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  1. scaled

    Chocolate Doom

    Thanks for keeping the party going Fraggle. Chocolate doesn't have the flash that zdoom and other ports might have, but it really is good to see how everything ran without all of the cruft getting in the way.
  2. Viewing the wad text bits gives me mission bits and a few of Blackbird's dialog, but nothing for talking to Rowan, Harris, and such. At least when I attempted to open these things in SLADE all I got was hex and I... don't know what to do with that. Is this even a thing that can be done? I'm guessing so since Kaiser and Quasar did. EDIT: Friend i nIM pointed out I could export the script bits from slade and view in notepad. it's a little wonky looking, but readable.
  3. Alright. I apologize for possible tone issues especially since I'm not smart on coding or compiling. Kaiser, quasar, and any others involved worked really hard and I don't want anyone to feel like I'm attacking. I'm just... Stuck... That said: on the Linux side of things why is there no makefile? Either I'm back assward retarded or I can't get the code::block ide to install in debian and thought 'gee, just make/install. That worked for me in the past when i had to compile things. Except not now. On windows. Why depend on Microsoft's ide? Was there some feature set it provided? Lastly, and again this is because I am kinda code dense and generally just follow a walkthrough, I'm kinda derp on how your instructions go, so there's maybe something I'm not doing right. Could someone give a ELI5 walkthrough on compiling a standalone client for non-ubuntu Linux systems? For the record I have Ubuntu on my laptop, but at this stage I don't want to be limited to one branch of Linux and since I can get other doom engines on Debian or the like, I'd like to take the enhanced strife port with me OS hopping.
  4. scaled

    Strife Plot Questions

    Figured the bits about the spaceship would be in SVE Wad (By the way, kudos for leaving the original strife1.wad and voices.wad files untouched.) I just can't get anything to read the things that the text bits are stowed in, which is annoying because i know it's obviously possible. Maybe I'm just derping on something. Ah well I'll figure it out. Figured it out. Interesting tidbits buried in there. The thing i'm curious on is if the Entity and its spawn came from this world are they natural or did we make them? Or were they there first and humans were the invading colonists? There's a thought. We show up to colonize a world. The local starfish aliens don't like it much. War happens. They get ejected into space because Reasons (maybe the intent was to dump them on another world and it didn't work out?) Colonists are so smashed they basically go with a medieval lifestyle and eventually forget about the war. Then the 'comet' hits. I'm seriously thinking the events of Strife are in the same generation as the initial impact. At the soonest I'd say ten years (since one of the ending shots shows children) and at latest several decades. However most telling, to me, is that even with the advanced technology there's still the same kind of wood and stone buildings, just with random electronics embedded in them, so that's either cultural inertia on building design, the fact they didn't know how to build different (which I call complete bunk on if they're able to do computers, cybernetic implants, and make very modern weaponry,) or the order was just trying to make the existing buildings work for them.
  5. scaled

    Strife Plot Questions

    I'd asked elsethread how to do that since all SLADE did was give me hex values and i have no idea. XWE keeps hanging on trying to open stuff. Total Commander? As in just a plain old file explorer?
  6. scaled

    Compiling Strife VE Questions

    Hey how well does this work as opposed to the official source? I have no idea what i'm doing, hence asking instead of compiling.
  7. scaled

    So why aren't you mapping?

    For me it's a combination of 'I theoretically have the time, but constantly get interrupted' combined with a heavy dose of 'why the hell bother? Everything else i've tired has generally been ignored so it's going to be an uphill slog to get past the 'everything is utter crap' phase.'
  8. scaled

    Can there be a Strife sequel now?

    I am similarly disappointed. I also have tired, but since I have no idea what I'm doing and trying to learn has felt like me trying to shove my head through a brick wall it's gone rather poorly.
  9. scaled

    Strife Plot Questions

    Re: The Sigil Bits Make You Insane. Maybe Strifeguy is insane to a degree and the Sigil just amped up his blood-knight tendencies to the point of going after bigger and more threatening targets? Re: Blackbird as Entity in 'Meh' path, but still narrating the ending. While It likely is an artifact of things changing during development it is what we have. Best idea I can think of is the Entity either used her voice as a last minute freakout, or the entity /ate/ her to act as a host, and then she was freed when it was killed. There is no real evidence of that in game which is a real shame since that'd make for a hell of a boss fight if done well, but if you're trying to reconcile the two paths... maybe? Re: Beta Dialog Is there a full script from the game, including bits from the beta and the Forgemaster/Timothy from Veteran Edition posted anywhere? I've seen references to the beta before but never the actual material. Re: Sigil not being unified Sooner. The 'Virus', be it nanomachines, parasitic creature that networks people to the Entity, or whatever seems to amp up people's more selfish and or violent tendencies. While the Order has/is an army that steamrolled opposition, I get the feeling that it's highly fragmented, with each head (Loremaster ,Oracle, Bishop, and Programmer) basically keeping their own fiefdoms and rarely interacting. There's a unified 'religion' and all the minions basically are loyal... if needlessly sadistic, but each leader has their own goals, but can't really act because everything is more or less in stalemate/mexican standoff where one person moves everyone then moves to shoot them out of the sky. The reason The Front won was because Strifeguy basically blitzed his way through before the slow unwieldy armies of generally stupid mooks could properly mobilize. Why he could do that when nobody else could I dunno. I like this game for the potential the world has for storytelling. That and I like 2.5d games. This one just happens to give story and just enough fluff potential. It stumbles here and there (what with the stealth more or less failing constantly, false choices that generally are 'do you want to die?', and I really, REALLY hate the bullshit that is the factory and proving grounds in terms of mazelike layout.) However it holds up remarkably well. Do kinda wish someone would do a 'smooth strife' mod to double the frames each enemy gets. We already have unit variations purely because we can with the acolytes. Anyway. I've actually tried my hand at novelization too, and only really got to the Programmer before my interest just wandered off. A lot of 'It almost feels right, but it feels like i'm totally fucking up the action bits.' I wish the thread starter luck, assuming he's still working on this. If not, hey I might want to pick back up and try seeing what i can do.
  10. scaled

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Hey has anyone gotten the source to compile? Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing and want an idiot's guide.
  11. Not just Nintendo, but apple, commodore, and a few others I think. That processor was everywhere.
  12. The title should be self explanatory. If you were told to rework any of the levels and you would get whatever help needed to make it happen within current engine constraints/remains Chocolate compatible what would you do? Me? Turn a lot of the green doorframes into yellow ones. While the officer's uniform is easy to find it is something that can be missed. Plus the green frames should be used sparingly. Plus it would be nice to see the yellow frames show up before you have a way to make them irrelevant so they're a known obstacle and only introduce green frames once a way around the yellow ones has theoretically been found. Example: the prison. As of right now Montag's pass is basically useless. I could see the alarms going off when you go down the elevator, but right as you go in? While you can get around montage raising the alarm it's something players might not realize they can do at first, so reward a little bit of forethought by allowing a chance at exploration. Plus those spider bots don't care about alarm state anyway, which translates to 'do I sacrifice health and dagger punch to remain sneaky, or do I go in guns blazing?' The power plant actually does this well. Going in the main way allows a little exploration before alarms go off, but if you poke around a little you can get much farther til an alarm is triggered. Another thing I would want to do is reexamine level design to try making the latter levels less mazelike. There are interesting design choices and some enemy placement bits make it look like they do something other than stand around waiting to kill passers by, but then you have the factory levels where it's a confusing mess, and dear bloody god the Proving grounds. Just.... The proving grounds. I originally almost gave up because of that level. The sewers actually were pretty straightforward to me, ditto for the catacombs. Both of those areas it made sense to be a little maze-ish and neither felt too bad. The oracle's temple was... Meh. It looked interesting, and going through the front door leads you through a few switch puzzles, but it's OKish. I mean I never got a 'temple' vibe other than the front door and the inner sanctum. Then again the back way in cuts out a ton of travel time which is further reduced by the teleporter. I like the liberal inclusion of teleporters to eliminate a lot of the back tracking. That's a design element that I love about this game. Will agree with Ross in that I wish the borderlands had more to them rather than the tower lined pathway between Tarnhil and the oracle's complex. Would have been nice to have a 'post assault town' map that had a rebuilt town hall, a new governor, andaybe some side quests, but eh. Lastly I never got a feel that destroying the power crystal did anything. Would have been nice either to see some new areas open up, or during the assault see what could have been turrets or larger machines simply sitting there. I would say the same about killing the programmer since supposedly he handled the acolyte's AI, but later in the game points to that just being an excuse to kill him for his sigil piece.
  13. scaled

    How would you redo Strife's levels?

    You're trolling right? Sure the prison teleporter is kinda wtf. However the castle/oracle complex teleporter is nice, and the teleporter to completely skip the oracle complex other than the audience chamber is flipping sweet. Anyway anyone feel like doing basic changes to maps to see if simple things like changing out a few of the green security strips would be game breaking? If that works could poke around to see what streamlining could be done without drastic edits. After all sometimes just texture cues to help you orient can make a huge difference.
  14. scaled

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    I'll grant you that, but a few extra comic-stills wouldn't be a bad this along with art to be used by mappers for different characters. Even with that you're right. The mapping is a mess, especially after the town/castle hub stops being the prime focus. The Commons is good, and I like the Bailey. However : The security complex in the baily is a mess. Every factory level (conversion chapel, forge, and such,) especially the proving grounds, just plain makes no sense. The borderlands really should have been bigger, a level unto itself to represent a trek. Something with secrets, side areas, and so on. More separation between the oracle's temple bishop's territory, and the Commons would have been nice. Give a sense of space and of each being distinct territory.
  15. I had tried using the email link on vavoom's own site with no success. So I'm putting this out here. We have the source for the new commercial iteration of strife. How hard would it be to use that to get Vavoom to read the new wad and assets that wad has (new Things and linedefs.)
  16. scaled

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    I remember doomsday having some kind of enhanced texture project. Moreover Vavoom has high resolution textures. I still say we should at least try raising the money for a professional redraw of everything rather than throw hands up and say it can't be ddone. In the meantime how do I get vavoom's stuff to work?
  17. scaled

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    No, but having a number to shoot for means maybe the rest of us can chip in. I'd like to think I'm serious here. This is something we should at least attempt. It's just going to take everyone to come close to enough. Edit: I mean the question has been asked earlier in thread. I don't know if we can pool that much, but it's now a known. Unless you're being off the cuff, which I doubt since redrawing everything plus potentially new assets and map conversions plus securing rights to distribute a couple maps that already exist isn't cheap. That isn't even going into the idea of a bounty to try getting the community to do stuff since right now there's like... Five strife maps and only one of them right now might work as is since it's simply limit removed. I have my doubts, especially since I'm not sure how much enthusiasm anyone else has. It's just one of those late night/insomniatic ideas I went 'what the hell, ask' on.
  18. scaled

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Cross post from the steam forums. Figure less of a faux pas to post the full text here rather than a link and summary. I dunno how good the idea is, but it is an idea so might as well share. The wiki, or maybe one of the posts I'd read, mentioned the initial idea being to redo the in game assets with slightly higher quality but time and funding not existing. How much would that cost? Just as a ballpark estimate how much would redoing the in game assets be? Additionally how hard would it be for an artist to match the game's art style? I ask since it felt like the guy at the forge giving infodump deserved a slideshow set of images to show things off much like macil going on about the Programmer. How much would it cost to do a few slides of art and record a couple lines that match in game audio quality? Is there a chance we could chip in and make these things happen? I figure if nothing else having maybe some added assets to play with would be kinda nice. Kickstarter probably wouldn't be the best idea depending on how you handled rewards but I figure why not list a couple 'if more money than needed came in' goals. Maps: Convert 'Day of the Acolyte' and 'Return of the Order' to run on this engine. A map somehow tying the two together would be nice but simply having Kaiser's already existing material playable would be nice. I don't know if it would e as relatively straightforward as changing some linedefs and making sure it's formatted correctly, or if map size/complexity would prevent this from being easy to do. It's just two very well done maps already exist. Make a bounty to see if any other mappers could be scared up to make a sort of third episode/map pack? At the very least try getting 'raiding the dam' and 'absolute order' would be great, and they're both from the same gut. Again. It would be nice if somehow all of these maps could be tied together and interconnected, but considering they weren't designed to I dunno. More Death match/Capture the Chalice maps? More of those are always nice. Assets: Make a few extra portrays images for future mappers to have. Examples being a couple female front troopers (hey they're dead already if caught. Sure they can't just blend in a crowd, but I expect more than a few women would want to fight given the chance,) Timothy and the Forge guy, a random/generic 'mutant' other than Waren, and or an image for the item shop guy/armorer (to go with Quincy's image that goes with the medic's sprite.) Rewards: No idea what could be offered per reward teirs if y went with a kick starter alike 'donate x get y but donate z and get something else.' On the one hand getting beta/early access for, say, $25 seems OK if enough people chip in, but what if someone chipped in for $5, or $15? Sure there's the 'thank you and we are grateful' $1 amount, but we don't want to have huge chunks of the reward money going into swag. Then again having some cheapies with the strife logo on them (or front/Order logos such as coffee mugs, mice pads, or the like...) T-shirt Idea: Breast pocket styalized Sigil logo. Back of shirt image being a high red of the quit screen, Above image: 'Fight for the Front and Freedom' Below Image: Move Out! Alt image idea, since I'm pretty sure having something with more than a couple colors costs a lot, is a black edge stencil of Macil's face. I like the idea of logo coffee mugs/Mice Pads/etc better. Easier and cheaper to do single color logos for Front and Order. Again, I dunno though. I'm not sure how much just getting the work done would cost and I don't want too much taken out of any sort of crowd funding, which is going to be limited, for swag. I'm kinda sleep deprived because dogs howling at things. Sorry if the idea's unworkable, but I figure share before I forget to ask.
  19. I don't consider this a question for editing, because it's not intended for map/was making. However feel free to move. I've looked through doom wiki and found monster stats, ammo pickup amounts, how armor works, and item costs in the different shops. However it does not list the damage formulas ZdoomWiki sorta does, though the damage values are buried and seemingly never in the same place. Working on something where knowing these values would be nice even if I end up axing them since it gives me a relative 'how strong each weapon is.' Additionally this project would be helped by knowing how fast each object is. Player run vs walk speeds, acolyte speeds, inquisitor fly height, and so on. Are these values somewhere obvious and I just overlooked them?
  20. Yea OK and the actual values I'm after are pretty buried. Plus several of the weapons the initial projectile only does one tick of damage and relies on explosion. Then there's flamethrower and incendiary grenade. How how does it give its damage? Then there's the Mauler's shotgun effect. How many pellets? Haven't even looked at the sigil yet because too many hopes in conventional weapons. Do appreciate the help guys.
  21. There are three different looks the thing has: the brown thing you hold, the cutscene thing that looks like a vine ring with prongs duct taped to it, and the cover thing that looks like a styalized flame that's hard as hell looking to hold. If someone were to model it in 3d, or make it for a display outfit, which would you go by.
  22. That has to be the most unhelpfully helpful thing that could be suggested. By dumping the proverbial encyclopedia in my lap I take it nobody's really bothered before now. Ah well.
  23. scaled

    [Strife] What does the Sigil look like?

    You also have the title screen off the Veteran Edition port, which is based off the box art. Then you have the in game cutscene rendition. Each looks different.
  24. scaled

    How would you redo Strife's levels?

    Hence the idea of having severe of the green doors swapped out for yellow. I do like the idea of a few robots in areas to force players to try picking between stealth and guns. However... Is a patrol route doable in vanilla? Then again spiders and floaters aren't that hard to kill by knife unless it's a bunch of them piled together. I find it annoying the yellow door you can use the officer's uniform to spoof is behind a green door you're screwed if you enter. Before then is a bunch of robots that unless you knife or just tank you have an alarm anyway. Again i 'm fine with the tincan aggression so long as I can reasonably either avoid or risk melee to kill. Would be amusing to see instances of them attacking other non-acolytes, even if that means seeing random peasent death.
  25. scaled

    How would you redo Strife's levels?

    Eeeh, more 'how can we redo strife while staying within Chocolate's limits.' Except since my own mapping skills are rudimentary it seems unfair to go to the community with 'hey! Do this thing!'