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  1. Sorry I have been so long in delivering this. I was laid off from Backflip Studios/Hasbro and had to scramble to sell my home, renovate an old house in Ohio and then move. We are still in the middle of trying to renovate the house but I did manage to find time in my portable studio to get this completed. It ended up being some of my best work...lots of frustration and anger to pour into it I guess. I really appreciate the concern and I apologize for not updating sooner.
  2. The album is really shaping up. Another 2 weeks or so should make it happen. 3 more bonus tracks to wrap up and one of the remixes. Also need to get it mixed and mastered but I am beginning to see the end of the tunnel:) In the meanwhile, I just released a really unique album with my son John. It's Beethoven Quartets in all their glory...but John and I approached this as if 4 sentient robots discovered earth music and played it using their internal synthesis chips. Take a listen and hopefully it'll hold ya until I get the Doom 64 project completed. -Aubrey
  3. Hehe, it really isn't making the best use of my time. I can make more writing a single track commercially than the entire album sales will be. It is a labor of love as these old games meant a great deal to me. And, they are fun to do. But I really do appreciate the folks who buy the albums very much as it restores some measure of faith that not everyone just illegally downloads or streams their music these days. I think pretty much every dollar that has come in from these old soundtracks has just gone right back into keeping my studio running. Lots of my older gear has finally broken down and I have had to get it all serviced. My old Mackie Hr824 Mk 1's lasted an impressive 19 years in service though before the amps died!
  4. I'll most likely start the Final Doom special edition right after this one releases. The prep work takes a few weeks, then the tracking, mixing, mastering and everything else takes between 1-4 months. I compose pretty much daily for Backflip Studios/Hasbro as well as several hours of practice on all of the instruments I play, which is quite a few. Then I relax for a bit and get some fresh air and spend time with my family an so on. Then I jump right back into the studio and get to work on these side projects. I am working on 3 other side albums too, Journey into the Cosmos, The Shadow of Yserbius Soundtrack and a series of synth based classical quartets which will ship very soon as well. Beethoven will be first, then I will move on to Holst, Bach, Grieg, Mozart and a few other favorites of mine. I hate spreading myself thin but sometime the creative drive is just too strong to ignore. I started the classical project to make better use of my practice time. Figured I might as well press record while I play through the pieces. Anyway, I hope that gives you a little more insight as to why these projects get a little delayed at times.
  5. I would never do something like that. This is 100% real.
  6. Ok. Back into the studio I go. Gotta get this all wrapped up!
  7. I used very complicated techniques in my sampler within Logic as well as a ton of custom reverb presets and other plugins to emulate how the PlayStation sound engine functioned. While I could output the raw midi and raw samples, it would not even sound remotely close to the final tracks.
  8. We didn't do an ending voice-over on the N64 due to size restrictions so I don't have any idea what the script would be. I think you'll like what I have done for the Finale though, despite the lack of the voice-over;)
  9. Hey Doom fans! I will be releasing an all new version of the Doom 64 Soundtrack…the Doom 64 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack! This special edition of the Doom 64 Soundtrack will have the following unique features: 8 completely new bonus tracks (one of which has been created using only original in-game sound effects!) New version of the Doom Main Theme New version of the Finale Theme New version of the Stats Screen music All of these ambient pieces have been crafted with the same techniques and artistry that were used to bring the original to life. I hope to release within the next few weeks.
  10. I've been getting requests for these for years and years now. The Playstation Doom Arch Vile sounds... Use the link to go get the Arch Vile sounds...finally. Thanks for your patience too. As I am working on tons of projects currently and had to squeeze this in whenever I had free time. -Aubrey
  11. The Arch Vile sounds... Use the link to go get the Arch Vile sounds...finally. Thanks for your patience too. As I am working on tons of projects currently and had to squeeze this in whenever I had free time. -Aubrey
  12. I am happy to announce the release of Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition! Over 5 1/2 hours of music 8 all new bonus tracks, each over 10 minutes long! New version of the Doom Main Theme New version of the Doom Finale All level tracks are now over 10 minutes each! Enjoy! -Aubrey
  13. Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition will release later today! I will post a link once the tracks complete uploading. The total album is 5 1/2 hours long! 8 Bonus tracks, all level tracks are now over 10 mins each and contain new sounds/instruments. The bonus tracks are dark and pretty out there but I think this crowd can handle that. I need some rest now...and possibly therapy after delving so deep into the dark side again! -Aubrey
  14. Update: I have about 9 more tracks to complete. Things have gone smoothly so far. I am on the re-arrangements of the level songs now. I think its turning out quite cool and the new tracks have the same sort of feeling and mood of the original game. I am using low fidelity samples and the same approach that was used on the original compositions. I am adding a few new samples to some of the older tracks to give them variety over such long song lengths. I wish I could have completed this sooner but I had to take a break and make sure to spend time with my family over the Christmas break. I think I may be able to get this done within the next couple of weeks. My next Update should be to announce the release. final detail. I found the original Arch Vile recording I made in the studio. It is unedited and isn't processed. I forget exactly why it wasn't completed but I plan to go ahead and complete the sounds for him. They will be in 4 categories: Idle, Pain, Attack, and Death. Regards, -Aubrey
  15. Thank you all so much for the comments about my score for Doom Playstation and other works. I am so grateful for such amazing fans who have kept these games alive for so long. I have begun working on a very special version of the Doom Playstation Soundtrack to commemorate it's 20th Anniversary. --This new version will feature a brand new version of the Main Theme & Finale (with and without voiceover), --all new extended versions of every level track to a minimum of 10min length on every one. These new levels will also contain new instruments and weird sounds that I always thought would be amazing in them but didn't have room in memory to include. --Lastly, I will do another 5 tracks from scratch that are in the same genre so folks doing mods will have a few new ones to include. I am hoping to be able to get this completed within the next few weeks. Key word is "hoping" as this is a busy time of year with the family. In the meanwhile I have just released a huge soundtrack of one of my most celebrated titles: Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness. Hopefully that will keep you busy until I get this completed;) Here's a link to that release: