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  1. Nocturnal_poet

    Action Doom 2 (Not Really) In Production - Sneak Peek

    I don't think I can love again. also a kinda obvious april fools thing. though I hate when people go saying "it's not a joke i promise omg!!1" they should rather just be quiet and see who falls for their ploy. nooow... what will become of the weapons? :)
  2. Nocturnal_poet

    Action Doom 2 (Not Really) In Production - Sneak Peek

    Aprils fools joke or not I too love the weapons. And I'd massage scuba steve's feet to get a sequel! And man do I hate feet! (and scuba divers.)
  3. Nocturnal_poet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #260

    Sorry dethtoll.. I believe I was quite of the trolley there. *coughs* I think i too understand what i meant. Though I admit the way it came out was slightly.. wrong.. sorry everyone.
  4. Nocturnal_poet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #260

    But i say in the Reviews of the newstuff goodiness shouldn't be included the reviewers problems with different aspects of the community. I mean I don't wanna hear Cyb whine about his girl leaving him for a danish shoemaker with one eye on a tanker-boat en-routé for USA. I just wanna hear about the wad's. really. All I gotta say.
  5. Nocturnal_poet

    Suspended In Dusk

    sweet!! also I'd like to point out that it is Doom2's biorthday today ! hooraaaaay! (my birthday too :P)
  6. Nocturnal_poet

    Interview about some movie

    hmm I did'nt see that anywhere and I considered myself pretty wel read up on the subject. by the way has anyone seen the poster for the movie on any theatres yet ? I'm starting to fear that the movie won't come to sweden for quite sometime after the us-release. *sob*
  7. Nocturnal_poet

    Interview about some movie

    No it's just the fact the in the trailer some "marines" point their gunmounted flashlight toward some person going "hey sarge, are you allright" or so, And the person in question opens up a few new rows of eyes A' la Imp-stylah. thusly a hint towards mutation I feel. And then this guy with the "pinky ass" just it worries me that so many indicators of mutation of humans are there.. I'll still go see the movie but it will be with a fair share of skeptisism. It does quite look like the soulsphere I imagined but then again my version has a little bit more hellish look over it, and not the "man-made look, like something from the abyss"
  8. Nocturnal_poet

    Interview about some movie

    yeah but you can always see what monster is rendered and what monsters not. i mean animators seem to have an obsession with over-emphasised movement. Like a monster almost needing to move his arm just because he's turning his neck. well i had my hopes up by this interview too, but then i stumbled over this thingie. http://www.darkhorizons.com/2005/doom/doom17.php anyone else making the connection "Humane genome mapping mutating guy in a wheelchair into a much discussed pinky with wheels"?
  9. Nocturnal_poet

    Another trailer for some movie

    I just hope they've got some sort of hellish plot/final boss with it otherwise it would be some sort of Resident evil/Star trek crossbreed.. *shudders* and they did say in some interview floating around that "hell will definetiley be in it" still even if it sucks ass I'll go see it with some friends... I live in sweden so I'll see it three months after you american people *grr*
  10. Nocturnal_poet

    Demon Hunter Chp.1-5 (dont rip off! Do comment, though)

    Away to the mountains to be eaten by woodpeckers ? no seriously I've only read the first chapter yet and except for minor errors and repeats it looks promising! so finish it up! :)
  11. Nocturnal_poet

    Should I buy a new processor or a new video card?

    sorry I was just restless and needed to know. ANd you know the Faq never really actually to 100 % resembly your own system so.. btw I'm drunk right now.. and I cant believe Linquica sawed Doom3 ¨*aaaargh*
  12. Nocturnal_poet

    people who pre-ordered

    I live in sweden so i'll get my copy friday after this one. (which btw is friday the thirteenth, ooooh !) there were alot of "preorder only, no game included" cases on the shelves in the store, so when preordering I asked if I could have one of them to cuddle with while waiting. so now I got it standing in the bookshelf at home. I also put a burned copy of the Alpha in it just to make it feel more... uuhn.. gotanAlphainitisch ! :)
  13. Nocturnal_poet

    Should I buy a new processor or a new video card?

    HOw bout this ? Amd duron 1,3 ghz 512 ddr ram (333mhz) geforce4 mx440 64 mb. what do i need o great knowers !? btw I'm a swede.. I get the game the 13:th which btw is a friday now that i think of it *gasp*
  14. Nocturnal_poet

    Swedish foreign minister stabbed to death

    This whole thing has been blown out of proportions i say. the guy mentioned in that article has been proven innocent, yet he has had his name slandered and spit at for like two weeks time now. And the two major papers in sweden have had for a long time now every single day atleast two pages about how terrible this man is ! how he has broken about every law in the country (slightly exaggerated) and what do you know ? he's friggin innocent ! that's weak man! this thing has turned into a witch-hunt.. baah i don't lik it.. still want the guy who did it to get caught yes ! but man that was just to much !
  15. Nocturnal_poet

    Swedish foreign minister stabbed to death

    Fascist's are extreme right wing people ? Nazi's ?