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  1. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    I'm not sure what error you mean... but this game is going to change so just wait for the update
  2. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    Good pointers... however, I'm informing you that I will be using real photos for the enemies and props / corpses... it is the best way to display this even if it seems tasteless, which I am not purposely doing or mean disrespect. It's not an exploit.. it's no different than watching a segment on history channel or a research clip. Only difference is it's in a game.The victims can not be harmed they just appear and disappear at times when you move through the maps. Like a scare. I am being careful at what I use in this, I'm not going to use extremely grotesque photos or anything like that. If you do not want to end up playing it for that reason I understand. The enemies will have a few animations like with weapon attacks but not an extensive amount of animation that is not necessary and would look awkward. The story is changed. Now it just simply about a man traversing through the catacombs in China where the murders took place... seeking an artifact guarded by the spirits of the unit 731. once he collects it is when the shit happens.. Each and every map is being redone from scratch... with standard doom maps used for inspirations and recreations. standard doom II weapon skins will be used too. most of the useless functions like human shield and suicides will be removed too... more ideas along the way. Will post a couple pics soon
  3. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    I agree. It's a learning experience. And I'm not giving up. I've got the drive, just have to apply more creativity into the maps and objects. Be back soon with more progress...
  4. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    I will. Thanks
  5. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    Will do
  6. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    when did I say that I would? also a handful of people hating something doesnt make it ugly either. however, some people's points are similar so some changes need to be applied.
  7. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    Oh. my bad man. sorry
  8. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    it hardly has been
  9. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    @ Dave the daring- I disagree, but if i find something of higher quality then I'll work work with it
  10. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    Well every being in the game is a spirit so they are meant to be see-through if that's what you mean. Also, I replaced the monsters Because they would not apply to the content. I would. especially with some of my coding added... that's why I'll be reviewing doom maps for ideas for awhile. When you are inspired by something you want to create just that.
  11. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    Exactly what I've been trying to say this whole time... since this whole thing started. thank you
  12. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    I see. Thank you. I am taking a look at some doom maps for ideas to better place the environments and items.
  13. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    that is not everything... in fact there's a lot in the game that doesn't need changed... like blood and gibs, some props, coloring underwater, water points, mines, grenades, so on... what i'll take from this is my maps need mostly re done... upgrades need modified, boss map needs to be more exciting and more difficult, executions and human shields are out props need modified and sounds, possible different weapon choice and more from earlier in the thread
  14. Ghosts of Pingfang in progress

    the second post was partially constructive and I'm working with that. the stuff that I don't give a shit about is the negativity.... i only care about it to the point to advance the game.