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Status Updates posted by CorSair

  1. Grain's been harvested about week ago, rye's set in, and the potatoes are now stored, now it's just about to plow, which can be done any time.

    And maybe start doing more Doom related. :P

  2. So, previous year, rocket blow prematurely on my face, burning eyebrows a bit, made right ear ring for time and jacket was smoldering for moment. But otherwise, I was fine.

    So this year, one fireworks pot decided knock over and shot some of its load to nearby house. No damages, luckily. Okay, maybe some black marks on wall.

    So, that's how (un)eventful new year I had. So... Happy New Year, folks? 0:05 on my clock, deal with it.

    1. Hellbent


      -5:24 on my clock, so I can't report on the ringing in of the new year just yet....