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  1. Who proselytizes at a wedding reception?


    The happy couple had already married six months earlier but wanted the reception later when more people were likely available. It was a nice event, but just after most people finished the meal and were chatting at their tables, some older guy in a straw hat with large feathers started going around the tables and passing out pamphlets out with "Exodus" on the front. I overheard him saying something along the lines of "This is the date when the spaceship takes off."


    My sister asked the mother of the groom if that guy was invited and she said no. So my sis and brother-in-law confronted the man and asked if he was invited. The man said he was invited everywhere. They weren't having any of that, so they escorted him out. Later, my sis said she wished she had yelled, "You need to exodus your ass out of this private party NOW!" when he gave that bullshit answer.

    1. Dragonfly


      It's amazing people like that don't get the ever-loving shit kicked out of them. If someone came to my own wedding a preached I can tell you now that they would likely leave in an ambulance - violent, I know, but that kind of preaching is absolutely unacceptable on every level!


      My condolences to the couple in question. Hope everything else went as well as it should for their celebrations. :)

    2. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      He probably thought that a spaceship should take precedence over any kind of celebration.