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  1. subject_119

    Rezulux's First Map

    Pretty darn good for a first map! Tick "Lower Unpegged" on your doortraks so that they don't slide as the door open.
  2. subject_119


    Highly overrated.
  3. subject_119

    Swift Death

    You cannot rate a wad "Vomit" when the only problem you find is YOU being too bad. If the whole community thought like you then Deus Vult and HRs would be forgotten.
  4. subject_119


    Average beginner map with misaligned texture and this kinda shit. It's not awful though the author should be careful, after the blue key you only provide bullets, which are useful only if you get the chaingun in the secret, keep in mind that on more complex maps, some may not notice or search for the secrets.
  5. subject_119

    Crazy Frog Doom

    Perfect? Perfect.
  6. subject_119


    More anal rape from Ribbisk and Dannebubinga? YAY!
  7. subject_119


    even I is not as overrated
  8. subject_119

    Greatest sound .wad ever

    Until now, I'm gonna play with this replacement with every single .wad I test.
  9. subject_119

    Doom 3 sounds

    Nice remplacements, deserves reskins :P
  10. subject_119

    Aegis Computer Station

    Nice, the detailling makes it visually enjoyable, gameplay, had to stay aware because of the small amount of life. Very good first map!
  11. subject_119

    REoL TOUGH: Total War

    I think that
  12. subject_119

    Random Deaths & Decoration v1.5 Final

    Nice addon we got here, adds a little variety.
  13. subject_119

    Rainbow dash HUD

    WHY D:
  14. subject_119

    3 Heures d'agonie 2

  15. subject_119

    The /newstuff Chronicles #459

    Skip this part of the map...It's not essential to finish it. I remember you commenting on "hot spot" as too easy. If hot spot is too easy and this too hard I don't know what you can call medium. Thanks for testing anyway.
  16. subject_119

    The /newstuff Chronicles #459

    Then try saving, you don't have to stick to things you are not able to do, if you want to nosave you might want to know the map well first! You have enough ammo everywhere in the map and the shotgun can be found in the 10 first seconds no matter which side you choose. For the cacodemon trap the barrels are very useful and can blow up an entire wave, the secret is secure one of the side where ennemies come to be able to dodge easier, then you can still use the barrels left to blow them up and damage the cacodemon. And I've just tested, for the first time, this map, keyboard @ UV 100% kill (with saves but not to play it save scum just for when I die) in 17:05 NO SECRETS....I can't help you and the only thing I can still say to you is to use the barrels, it saved me in the caco trap with keyboard and I escaped this trap without taking any damage! I can't think to everybody while mapping, and primarily I think to me, I enjoy this map, even in keyboard though it was hard, it was enjoyable and if I make it easier then there's no point for it to even exist : / Edit : there are armors in the map, that's the poin of the caco trap it contains a green armor!
  17. subject_119

    The /newstuff Chronicles #459

    Hey dude, thanks for reviewing my maps, many people tested my maps on /idgames ( the good ones and the bad ones) thanks to this :)
  18. subject_119


    *booooooiiiing* Yes that's a bump, I finished the second map going with Uplift and started the 3rd a month ago. I decided to post a few screenshots and I think this thread was the most appropriate place to show them as it's meant to be with Uplift in an episode. E1m2 & E1m3 screens : The 2 first are for Map2 and the 2 second for Map3 (yes I forgot to reduce the HUD when I took those).
  19. subject_119


    Hello all! Thread for my latest and first map for Ultimate Doom, it doesn't use any custom textures/monsters/weapon and should work with DOOM.exe It's better to play the map on U-V difficulty level since I didn't set monsters for other difficulty levels yet and it might be too easy. Download link : http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom/s-u/uplift.zip Screenshots : Have fun!
  20. subject_119

    The /newstuff Chronicles #459

    Yep ^^"
  21. About map10 with the cyberdemon, just noticed I was in HMP....(:shame:) ans the cyberdemon is checked in medium so it's blocked with the 2 barons causing it to stay in the ground. Looking at the other difficulties checked, people playing in easy ( yeah, no one) should've met the same problem.
  22. Seems there's linedef problem in map10 the cyberdemon & the 2 barons at the end aren't coming up : /
  23. subject_119

    So, how old are you ?

  24. subject_119

    Return of Crap (Riki's Doom levels)

    Last one was fun to play and not ugly, yes it's flat but as the fights aren't boring (exceptions for the PE and Arachnotron which are really useless ans lame) it's not bad :)
  25. subject_119

    honker.wad, small map i made because i make small maps

    I think placing the linedef a bit further could be better :)