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  1. CorSair

    I made a huge mistake today

    Looks like Mr. Trump is about few votes away from 270, if the newspapers are to believe. Y'know, I should've seen this miles away when the first (s)hitpieces about Trump started coming and then people kept lambasting on him. Being ever "charismatic" and combined with unapologetic attitude, being outsider (or that's what I see him as) to politics, and combined with all that media shitshow, it would seem to be his key to victory. This is probably the only thing worth about having Trump to win presidency. It's like people can't comprehend why someone so different should win presidency, yet they can't keep their cool, instead they impotently rage at social media. In hindsight, they probably gave the opportunity for Trump to rise to high position. .:edit:. Welp. If the local newspaper is to believed, Trump has already sealed the presidency for himself. Prepare for the Worst. Hope for the Best.
  2. Newsflash; my shitty laptop decided to fry out, been about over week and half without it. Thankfully, whatever was in the HD is still workable. However, I don't think I can make it to deadline...
  3. Yeah, it's fine. And I can swap places if needed, as long it is after map20.
  4. I probably take any map slot after map20 with x10 monster count as a limit.
  5. CorSair

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    It does seem to be way too high sum to be paid, and if Gawker seeks appeal, it might lower the sum by some extent, but I'm not sure if they try that, since their income is about 1/10th of their income past four years. I don't really know or care much about Hogan himself, but he seems to be iconic character. If you have certain reputation, you want to keep it as is, and hope that some paparazzi won't start prying on your private life. (Didn't Hulk got some flak due this sex tape incident?) Perhaps it may seem to be unfortunate thing, but would you really employ people who are causing real harm intentionally? We're talking about Gawker here. Scare press... How? By not putting out hearsay that blow back on your face, and especially, for the company you work? Or not putting libelous shit to discredit someone or something you personally don't like? If this video would've been about fraud done in private room or area, then I would've played different tune. But it was about someone's private (sex) life, put out in the public, with no consent of the ones who were caught in tape. Doesn't that seem different, in principle? Learn the difference between rag and paper.
  6. CorSair

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    And nothing of value was lost. Is there any public recordings of that trial? I wonder how scummy they can go with their shit on court...
  7. CorSair

    MAYHEM1500: The Finishing

    Did a quick test, it's okay on my book as far as I am concerned. Let's just get this out quick before May is on us again.
  8. CorSair

    Florida is at it again....

    Giving a loaded firearm for four-year old kid? What could possibly wrong? Basic mandatory military training would be one reason, and they really love to punish you for any kind of mistreatment while using firearms. Pointing a (loaded) weapon anywhere else than target practice? Extra jog in nearby forest with your squad and probably pretrial investigation. Weapon starting to rust or having any kinds of defects because of negligent maintenance? Pretrial investigation. You left your weapon lying around or you lost it? You bet it's gonna be pretrial investigation (and jail time if it's been passed to criminals.) And the second reason, in civil, you need to fill ton of papers and do some tests, along having a criminal-free background, for purchasing a gun. Losing your gun to government is easy though. Poaching, violent behavior, problems with alcohol/drugs or illegal threats with a gun as an example, does that. There are very few times I've heard when self-defense with a gun were justified. That said, if someone wants to own a gun, you really should take some lessons about the firearms in general, even when you know how they work or how you should use them in theory. It doesn't hurt to listen expert on the matter. Keep in mind, it doesn't stop retards misusing guns and not doing mistakes like pointing gun where they shouldn't, loaded or unloaded. Or not keeping your trigger discipline. And criminals do as they please, they have their ways to obtain or make guns. Not just in certain part of world, but anywhere in the world.
  9. CorSair

    MAYHEM1500: The Finishing

    Got little too busy this week and only managed to do some minimal monster placement, so you may try to some tweaking. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sus72rv7zsp4ex/tech_1-267_rc2.wad?dl=1
  10. CorSair

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    Arctangent, if you were meant to rustle some jimmies, well done, but people are getting sick of shitty generalizations of all sorts of isms where none is needed. But if you really insist on calling (or attempting to call) someone sexist, please, fuck off to Tumblr. As if there's not enough antagonizing of people who are more cynical about Hollywood. @Scuba Steve I remember there was Ghostbusters cartoon. Can you tell anything about that and would you recommend it?
  11. CorSair

    Young Conker

    When I compared the old Conker to younger, younger one looks like some sort drug addict.
  12. CorSair

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    Greed would be my answer, since it would ride on the coattails of nostalgia, and it is quite easy to desecrate re-implement the plot with new cast and lore, all you gotta do is to "modernize" it. But that's just another retarded theory of mine. Every passing day I wish that internet would be cut off from these twats. Or give a nuclear bomb treatment to social media. Preferably, both.
  13. CorSair

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    If we want to go for more point&click games: But I don't recommend the second one.
  14. CorSair

    Gaming: Did you fall behind?

    A game made by Ice-Pick Lodge. Haven't played it, but played their other game, The Void. Probably goes to my ever-growing list of games that should be played, if their quality is to be trusted. And there are games that can give you film school degrees.
  15. CorSair

    Young Conker

    I have only superficial knowledge of Conker, but please tell me I ain't the only one who feels like someone just desecrated something you always held in high value or always liked.
  16. CorSair

    MAYHEM1500: The Finishing

    @Marcaek Is this related to multiplayer or single player only, or both? I've been waiting comments & critique for multiplayer portion mostly. .:edit:. Forgot one thing, if you have more things to complain or suggest about, post them away, I might do those fixes in next week.
  17. CorSair

    Piracy poll trifecta complete.

    Already made post about it, and most of the points still stand. And about region locking or banning. Year ago, I remember Hotline Miami 2 was banned from Australia but apparently, developers said it was okay to pirate it in there. Dunno how much they lost sales from that, but the attitude... They got my respect for that. Question: What if the CD/DVD has only download manager for your game and you don't have internet? It's now become more or less of playing safe and sound, tried and true, and investors care about steady cash flow, instead trying to gamble with something new. But that's just my theory.
  18. CorSair

    How do you feel about bullshit DRM?

    This is more all-about rant, so in tl;dr: Fuck DRM, fight against that shit. ----------- About five years ago, I would've abhorred the thought of piracy, because mostly I kept the thought "if it looks fun for me, I'll buy it" and usually check out if there's demo out there. But today? It's more complicated issue, and now, I am actually leaning towards about advocating piracy for several reasons. First is the preservation. If there's a game you bought several years ago, want to play it today but it doesn't work because the CD/DVD is broken, or the server is shut down, there's chance that someone made a copy of it. And then there's abandonware thing, but that's another thing altogether. Do know that sometimes even old games can be pulled out (and possibly never re-instated for purchase), whatever reason that might be. Second thing is that you can try out the game to see if it's worth the amount it says on the tin. This does lead to the slippery slope thought of "if I can pirate this, then I can pirate this too." But if you want minimal or zero piracy, make a good demo that captivates audience. Third, and probably major reason why I started supporting piracy, is the DRM of any kind. The first instance of DRM I only experienced (I've probably told this already) was the Civ 5 DVD I got as a gift. I had internet open when I installed, but what I didn't expect was that it was going to download 5 gigs worth of files from the internet with really shitty connection to the boot that could interrupt any time (it can still do that from time to time, although connection became much better.) Suffice to say, I was enraged from that. And what I do not like is that you need a fucking internet connection for a fucking single player game. "But hold on, you can in Steam play with offline mode!" You are missing the point entirely. Multiplayer-only games are okay with that (duh), but tell me point about that in a single player game. For high score? Achievements? Those are optional. I wanna hear good defense for that. And don't start me with the crap "It's for making investors secure!" Really. What you do to me, is that I am not gonna pay for a single player game at all, instead, I'll get it from the internet, without giving a dime for you, Mr. Publisher. (Devs ain't at fault here.) And do you folks defend this shit? If you seriously do, you deserve a good, hefty kick in your groin. Fuck these people making it standard. Not everyone has a good internet, no one deserves such treatment. Wasn't SecuROM that type of installer that only gave certain amount of installations and then it became unusable? Or am I thinking some other form? DRM has always been prevalent throughout the gaming history. Some were in physical protection, like old Dungeons&Dragons games, where you had to search manual for keyword or use Dethek wheel to determine the correct word. Some were more drastic, like breaking the game if there was (probably) a pirated copy. It did happen even when you had the bought official CD, only way to fix it was to re-install it. But the thing is, thanks to internet, the DRM becomes more and more intrusive, making it impossible to play some games. I watched some time ago Game Dungeon, Ross covered some things that I didn't even thought it would be possible. .:edit:. Wikipedia article of SecuROM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SecuROM
  19. As someone who has this condition for more than eight years (and now gradually becoming deaf), sometimes you're not sure if it was your own echo or did someone talk to you amidst the ringing. The worst downside is that I can't socialize properly with people anymore since sometimes the ringing drowns out some part of speech and I have to say "didn't hear that well, can you talk bit louder please?" At least I've grown accustomed to it, and sleeping won't be a problem. I presume you don't have any problem hearing someone to talk while tinnitus hits?
  20. CorSair

    GitHub now run by Maoists

    If IT industry doesn't have enough women then why we don't have more men in healthcare Wasn't this more about women than immigrants? :P Don't worry, Tumblr found reality and decided to move there. Everything on the internet is now irrelevant.
  21. CorSair

    System Shock 3 Confirmed

    Seems really great at first look, but... ... Somehow, I feel this is going to happen. But we'll see. Truth is, SHODAN should've gone away in the first series. There's a plothole size of a shotgun blast at point blank range. The second one should've been related more to the happenings in the first one. I don't remember where that post is, gonna see if I can find... .:edit:. Fuck me, can't find it. In ss2, SHODAN was just one-trick pony of sorts, compared to first one. In first one, SHODAN already had backup plans to royally fuck up Earth every way possible, if there was a mistake or other flaw. I think there was three plans in grand scale, one was more of thwarting player, and the final confrontation was more "all or nothing" style. And to give a fair shake, Marathon didn't have voice acting, instead, it delivered (optional) dialog through certain points. With that, you can get more out of the characters. If you have good writers, that is. And personally, Marathon has pretty solid story. (And speaking of Marathon trilogy, it's available to free.)
  22. CorSair

    Doom Turns 22, Community Runs out of Puns

    i swear i didn't forgot this Already played Valiant, it would've been surprise if it didn't win. Gonna see if I can play 'em all before new year.
  23. CorSair

    Carnage in Paris

    I don't know if my shitty opinions could explain it, but here goes nothing... Person or persons in leading position, lets say... Putin or Assad. It is easy to direct your hate to this person, and you don't need to blame whole country for following their leader. This is one good part of dictatorship, but it is also the great weakness, especially if there are many vultures attempting to take the leader's mantle, leaving the country even worse situation that it is. So, what about the democratic west? I think it could be that western countries are seen as an entity. People elect leaders, which think of them being best for their country, and with that, country's will is shown. It seems this is a leap in logic, but when you have people blaming something invisible for their shortcomings or their paranoia in this part of world, it is likely that same mentality shows everywhere. And what's been happening in Middle East has been one chaos through few decades, and the maniacs who managed to spread their word feeds these flame. Saw two YT videos how and why that happens, applies to every part of world. And now, for more personal rant. Same could be said what some people think badly about refugees in Europe, but the whole situation is a fucking mess in here, and the situation is soon boiling over, thanks to our inefficient representatives we chose. And now, we either try to make situation better in their homelands, either sending troops or other relief, like food, educational material and that, or we try to cope with the situation back here. I sound like those NIMBY whiners, but when two cultures clash quickly, there's gonna be some arguments what is acceptable for other and what is not. Some assimilate to European values, perhaps due to their better education or they see it as something they would really value, but not everyone thinks "that is a culture I am okay with." If I ever need to be forced from my country, whatever disaster happened in there, I wouldn't forget anything what made my country for what it was, be it good or ugly. Eventually, I would settle where I am headed, but I wouldn't forget.
  24. CorSair

    Carnage in Paris

    And it seems they can come from other country, one gunman was from Greece. No doubt, it won't stop there. With even more people coming in, combined with unchecked refugee control, it is not going to end well in Europe... Only people who really benefit from this situation are smugglers. At least in West, religious institutes don't have that much of power, compared to Middle East. If someone can figure a cure for brainwashing, maybe there would be relative peace in the world. Easy to fool a man... Hard to convince the man he has been fooled. Then we need to ask ourselves: Why we choose these people in these leading positions? You elected these people into power who decide where and what to bomb.
  25. CorSair

    Fallout 4

    Let me guess, is it another Bethesda game where mods fix everything? I managed to spoil ending for myself when I looked some of the screenshots, but for me, it seems really, really generic for today's standards. Haven't checked any gameplay videos yet, hope the journey is better than finishing line. .:edit:. Had the "pleasure" looking through Metacritic and Steam user reviews. People are really shitting hard on the Metacritic, and even when in Steam it says "Mostly Positive" on user reviews, most of the helpful reviews are "Not Recommended" ones. Yikes.