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  1. Dreamphaser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    That seems to work... no idea I had to do that. Don't remember ever doing that. Thanks!
  2. Dreamphaser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I'm using slade 3.2, and when browsing texture packs, everything shows up in a weird greyscale. When I want to export a single texture, it becomes a lmp file. What am I missing? How can I extract a singe texture as a png file, and how can I view those in full color? It has been a while ... :/
  3. Dreamphaser

    Scripting simple things

    I found it, Somehow i thought a script that would activate killing a monster needed to say 'kill' instead of void, I also now better understand the connection between in-editor references and script actions. Thank you Kan3, and as mentioned I am using UDB... it was the first thing i researched if there were any changes since i last used an editor. I hope to rely on more insights on scripting from you fellas as I'm having fun with it. I'm slowly going to create a kinda vanilla textured no addons classic doom level with the exception of the scripting. Slowly, precise, learning, discovering it all over again. Thanks again.
  4. Dreamphaser

    Scripting simple things

    I get 500 results looking for lower floor. I'm really having trouble finding out what exactly to look for... as in from line one from the script. I could really use some specifics.
  5. Dreamphaser

    Scripting simple things

    Yes Zdoom is accurate. And for now i need only 1 floor to lower when 1 revenant dies, but your description of set and you're done is to minimalistic for me. I can't figure out what exactly to put in the script itself. I found the spawning through a tutorial on youtube, and followed it, that worked fine, now i want to do something I cant find a tutorial for and I'm already stuck :)
  6. Dreamphaser

    Scripting simple things

    Hello, recently I put an old packup pc to good use and installed doom and ultimate doom builder on it since ages. I was always a very casual leveldesigner but now I wanted to explore scripting. For the record I have zero knowledge about scripting in general. I already managed to have monsters spawn succesfully when picking up items, and now I wish to to the following thing, but I can't find the how to: Have a floor lower (to nearest) when a monster (a certain revenant) dies. again, I'm a total noob in understanding the logic behind scripting, so any reason behind the answer might help my future endeavours. Thanks!
  7. Dreamphaser

    Doom Foretold

    Just finished this one today. It was a lot of fun. I'm into magic these days, although eternal's classic skin still made a good impression, i thought these had to be combined.
  8. Dreamphaser

    How do I open Sample Packs in FL Studio 12?

    U should go to options > file settings and look for browser extra search folders. When u have located where your samples are stored these will always load when u launch Fl studio located in the sidepanel on the left.
  9. Dreamphaser

    Doom redesigns v2

    Hey there Nathan92 That is some solid art man. I love your linework. The Pain Elemental intrigues me the most. I'm really interested to see how u would go from the quick color stab to a full render (that is if u are planning to do so). I think it's kinda cool that some of the monsters look like they're from an alternate less comic-style universe of doom. I wish u a lot of grit if u plan to finish all of the concepts, I can speak from experience that can be challenging. Keep at it.
  10. Dreamphaser

    Newbie need help with mapping

    I would say before trying to build what u have in mind, do some experiments. You can look it all up, but experience beats it all. Make a few rooms and do some testing, Test how tall a figure is, and how it feels ingame when u walk trough a narrow corridor, haw far things should be when running, compare textures, sizes and combinations. do the same for a number of roomsizes and while u are at it test brightnesslevels and perhaps even light effects. Make sure u got to all the limits u know, how low can u go, or any monster so that it would still feel right or look good. Just make all off those different rooms with different tests, make em distinguishable and run through the map ingame. take some notes if u have to about what u like, dislike, and what may bring ideas. U can ofcourse do all of that while making the idea that u already have, but its just a different approach to learning.
  11. Dreamphaser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Thanks Scifista42 That worked like a charm. I tried replacing the action now with a lower floor, worked as well. I understand the logic of what u are saying how it is functioning, but I have no clue how to create this logic on my own using a blank scriptpage. Guess I'll have to look up every symbol and every word before i can.
  12. Dreamphaser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Question: Is it possible to have something trigger when a batch of monsters die? For example 4 imps have to die before a revenant spawns. If possible, How? I know nothing of scripting, really nothing at all.
  13. Dreamphaser

    Design principles when mapping

    Usually I start mapping when I have an idea, I rarely just start drawing rooms. So I believe in a good Plan when making a SP experience. - Use a theme. This could be anything really. ex: Pit of imps. (not meaning one would leave out all other monsters) just a way of showing what's the center point of attention. It will show in your leveldesign and the map will be more memorable when u do. ex: Triangle. Again don't exclude other shapes but put a focus on the theme. ex: Brown-Green. (see below) etc. etc. - Always be aware of how many textures should be in one room. When a map starts out totally cluttered with textures I simply end up not playing it. Why would u want to be in a visually displeasing environment for the next half hour or more. So I tend to be selective in my overall use of textures. I'm not setting a limit but it's an interesting way to work to try making your map more memorable. If it's a campaign I'm making, that will definitely help setting different atmospheres. - Good use of contrast in both the looks of your maps as well as the gameplay. Have bright and dark area's and have empty and crowded places. - Try and do your best to put surprises in it.Use linear gameplay and then don't.
  14. Dreamphaser

    How do I make a clean door into a dirty door?

    Found it: https://krita.org/en/features/highlights/ Haven't tried it yet, but saw its features and i think it could rock. "Krita is a FREE and open source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry..." - edit: just read that it now is psd compatible. that's really big. it wasn't a while ago.
  15. Dreamphaser

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    That really helped me out alot Thanks guys ! So happy this community is still so vibrant.