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  1. I have ME2 but I don't even remember that track. I do remember it from Need for Speed: High Stakes, though... Hmm. More epic music:
  2. Hell yeah. That one is really nostalgic for me. Another one of my Oblivion favorites: That game hasn't aged very well, but it's still really cool. Gotta love the music.
  3. I also love dark ambient. And man, you posted The Marshalling Yard (Second Half). I love that track. Man, I've heard some really good music to add to my YT faves from what some have posted...
  4. I love his work, too. I've never actually played SO3... It's the only one I haven't. Here's more of that dude's stuff I like:
  5. You are so right. "Anxious Heart" is a damn beautiful composition, too. It's my favorite from that game's soundtrack, actually. Absolutely love these:
  6. Okay, I understand how to imbed now. Thanks guy with Clone in your name. And thanks to everyone who replied and shared and all that, and to those that greeted me. It's nice to meet you, too. I have so far really enjoyed some of the music shared.
  7. Hey people, I'm new here. I love Doom (obviously). I thought this would be a fun thread to try out and a way for me to say hi to everyone in a way that doesn't seem awkward and lame. Anyways, here is something I'd like to share:
  8. 1. Just Taking A Look At The First Level 2. Playing While Doing Some Other Stuff As Well 3. Totally Skipped This One In The Middle Here 4. This Is Actually Pretty Good 5. Fu*k This Unfair Bullsh*t!
  9. Hi people, I'm brand new here. Absolutely LOVE the Doom series. Own Doom games for PC, PSX, Xbox 360. Anyway, I thought you could survive that black room where you get raped from all angles by demons at the end of E1M8. I was like 5 years old and I had Shareware Doom and I thought it was the real deal...