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  1. Dialgaofpower

    Realm667 should have packs for all their stuff.

    Gez, these are just realm 667 stuff. Not every single doom file.
  2. Dialgaofpower

    Realm667 should have packs for all their stuff.

    You know what esselfortium? There will be packs for each category of each style. You can download the doom, hexen/heritic, or strife styles if you want, or just get the weapon packs, for example. Or if you want to, you can just download a gajillion files one by one.
  3. Now, keep in mind, this is MY opinion, probably not yours. You might call this stupid and/or a waste of time, but you want to know what else is stupid!? Having to got to every single page and downloading everything one by one and then stuffing it all into doomseeker! It would be WAAAAY easier if they weapons packs, texture packs, item packs, and monster packs instead of having everyone waste their time clicking and clicking and clicking! It's better to download one huge file, rather than have to download 9000! And, in case you did not know (Although I don't see why you would NOT know.), I think they should stuff their things into packs by type.
  4. Dialgaofpower

    Hopes for Action doom 3

    Action doom and Action doom 2 are awesome wads that take up a certain "style" of gameplay. Action doom had the style of contra, while action doom 2 had the style of double dragon. I think AD3 (Action doom 3) should take on the style of ninja gaiden. you would start off with a sword, but then get ninja stars, boomerang ninja stars, fire pillars, and that weapon which I forgot what it was. You would also get a sword upgrade occasionally. And the bosses would be like in the original ninja gaiden. That's it for now.
  5. Dialgaofpower

    Jokewad: the most archviolent level you've ever seen

    Guess what NOW? I'm planning on making a sequel in the from of a megawad! The monsters i'm looking for are more types of archviles like hellions or diabloists. In other words, more archviles. And 30 levels full of them. So, can I have some more archvile types?
  6. Dialgaofpower

    Jokewad: the most archviolent level you've ever seen

    I think tons of monsters should be a jokewad elememnt. Jokewads are sometimes made to waste people's time.
  7. Dialgaofpower

    Jokewad: the most archviolent level you've ever seen

    I just fixed the link.
  8. Okay, Time for my first jokewad, and my first wad ever: THE MOST ARCHVIOLENT LEVEL YOUVE EVER SEEN! This level is short, BUT HARD AS HECK! Even on the easiest difficulty, you WILL get your butt handed to you at least once! Every monster in the wad is an archvile! and all you get is a pistol and a plasma rifle. Here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2kcr7fwm2ldreq4 Tell me how hard you think it is! EDIT: link fixed.
  9. Dialgaofpower

    What is tournament of the damned?

    I heard it's some skulltag episode, but it does not appear on the episode select. Can somebody tell me what it is?
  10. Dialgaofpower

    21st December, do you believe about the Apocalypse?

    Not me whatsoever.
  11. Dialgaofpower

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    I prefer the zandronum version of this mod, because it also has the skulltag weapons! More blood, more gore, stronger attacks, and other cool stuff! You could even have a Revenant's hellish missle launcher or a Mancubus's flame cannon, and even a sub-machinegun that the nazi's use! AWESOME! PIstol is now assault rifle, SSG can be used to fire one barrel at a time if you want, the BFG 9000 has a powerful feel to it, I like howthe plasma gun has a cool altfire, and the grenade launcher even has TWO grenade types; one that explodes when it hits even a texture, and the regular grenade as the altfire. HECK YEAH! Who would NOT like this wad? NOT ME. The zombiemen dropped assault rifles, you could use the assault rifle and shotgun and railgun and submachinegun to snipe, and everything does double damage, and so do the monsters! The cyberdemon battle also has a more "Epic feel" to it, because the cyberdemon shot more rockets per volley. I would continue the review, but now I have to rate this mod. 9999.99/10000!
  12. Dialgaofpower

    My wad question thread (1)

    Q1: How do you make something kill you instantly, even in god mode? A: Anything over 10000 damage will hit through god. Q2: How do you make something halt you completly temoprarilly? A: The freezing thingy.
    Yeah 99 levels. and by 99 You only mean THREE. and why is there a team called "disconnected"?