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  1. Chow Yun Thin

    Thoughts on Blood

    For October, I have two of the cultist death sounds as text message alarms: either "it burns! IT BURNS! burns! (anguished wailing)" or the one that's especially loud regardless of how far away he is. The spiders, though. Fuck them, the creepy chitter they make when they see you and the mother that spawned them in. I'd burn them up with the spraycan more often if it didn't have pitifully short reach and small hitbox, and its secondary attack wasn't so overkill and dangerous in the tight quarters they are often found in. Hearing this makes think of walking alone in the forest at night, searching for a mysterious whisper that compels me deeper into the darkness. Suddenly I trip on a root and stumble down an unseen slope, sending me crashing into the cold packed dirt and withered leaves. As I shake my head from the fall, I see a clearing ahead where cultists have gathered for what looks like a bonfire. But no, no. The bonfire is the portal of a summoning ritual, and right when the MIDI version of this song starts, the stars above dim and an overwhelming feeling of fear and hopelessness floods my mind like fog. An otherworldly being emerges from the smoke, with an outstretched tentacle ending in a pincer that points at me. The cultists begin chanting in their unintelligible tongue as they heed the direction of their eldritch master. I freeze in place for a few seconds, despair closing in on me faster than the cultists. Then panic strikes, and before I know it I'm running back up the slope I tripped down before. With each whimpering wheeze I breathe out from my aching chest, I pray it is not heard by the pursuing cultists, whose chanting has taken an unsettling sing-song tone.
  2. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Are androids and golems still cool with you?
  3. Chow Yun Thin

    Can I get a name change?

    Go to your Account Settings (click on your name in the upper right) and you can change your display name there. I believe you can change once every 365 days.
  4. Chow Yun Thin

    Weirdest/surprising game trivia you know

    If you ever played Goldeneye multiplayer, you always find one jerk who chooses Oddjob because he's shorter and harder to hit. Turns out the developers mistook Oddjob (5'10") for Nick Nack (3'11"). Jaws is rightfully taller than the rest at 7'2". Also of note is that the actor for Oddjob was in the US Army during World War II and took silver in weightlifting at the Olympics following the war. What players call hipfire What hipfire actually is
  5. @geo Can you elaborate on why NMRiH is at the bottom on your list?
  6. I don't really want to rank the FPS and TPS that I've played, preferring to say I like x because it has y and z or it does a and b game mechanic well. However, I will put one TPS squarely at the bottom. The Respawnables is a mobile TPS that has a cartoony aesthetic like Team Fortress 2 and Fortnite. It was a fun game that I played offline against the bots, and I'd still be playing it if it weren't for a bunch of things I found emblematic of greed. The devs were making the game P2W with real-cash-only weapons or clothing. The weapons did either high DPS or spike damage for a one-shot kill. The clothing often had a high resistance of a certain damage type. A lot of them had mechanics that were exclusive to the premium players (secondary fire, defense that prevents one-hit kills). Stuff like that, coupled with the generous Goldeneye-like autoaim, really soured me on the multiplayer part. The events. About a year after I started playing the game, I noticed that there was always an in-game event going on, lasting about a month with only a few days in between. Some were tedious but grindable, like do x amount of damage or pick up y number of widgets. Others were tiered with objectives; the worst was having to win multiplayer games. Maybe not so bad against newbs (though I did feel bad for them), but against good opponents or more likely the P2W bastards, it was aggravating for something that's supposed to be fun. Each event almost always had some kind of real-cash-only weapon/clothing bundle that gave a notable advantage to whoever purchased it. If the event was to collect x widgets from dead players, the P2W bundle might have pants that auto-collect the widgets and keep them from being stolen by others. If the event was to kill enemy players with grenades, they'd sell a clothing bundle with high explosive resistance or a consumable explosive that has extremely high damage and blast radius. That's straight-up favoritism for those who have the credit cards. The devs also have a habit of selling event clothes and weapons in later events, for the poor unfortunate souls who didn't have the foresight to play the game earlier. No balance between the haves and havenots. Players had been calling for nerfs to the P2W stuff for a long time, but the devs rarely ever did such a thing. In fact, they doubled down on it by adding new weapons and clothing that are so OP the older OP stuff is almost normalized. Not that it makes a damn difference compared to the default stuff. The power creep still widens the gap between the haves and havenots. A guy on Youtube used to champion the game on his channel, doing weapon reviews, fostering a gaming community and such. The P2W horseshit, as well as toxicity from the younger players, made him taper down his content on the game to maybe once a year. Now he's riding the Fortnite train super-hard since it was released on iOS and I honestly don't blame him. As for me, I stopped playing when a mandatory update for an event made the game inoperable on my iPod Touch. It now needed iOS 8+ and I didn't want to update to the ugliness of iOS 7+. When I tried to transfer my account onto a newer iPad, I found out it was wiped out, so I said "Fuck that noise, I got other things that are worth more for my time" and just stopped. I just looked on their wikia page and goddamn, the double-down derpiness has dipped to depths that make the Marianas Trench look like Mt. Everest.
  7. Chow Yun Thin

    15 years later, and I'm still a Junior Member.

    Nothing wrong with not posting a lot. I lurk most of the time, posting when I have something interesting to say. It really depends on what you find interesting and how comfortable you feel sharing your thoughts with others. On another forum from a long time ago, I had somewhere around 12K posts, most of it bullshit. Here, I'm more restrained.
  8. I've no idea how to post the YTMND loop that was played in Post Hell, so the original will do.
  9. Chow Yun Thin

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    I have a copy of Bioware's first game, Shattered Steel. It's a Mechwarrior-lite with deformable terrain.
  10. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Anytime I smell nail polish or remover, I have to move away from it. It's not an outright phobia like spiders, but I feel unpleasant in its presence. I believe this dislike originated from a scene in a movie I saw in grade school (maybe kindergarten). The scene has two of the main characters playing a prank on a third character that had fallen asleep. They put makeup and eyeshadow on his face while trying not to burst out in laughter. They even paint all 20 nails before they tuck in for the night. The next day, all three head out to the beach. The prankee notices that people are laughing and pointing at him. At some point he notices his reflection and sees the makeup. He looks down to see his mani-pedi and jams his fingers and toes into the sand, hunched over while the pranksters guffaw at his expense. I eventually found the film on IMDB (The Occupant 1984). The premise was really unsettling to my 7-year-old self. I sure as hell wouldn't watch it today just for that scene.
  11. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Man, that reminds me of a picture I saw a long time ago. Someone in church was playing one of the classic Doom games on a laptop and was using the Bible as a mousepad. I guess God was guiding his/her hand in slaying the hellspawn?
  12. Chow Yun Thin

    What is your favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

    Anything chocolate. Plain chocolate, rocky road, with fudge brownies, or mint chip. I also like orange creamsicles and ice cream sandwiches.
  13. Chow Yun Thin

    Any bad games/mods you want to put in defense?

    My pick is the Gamecube version of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The game itself is pretty braindead: hack and slash (or shoot) your way through thousands of cookie cutter enemies and maybe visit a few optional side areas. Collect crystals, golden animal parts and runestones to unlock new areas with reskins of the same damn enemies. Shoot gigantic bosses until they drop dead and relinquish their part of a portal to the final boss. Repeat with the seven other characters (plus bonus ones) that don't really play all that differently from each other. Gauntlet is mediocre when solo, but man the few times I've played this with others is stupidly dumb fun. The following gripes I have are mostly directed at this port. The item inventory. Unlike the arcade, DC and PS2 versions, the GC and Xbox versions allow you to store items for later use instead of instantly using them. That's all well and good and frankly makes the game a lot less difficult when you can employ each item to its greatest effect. But there are so many bugs involved with it. A major one is that the 10th item in your inventory is always bugged and never accessible; woe is you if it happens to be a powerful item like the 3-way shot or x-ray glasses. The in-game trader is seemingly random in which items can be sold, and the sell price doesn't scale with the amount sold, so grinding early levels for items to sell doesn't work. I really wish the game had the unfucked inventory system from the N64 incarnation of the earlier Gauntlet Legends. It also makes me shake my head when I watch a playthrough and see the players not even realize their items are inactive. The melee system. It's a really simple thing, just move the character towards an enemy to hack and slash. Or you can spice it up by tapping the quick and strong attack buttons in short sequence for a knockdown, AoE sweep or a power strike. Pretty ameboid compared to DMC, Ninja Gaiden or Dynasty Warriors. The UI is a bit janky. Earlier copies of the game don't show the life bar of the bigger enemies including bosses. Sure, you can just keep hitting and shooting until they fall, but it still helps to know how much health is left and how much more to deplete it. The inventory only tells you if you have an item and if it is on/off, it doesn't tell you how much of an item is left so you hope it doesn't run out at a critical time. Finally, when loading in a character, you have to re-activate each item in your inventory so that it shows up in the UI. I guess that last bit is the reason most people don't realize they have items. Hint scrolls. Some are pretty helpful later on for runestones and a few switch puzzles, but I sure as hell won't touch them when there's a chance it might hardlock the game. Later levels can take up to a half hour without any autosave in sight. Combined with the tedium of clearing away the hordes of cloned enemies, it makes for a slog that makes me give up on the game. And yet, even with all the complaints I have of the game, I still have some fun playing it. I still have a Dolphin installation set up for this game only, complete with higher resolution, widescreen view and improved framerate. I want to make a longplay of this game and add optional annotations (can you add annotations to youtube videos anymore?) and get as many views as I have thumbs.
  14. Chow Yun Thin

    What did you remember from Toys 'Я' Us?

    I remember the cheesy jingles about being a Toys R Us kid and grabbing paper slips from the videogame aisle to bring to the cashier and the pickup area next to the exit. That's where I got my NES and N64, and any time I got a new videogame from there, I'd spend the car ride home reading through the manual in anticipation of playing the game. The Toys R Us that I went to was also a few blocks from a Chuck E. Cheese, so my family and I would go there sometimes. This one had an arcade that somehow played Nintendo games and that was where I first played Super Mario Bros. It also had an animatronic puppet band that made me feel uneasy when they started playing songs whenever someone walked by it. I'm certain that's what Five Nights at Freddy's was inspired by, though I don't care for the games or fandom. Yeah I'm a bit saddened by the closure of Toys R Us, but in all honesty I haven't visited one in about 10 years, maybe longer. I'd rather remember them fondly from my youth.
  15. cola (Coke or Pepsi, especially the cherry ones), orange (Sunkist or the orange cream popsicles), fruit punch (Tahitian Treat if I can find it), or root beer. I used to be a fiend for Mountain Dew Code Red but I haven't touched that or any Mountain Dew in about 10 years. Lemon-lime ones like 7-Up and Sprite are okay, not really something I seek out. I don't care much for ginger ale or Dr. Pepper. Diet anything is eugh. Club soda is a cleaning agent as far as I know. Nowadays, I don't have it at home for accessible consumption. Maybe for eating out or takeout, and even then I try to drink the same amount in water. Why not combine the two? I can tolerate flat soda, but not watered-down soda.
  16. Chow Yun Thin

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    [color][character class] NEEDS FOOD BADLY! The announcer from the Gauntlet games, especially Legends/Dark Legacy. Though 1 and 2 have a lot more voice samples than I was expecting for a mid-80s game.
  17. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Late-breaking news on what's coming in the next update for KF2: In addition to the M99 AMR, there will be a power fist-type weapon for the Berserker and a QUAD-barrelled shotgun. It seems that doubling up is a trend as far as weapons are concerned. I forgot to mention in the previous post that there will be a weapon upgrade system in the works, where you pay in-game dosh and carry weight to boost a weapon's damage. I'm concerned about this emerging power creep in the game. With this increasing damage in the arsenal, I fear the challenge the game has is disappearing. To their credit, the developers have put out a call to the community about discussing the overall balance and challenge. I'm sure the more experienced players have given their input in lengthy, discriminating and comprehensive detail, and will continue to do so once the inevitable beta for the update comes out. There will also be a new type of enemy to contend with: robots that fire a ranged weapon (rocket, energy pulse, slowdown beam). These guys will keep fighting even without heads, so headshot-based Perks might not necessarily be the best Perk against them. I'm hoping they will use more tactics and mobility to better distinguish the combat against them, compared to the mass wave attacks of the unthinking, mostly-melee clone enemies we've been fighting since the first game (or the earlier mod). I completed the Weekly objective earlier than usual. Damaging enemies inflates them, and enough damage will cause their corpses to float up into the air and explode in a downpour of blood and dismembered body parts. All enemies can regenerate their health, including bosses, and the low-tier enemies have buffed health. It was a bit strange to see the higher-tier enemies die from less shots than the weaklings, but whatever.
  18. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Looks like it's time for a weekly update re: KF2. I decided to get the cosmetics for the Endless mode that came out. Since the cosmetics are based only on number of waves completed, I copped out and chose the lowest difficulty, using the Firebug perk and his OP Fireball cannon and high resistance to self-immolation. The difficulty is supposed to increase after beating the boss every fifth wave. While the enemies' health, movement speed and attack patterns did increase with the difficulty, their damage seemed to lag behind. I was getting into situations where I should have died in that difficulty, but lived through because of the reduced damage. Some of the waves spawned one particular enemy, others would mimic one of the Weekly objectives. The Patriarch even threatened to get my fingers trapped in the 3d printer that I was buying stuff from. I got through wave 25 to get the last cosmetic, then stupidly chose to stand my ground in a cramped cafe. I died a horrible death in a stairwell, choking on poison gas and burning from a Molotov I threw on the ground to spite the albino spider enemies who swarmed the area. All that and the Patriarch didn't even have a parting quip like the ones after killing the last player. I guess he used up his quota taunting me during the pauses between waves. The Killing Floor developers announced that they will implement a Prestige system, probably with the next content update in a few months. Thus far they have stressed that Prestige will only be cosmetic, with Perk icons and knives. That's pretty neat and gives people something to grind for. I'm much less enthused about a returning weapon from the first game, the M99 Anti-Materiel Rifle for the Sharpshooter. Extremely high power, single-shot weapon with a high weight and price. However, the Sharpshooter already has the Railgun which serves practically the same purpose. You sure as hell can't make the AMR weaker than the Railgun, otherwise it can't even be called an AMR. You can't make it do more damage than the Railgun, which already makes the big enemies a non-issue and the bosses a speedbump to victory. The community (or at least the ones in the Steam forums, not so much the subreddit) are in an uproar about a returning character being DLC. They're pissed that even after the hamfisted way cosmetic microtransactions were implemented into the game during Early Access, they were assured that the extra revenue generated from it would fund the upcoming content updates for free. The returning character is to be voiced by Claudia Black, whose works include Stargate SG-1, the Mass Effect and Gears of War and Destiny series. I don't find this whole character DLC thing to be any different from the costume packs the developers already sell, just with an additional voicepack from a professional actress.
  19. Chow Yun Thin

    Random Image Thread

    Damn, what a nostalgia trip! Had some good memories of playing through Outnumbered, Midnight Rescue, Operation Neptune, Ancient Empires and Gizmos & Gadgets. I still have a few of the manuals, but alas when I got a new computer, I gave the floppies and my old computer to my cousin. God only knows what happened to them.
  20. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Another weekly Objective bites the dust. This time is Bobble Zed, where the not-zombie enemies have triple the head sizes and head health. The objective was originally bugged where certain mid-tier enemies would spawn with nine times the head health, making them drastically more durable than even the top-tier enemies. That seems to have been fixed. Naturally, I chose Sharpshooter but Gunslingers (dual wielding) and Support Specialists (shotguns) are also excellent choices. I've heard the more masochistic players choose SWAT (SMGs) to really rack up the headshots. I don't think I'm going for the next Weekly Objective. Some of the enemies will be randomly replaced by hulking roided-out rage addicts, and the cosmetic looks ugly enough to be jammed into one's eyes. I've also been playing a bit of Dead Island with some mods to up the difficulty early on. Consumables (food, drinks, medkits) now take up inventory slots and have to be used manually. Energy drinks only give a boost in stamina regen. Food items regenerate health for a short time. Medkits still heal instantly, but fewer can be carried in a stack. Firearm headshots now do drastically more damage (when upgraded at the right level). Ammo drops from the human enemies is drastically reduced, but I wish I could force the punks in the city to only have revolvers. Hits to zombie legs are more likely to knock them down, especially with impact-type weapons. It still feels damn good to swing a baseball bat and bash a zombie's head right where it stands. Or do some Matrix-type shit by dodging right at the point of impact and end up 5 or 6 yards away. I still think out of all the enemies in the game, the human melee ones are the most dangerous. Those ruthless bastards will carve you up faster than a Cuisinart if they get the jump on you. Plus, they can interrupt your own melee attacks with their own, so going literally toe-to-toe with them will leave you with a blood-red screen and lost cash. I have no qualms with drawing a firearm and blowing their brains out. I wish there were a base-building aspect in the game. Like gathering materials to fortify your base, getting supplies to keep the survivors going, rescuing survivors so they can contribute a special ability to the base. I think the Riptide expansion/Part Deux does a bit of that.
  21. Chow Yun Thin

    R. Lee Ermey Has Died At Age 74

    Damn. He's got a lot of heads to unscrew and necks to shit down. I still find it hard to believe he was the toy soldier in Toy Story, but he'd have rightfully chewed me out for calling him the "s" word.
  22. Chow Yun Thin


    You're in a military unit that has been sent to a facility where otherworldly creatures have taken over thanks to a teleportation experiment gone wrong.
  23. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Another foray into Suicidal difficulty in KF2, courtesy of the Tiny Terror weekly objective. It's the opposite of Beefcake; enemies shrink when they lose health (and also have shrill voices to boot). Firebug was the recommended Perk to use so I don't have to hit shrinking pinheads. A big update for KF2 also brought two new weapons for that Perk, so even more reason to fire it up. The Incendiary MAC-10 is pretty good for lighting up distant enemies with single taps. It also does well against a flame-based enemy who's fairly resistant to most of the Firebug's weapons. The Fireball Cannon is straight-up overpowered, from the damage to the blast radius to the giant amount of reserve ammo. Plus the Firebug has high resistance to his own weapons, so shooting the ground around him to clear away a mob of annoying is a viable move. At least for Solo, all of the big enemies are mostly trivialized with the Fireball Cannon, where previously they were very hard to defeat with the Firebug's emphasis on damage-over-time. There's also a new weapon for the Gunslinger, a double-barrelled 1911 that's supposed to be more forgiving than the .500 Magnum but requires more headshots for big enemies. The so-called new enemy is just the booster enemy I described before, now with an armored vest and helmet that look like they were found and welded together from a scrapyard. Not too big of a change, just an additional shot for the Perks that revolve around spike damage. The update added an optional Stand Your Ground objective in the base game, where you and your squadmates defend a random location on the map for an entire wave. You are given an incentive to SYG with additional XP for your current Perk, extra Dosh for new weapons, and points to cash in for a random cosmetic. I don't care for the extra Perk XP, the extra Dosh is only really needed in the early waves, the cosmetic points are very little and the rewards only scale with wave length regardless of difficulty. Open areas are defensible with a good team, but cramped indoors with few avenues are certain death traps especially once the big enemies start spawning in. I'm not a fan of this mechanic, but I do think it's a start for the groundwork of an Objective gamemode like in the first game. I haven't tried Endless mode yet; I'm not a fan of arena-type modes that go on until I fail it. I'm sure I'll get most of the limited-time cosmetics at some point. I just hope they don't nerf the Fireball Cannon before then. Later: Oh, come the hell on. I kill the Patriarch on a sunny beach to complete the weekly objective on Suicidal, but then I get boxed in a country-dark farmhouse and killed by King Shit and his mountain of turd minions on Normal? Oh well, at least the cosmetic I got looks pretty cool. Now a choice: Berserker or Firebug?
  24. Half-Life 1. I dread having to fight the grunts. Not a fan of tripwires, both the ones that activate sentry guns and the ones that go boom. Why the hell is there a level composed entirely of avoiding them? System Shock 2. Them spiders, man. I just noped the fuck out of there once they showed up. Blood. I lost interest in the third episode. I did persevere through episode 2 with the introduction of the spiders and the she-bitch that spawned them. Call the Spray Cans underpowered compared to the Napalm Launcher, but at least they let you see the eight-legged fuckers fry. Descent. Damn that yellow cyclopean bastard on Mercury with his cloaking and Smart Missile spam. And damn his posse of three of the toughest bots at that point and three high-damage hitscanners. I heard the last boss is even more of an asshole and armed with one-hit-kill Mega Missiles. Quake 2. I think I stopped somewhere in the Outer Palace because it became a chore to slog through. Hexen. The base game doesn't interest me and the item fetching is tedious. Those spikes that rise out of the ground still terrify me.
  25. Chow Yun Thin

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    Forensic Files. I don't remember the episode name, but there were a few graphic pictures of an open hand surgery. I'm gonna keep an eye out for the Batman TAS blu-ray. A few of the DVDs for the boxed sets are not being read by any DVD drive. I don't consider TAS to be part of the DCAU like the New Batman Adventures, Superman, Justice League and the rest.