! What was that at the end?... anyways it's so lame it deserves a trailer! Here is a detailed list of the extreme changes: - Optimized string theory-holographic logarithm for the Extreme Vacuuum Cleaner - A new chocket - Updated and 100% accurate KONAMI code - ChameBoy fireballs will not hurt you anymore - Berserk gives you the manly sensitive fist - The lamest credit page ever - A totally new extra hidden weapon hinting something cool And again, thank you all. Without your help this could not have been as extreme!!! * HERE IT IS! * Download
  7. Doggo120

    Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

    Hey Doomworld! I just want to thank you all for your support, and help, and guidance, and awesomeness, and patience, and grace. I wasn't expecting a cacoward really. Hahaha but yeah, thank you again Doomworld, I know I'm very intense asking questions and without your super help, and comments, and reviews, and patience, and grace the 'Extreme Weapon Pack' wouldn't have been what it is. Lots of love!
  8. Doggo120

    Weird 'light/fade/something' line?

    Hi Eris, all those sectors have the same brightness :S SUPER EDIT: Got it. Used the sector special 87 (Sector uses outside fog) and BLAM! :)
  9. Hey hey, ho ho! So, it's my super secret project again. I have set a fog effect on sectors with the Sky textures. But for some reason there's this damn sector, it looks really weird: Something is happening with the light, fade or whatever. By the way, when I change its ceiling to a Sky it doesn't behave like this... but that sector is not meant to have a Sky ceiling. Any thoughts awesome and smart and caring community? :)
  10. Doggo120

    Set a Sector Special with ACS?

    Yeah yeah yeah! So I've been trying to find a way to make some sectors become "secrets" when I enter the map. Can I do that? hoho thanks!
  11. Doggo120

    Shake shake shake...

    Indeed! haha. Man, you must've spent like what... 3 years of research and another 4 or 5 to actually build this magnificent architectural achievement of the century!!! :)
  12. I love FlStudio. U can do almost everything in it! (Including MIDI). Guitar Pro is cool too. But most likely you would have to start messing around with tablatures or scores, that's how they work. Once you know the symbols and specially the drum sounds, you're pretty much good to go. Have fun!
  13. Doggo120

    Texture Bug?

    Thank you so much Shadow Hog!!! It worked and I'm happy and everything's ok haha I did not know about those sneaky Slime Trails man...
  14. Doggo120

    Texture Bug?

    Wazzuuup!!! This is bugging me. While working in my super secret project I encountered this little annoying thing. When I'm looking at a certain angle I see something like a missing texture...: it is a very thin line and you can't see it if you're too close or too far, but I have no idea what it is (No missing LineDef textures and I checked with Doom Builder 2 Map Analysis mode and found no errors) Any thoughts awesome people???
  15. Doggo120

    Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

    ** LAST EDIT -> Sept. 24 2013 ** Finally at Idgames! --> http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17351 Sadly, people have no sense of humor (and can't read the description or the text file) and they're giving it awful reviews! haha oh well, let's all be serious and boring and sophisticated. Much love, Doggo120