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  1. What about this?
    Added a new map map06.
    Difficult to unbalanced.
    I use freedoom so there may be missing textures, please report them so I can include them from freedoom.

    EDIT: Added a plenty of medikits and stimpacks.
    EDIT: Made a Mediafire link and decorated the boss arena a bit.

  2. Sorry for the ugliness of the boss and that no light variations.

    The level is like a shooting gallery because it is map 1 (Do you like a map with Cyberdemon and a Spider Mastermind in map 1?)

    The sunken switches in this map is made using SetLineSpecial. So when the switch is resunken, the special is removed by the sinking script.

    Anyway thanks for the feedback, I'll try to improve. I'll decrease the health of the boss a little. And try to add some light variations.

  3. Gez said:

    I think it'd only be possible with some heavy scripting. Randomize enough stuff (what passages are open, where weapons are found, places of monster ambush) that someone who played the map once and doesn't know about the random nature will go "haha, I remember there's a supershotgun in the next room so I should dodge the arachnotrons for now, grab the weapon, and come back to hunt them down with something better than a peashooter" and instead of a weapon he finds a cyberdemon.

    Things like that.

    Even then, on the third playthrough, he'd know about the randomness and wouldn't be much at a disadvantage compared to playing blind. After enough playthroughs, he'd know the map enough to gain some advantage again. Like "in that room I'll find either a rocket launcher or a trio of cacodemon, but if I go through this corridor first I'm guaranteed to find a few shotgun guys or chaingun guys so I'll have a weapon to handle the cacos if they show up".

    Randomness is a very very good idea. Are there any maps till now designed that way?

  4. Sorry, Sir Enri was really easy when you have enough ammo (like if you played continously from map01).

    @Obsidian: This is my try to balance Azazel in your map.
    Added a SSG, I found Azazel's selfhealing ability makes ordinary shotgun nearly useless. So a SSG should balance the battle. The alternative is to remove the selfhealing ability from DECORATE.

    To play, you must delete map01 from the original package, and play this wad along with the resulting package.

    Contains a lifebar inspired by that of DTS-T.

  5. @Obsidian: Azazel's difficulty for me is because of its self healing ability. I have added a boss lifebar for endocrine, and found that it self-heals when it throws its landflames. To balance the fight (according to my point of view), either put more rocket supplies, or remove self healing ability. I prefer the second solution to preserve the boss battle duration.

    @others: Yeah, boss level design is a common source of unbalance. I think I can defeat the Archon only if the arena was wider (like the pyrolord arena for example), and the ammo supply was slightly greater. Also the Demolisher will be beatable if there were no monsters spawning by time.
    For Sir Enri and Major Raynor, I think that their very high health is the problem. Note: I didn't play DTS, only played the boss levels. So I played Sir Enri's level from pistol start.

  6. I recently played demon eclipse, endocrine of Obsidian, bossed and other (g)zdoom wads with bosses, and I noticed that many of those bosses was very hard to me. Is it my noobness or those bosses are really unbalanced? And what are the keys for designing good balanced boss battles?

    Hard bosses I couldn't defeat:
    Archon of hell in bossed map02
    Azazel in endocrine
    Hellsmith in demon eclipse map12
    Sir Enri in DTS
    Major Rayner in DTS

    The boss I could defeat only by savespamming:
    Demolisher in bossed map04 (due to helper chaingun arachnos appearing with time)

  7. Sorry for making this vision a new thread, I thought that the original thread is dead, also this is a new vision for interception II, based on the first vision on the older thread, when it was planned to be a Partial Conversion.

    For who ask whether this stuff works in vanilla or no, this is tested on chocolate-doom using -merge parameter instead of -file, because it contains new graphics (to work on vanilla, I think manual merging with original doom sprites is needed).

    Anyway, I have re-posted this in the interception II thread.

  8. I've posted before a flying saucer for use in
    interception 2.
    Now I have expanded this a little, I've made
    the DeHackEd for an "alien electrifier", the
    replacement for Former Human. The graphic
    is a placeholder although it is model based
    (If the model is acceptable, I want a skin for
    it to make the graphic). This is a melee
    attacker, but with a fast weapon (like a slow
    The DeHackEd also replaces the Icon
    Thrower with a BFG Spitter.
    The link (now I use FileSmelt)
    Tested with chocolate-doom, use -merge instead of -file.

    Sorry for using intercep2 as a name
    I wish that interception II will also replace
    the pistol and shotgun with another alien
    weapons (e.g. Shotgun will become Pulsator,
    a weapon charged by crystals, fires pulses of
    light). Also no puff (no bullet weapons, all
    are electric and photo weapons). Also
    teleport fog must change.