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  1. This is close put the mountain peaks are to small and don't match the size of what it's "supposed" to look like on a TV or fully rendered with the black bar and additional pixels from the top of the sky. This is obviously the goal. There is no black bar but notice on the left side of the screen you cannot see both eyes of the Skull Face in the sky. However you can clearly see it's left cheekbone under it's left eye. In the 2nd image the mountains are to big and the sky is to high as you can see both eyes in the Skull Face. In the third image the mountains are the correct size but the sky is still to high. The first image appears to be the third image from the last pic. The 2nd Image appears to have no changes from the first except for a vertically stretched HUD. This is Blastfrog's image. The mountain's are the proper size however you cannot see the left cheekbone in the Skull Face under it's left eye. This is the last image you posted but the mountain peaks are a bit to small and the left cheekbone is still not visible. It looks like you are only a pixel or two off though when you compare it to the original picture taken off the TV. I assume adding those few pixels back in at the top of the screen will fix the mountain peaks and perfect the entire image so we view it the way it was "meant" to be seen. As for my opinion on what is truly meant to be seen, I believe it is neither of the two options being discussed here. Obviously the black bar is not meant to be seen, but in order to pull that off on a NTSC Television set the top of the image would also have to be "cropped" by the Television set, which was the method they used because they had no choice. When fully rendered we get a black bar see more of the image on the top of the screen. So, in my opinion, the proper aspect ratio would eliminate the black bar but keep the top of the screen. However I am not sure that is possible because when you do that you get the 2nd image from this picture... ...and the problem with that image is the size of the mountains, they are to big as mentioned earlier. So it's either... 1.) How it was originally viewed on a Television. 2.) Fully Rendered 3.) Fully Rendered without the black bar, which leads to a sky box that is further back than how it was originally intended to appear. If increasing the resolution changes the skybox no matter what, which I believe GZDoom does anyways if my memory serves correct, I would go with option 3. I think we can all agree that the black bar is not intended to be seen, but I would prefer to see a fully rendered image as opposed to what was cropped off due to the nature of old Television sets. The only reason the black bar is there is because without it we would not be able to read the bottom of the HUD on a TV set after all, but they still rendered the top of the screen so I believe it should be included.
  2. EternalWolf

    What does John Carmack think of Doom 2016?

    You could create models, textures and all that but nobody really did because it was and still is such a pain in the ass to create. If I recall correctly, Hexen: Edge of Chaos started pretty early on in DOOM 3's life cycle, it even had the "generic" DOOM 3 pentagram website layout that the official site used. The Dark Mod was also released before the source code came out and thats the biggest mod/total conversion for the game. Even Sikkmod came out before the source code. Really the only thing the release of the source code did was allow the total conversions to go stand-alone. The community was never that big for id Tech 4 and pretty much was vaporized by the shutdown of doom3world.org I have no idea why they didn't just use the DOOM 3 board on this site, it was/is pretty dead and probably could have been expanded upon if the entire community merged over here.
  3. EternalWolf

    What does John Carmack think of Doom 2016?

    I dont think Carmack cares about any of the games themselves, he suckas at playing them to. He just cares about the engines, inventing new stuff, things like that. I mean there isnt really much for him to say, it looks good and runs at 60FPS on all consoles, which was his goal, and they accomplished it without his megatexture technology, which was supposed to be his big contribution to next gen.
  4. https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/758040745764876288 PS4 Special Edition Front PS4 Special Edition Front(Reverse) PS4 Special Edition Sleeve(Reverse) PS4/Xbox One/PC Standard Edition Sleeve(Reverse)
  5. EternalWolf

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    The only games that dont drop in price shortly after release are the 5 Star Games, the ones known as must-haves whether you like them or not, and Nintendo games. Yearly released "AAA" franchises dont go on sale to quick either, but they also arent even on the market a year after release. The only reason to even buy a game on release anymore is because of the exclusive pre-order DLC. Collectors Editions are always available and on sale well after release, a new game comes out every month, MP dies quickly in most games and SP Campaigns dont last long. Just looking at the PS4's upcoming release schedule for the year, Final Fantasy XV is the only one that wont be on sale for $40 or less by the end of the year, assuming averages over an 8.5 out of 10 score. Battlefield 1 will probably get a $35 Black Friday sale a month after launch and that game should sell a lot. Even Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was $40 not long after release. Unless the game drops to $20 quickly. is constantly one of the best digital sales available or isnt even available in stores after the first or second shipment then the game has likely hit its minimum mark.
  6. EternalWolf

    Question on Collectors Edition

    You can probably sell the Steelbook+Game on ebay for near retail price to be honest. Steelbooks go for around 20-40 dollars without the game on ebay, its a good market, but with the game you can probably sell it for retail easily, maybe even slightly more. There are without a doubt people who dont have the game, want the game, and would rather buy the non-collectors edition retail+Steelbook off ebay($80) then drop $120 for the statue. Now if you want to keep the Steelbook I dont really know what to tell you, plus I dont really know what your question is either. It only comes with a Steelbook, no regular case, and most stores dont allow you to return/trade-in just the Steelbook/non-complete version of a Collector's Edition. At least with retail DOOM you get the reverse cover art, which some like better than the Steelbook(I would have gotten a second copy but the reverse cover is a traditional cover, its more like a DVD cover and doesnt fit with a game collection). They should have made the retail cover the Revenant and the Steelbook the reverse cover art. The actual cover art with Doomguy is terrible. This should have been a cover as well IMO...
  7. EternalWolf

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    A reboot of episodes 1(Phobos) and 2(Deimos) seem entirely plausible for DLC, or they could just go the whole nine and finish the DLC with Inferno(Hell). 3+3+2 levels per area. They could also save that for a sequel though as well, though I would bet they would want the sequel to be set on Earth. The demons that missed the cut would be added in, if they can do a proper Arch-Vile for just one area then that can serve as a boss. Story wise it works as well. At the end Hayden sends Doomguy to an undisclosed location. Could be Phobos, so Doomguy works his way through to a teleportal to the hell infested Deimos, then to Hell. In Hell the demons opened up a portal to Earth via The Crucible/Hayden/Whatever and Doomguy makes his way to Earth, setting up for a sequel.
  8. EternalWolf

    Voting for single player dlc or a sequel

    Source? The game takes place in a different era, the engine and assets are noticeably better and there are no cutscenes/New Order characters so that seems like an odd combination for deleted content... Hell they basically threw away the first 1/3rd of the game, including Castle Wolfenstein itself, if thats deleted content.
  9. EternalWolf

    Voting for single player dlc or a sequel

    The New Order got a stand alone prequel expansion after a year and a sequel is in development now, i'm sure DOOM will get similiar treatment as well. They still have Phobos and Deimos to work with if they dont want to go straight to Earth. It's just assets and tweaks that need to be created now after all.
  10. EternalWolf

    Should there be random spawns after finishing "levels"?

    Trigger spawns like from DOOM 3 would be better than random. There are a few where if you actually pick up armor a Cacodemon will spawn right in front of you but they dont really do that for anything that is considered a "secret". I play where I explore everything first, then kill(wrong way to play this game, because its actually fun), and I had full armor when trying to pick up some armor that was out of the way. Nothing happened but later when I went back to get it it scared the shit out of me because I was already there and nothing happened. Makes me wonder how many triggers in the game are there because a lot of times I couldnt pick up armor. Random spawns could be a bad idea. You most likely wont be low on health when looking for secrets so defeating them wont be a problem, but if its in a platforming area it would just feel cheap if you got hit by a "random" projectile or panicked and fell off a ledge while looking for a secret. If they were triggered at least you could somewhat expect it, or have the enemies triggered later in the level when you are going back to exit. That way if you found the secret "normallY" then the enemy would still be there but if you went back and got the secret it would scare you while traversing back to the exit.
  11. EternalWolf

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    Imagine if developers just stuck with the advancement of GPUs. Every game would be like DOOM 3 was on release, where only so few could truly play it and every console version would be like DOOM 3 on Xbox, where nobody would want to play it because it looked worse, ran worse and was missing content. Plus developers would have to make a ton of extra assets just to allow weaker hardware to play it to maintain decent visuals. Consoles allow for a controlled but "advanced" environment, so they became the standard. A game's actual design, the gameplay etc... is completely up to the developers. Look how long it takes for Rockstar to pump out their games, which disregard the limits you speak of. GTAIV ran like shit on PS3, GTAV ran perfect and looked great. If developers took the time and money required to pump out the games they truly desired to make then no publisher would fund them at the risk of it not selling while taking forever to be released. Hell GTAIV would not have been funded if the goal was for it to look and run like GTAV.
  12. EternalWolf

    Weapons vs Monsters Guide

  13. EternalWolf

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    I dont think there was any nukage in single player, though I'm sure its in a multiplayer map(havent played yet but swear I saw it).
  14. EternalWolf

    Possible to mod reloading into Doom 4?

    Should have gave him the "umph" sound from Classic DOOM when pressing Spacebar on a wall.
  15. EternalWolf

    Does Doom 2016 have a screenshot key?

    You can always use the Print Screen key for anything on PC at any time. Then just paste it into Paint or whatever and save.