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  1. Chow Yun Thin

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    [color][character class] NEEDS FOOD BADLY! The announcer from the Gauntlet games, especially Legends/Dark Legacy. Though 1 and 2 have a lot more voice samples than I was expecting for a mid-80s game.
  2. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Late-breaking news on what's coming in the next update for KF2: In addition to the M99 AMR, there will be a power fist-type weapon for the Berserker and a QUAD-barrelled shotgun. It seems that doubling up is a trend as far as weapons are concerned. I forgot to mention in the previous post that there will be a weapon upgrade system in the works, where you pay in-game dosh and carry weight to boost a weapon's damage. I'm concerned about this emerging power creep in the game. With this increasing damage in the arsenal, I fear the challenge the game has is disappearing. To their credit, the developers have put out a call to the community about discussing the overall balance and challenge. I'm sure the more experienced players have given their input in lengthy, discriminating and comprehensive detail, and will continue to do so once the inevitable beta for the update comes out. There will also be a new type of enemy to contend with: robots that fire a ranged weapon (rocket, energy pulse, slowdown beam). These guys will keep fighting even without heads, so headshot-based Perks might not necessarily be the best Perk against them. I'm hoping they will use more tactics and mobility to better distinguish the combat against them, compared to the mass wave attacks of the unthinking, mostly-melee clone enemies we've been fighting since the first game (or the earlier mod). I completed the Weekly objective earlier than usual. Damaging enemies inflates them, and enough damage will cause their corpses to float up into the air and explode in a downpour of blood and dismembered body parts. All enemies can regenerate their health, including bosses, and the low-tier enemies have buffed health. It was a bit strange to see the higher-tier enemies die from less shots than the weaklings, but whatever.
  3. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Looks like it's time for a weekly update re: KF2. I decided to get the cosmetics for the Endless mode that came out. Since the cosmetics are based only on number of waves completed, I copped out and chose the lowest difficulty, using the Firebug perk and his OP Fireball cannon and high resistance to self-immolation. The difficulty is supposed to increase after beating the boss every fifth wave. While the enemies' health, movement speed and attack patterns did increase with the difficulty, their damage seemed to lag behind. I was getting into situations where I should have died in that difficulty, but lived through because of the reduced damage. Some of the waves spawned one particular enemy, others would mimic one of the Weekly objectives. The Patriarch even threatened to get my fingers trapped in the 3d printer that I was buying stuff from. I got through wave 25 to get the last cosmetic, then stupidly chose to stand my ground in a cramped cafe. I died a horrible death in a stairwell, choking on poison gas and burning from a Molotov I threw on the ground to spite the albino spider enemies who swarmed the area. All that and the Patriarch didn't even have a parting quip like the ones after killing the last player. I guess he used up his quota taunting me during the pauses between waves. The Killing Floor developers announced that they will implement a Prestige system, probably with the next content update in a few months. Thus far they have stressed that Prestige will only be cosmetic, with Perk icons and knives. That's pretty neat and gives people something to grind for. I'm much less enthused about a returning weapon from the first game, the M99 Anti-Materiel Rifle for the Sharpshooter. Extremely high power, single-shot weapon with a high weight and price. However, the Sharpshooter already has the Railgun which serves practically the same purpose. You sure as hell can't make the AMR weaker than the Railgun, otherwise it can't even be called an AMR. You can't make it do more damage than the Railgun, which already makes the big enemies a non-issue and the bosses a speedbump to victory. The community (or at least the ones in the Steam forums, not so much the subreddit) are in an uproar about a returning character being DLC. They're pissed that even after the hamfisted way cosmetic microtransactions were implemented into the game during Early Access, they were assured that the extra revenue generated from it would fund the upcoming content updates for free. The returning character is to be voiced by Claudia Black, whose works include Stargate SG-1, the Mass Effect and Gears of War and Destiny series. I don't find this whole character DLC thing to be any different from the costume packs the developers already sell, just with an additional voicepack from a professional actress.
  4. Chow Yun Thin

    Random Image Thread

    Damn, what a nostalgia trip! Had some good memories of playing through Outnumbered, Midnight Rescue, Operation Neptune, Ancient Empires and Gizmos & Gadgets. I still have a few of the manuals, but alas when I got a new computer, I gave the floppies and my old computer to my cousin. God only knows what happened to them.
  5. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Another weekly Objective bites the dust. This time is Bobble Zed, where the not-zombie enemies have triple the head sizes and head health. The objective was originally bugged where certain mid-tier enemies would spawn with nine times the head health, making them drastically more durable than even the top-tier enemies. That seems to have been fixed. Naturally, I chose Sharpshooter but Gunslingers (dual wielding) and Support Specialists (shotguns) are also excellent choices. I've heard the more masochistic players choose SWAT (SMGs) to really rack up the headshots. I don't think I'm going for the next Weekly Objective. Some of the enemies will be randomly replaced by hulking roided-out rage addicts, and the cosmetic looks ugly enough to be jammed into one's eyes. I've also been playing a bit of Dead Island with some mods to up the difficulty early on. Consumables (food, drinks, medkits) now take up inventory slots and have to be used manually. Energy drinks only give a boost in stamina regen. Food items regenerate health for a short time. Medkits still heal instantly, but fewer can be carried in a stack. Firearm headshots now do drastically more damage (when upgraded at the right level). Ammo drops from the human enemies is drastically reduced, but I wish I could force the punks in the city to only have revolvers. Hits to zombie legs are more likely to knock them down, especially with impact-type weapons. It still feels damn good to swing a baseball bat and bash a zombie's head right where it stands. Or do some Matrix-type shit by dodging right at the point of impact and end up 5 or 6 yards away. I still think out of all the enemies in the game, the human melee ones are the most dangerous. Those ruthless bastards will carve you up faster than a Cuisinart if they get the jump on you. Plus, they can interrupt your own melee attacks with their own, so going literally toe-to-toe with them will leave you with a blood-red screen and lost cash. I have no qualms with drawing a firearm and blowing their brains out. I wish there were a base-building aspect in the game. Like gathering materials to fortify your base, getting supplies to keep the survivors going, rescuing survivors so they can contribute a special ability to the base. I think the Riptide expansion/Part Deux does a bit of that.
  6. Chow Yun Thin

    R. Lee Ermey Has Died At Age 74

    Damn. He's got a lot of heads to unscrew and necks to shit down. I still find it hard to believe he was the toy soldier in Toy Story, but he'd have rightfully chewed me out for calling him the "s" word.
  7. Chow Yun Thin


    You're in a military unit that has been sent to a facility where otherworldly creatures have taken over thanks to a teleportation experiment gone wrong.
  8. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Another foray into Suicidal difficulty in KF2, courtesy of the Tiny Terror weekly objective. It's the opposite of Beefcake; enemies shrink when they lose health (and also have shrill voices to boot). Firebug was the recommended Perk to use so I don't have to hit shrinking pinheads. A big update for KF2 also brought two new weapons for that Perk, so even more reason to fire it up. The Incendiary MAC-10 is pretty good for lighting up distant enemies with single taps. It also does well against a flame-based enemy who's fairly resistant to most of the Firebug's weapons. The Fireball Cannon is straight-up overpowered, from the damage to the blast radius to the giant amount of reserve ammo. Plus the Firebug has high resistance to his own weapons, so shooting the ground around him to clear away a mob of annoying is a viable move. At least for Solo, all of the big enemies are mostly trivialized with the Fireball Cannon, where previously they were very hard to defeat with the Firebug's emphasis on damage-over-time. There's also a new weapon for the Gunslinger, a double-barrelled 1911 that's supposed to be more forgiving than the .500 Magnum but requires more headshots for big enemies. The so-called new enemy is just the booster enemy I described before, now with an armored vest and helmet that look like they were found and welded together from a scrapyard. Not too big of a change, just an additional shot for the Perks that revolve around spike damage. The update added an optional Stand Your Ground objective in the base game, where you and your squadmates defend a random location on the map for an entire wave. You are given an incentive to SYG with additional XP for your current Perk, extra Dosh for new weapons, and points to cash in for a random cosmetic. I don't care for the extra Perk XP, the extra Dosh is only really needed in the early waves, the cosmetic points are very little and the rewards only scale with wave length regardless of difficulty. Open areas are defensible with a good team, but cramped indoors with few avenues are certain death traps especially once the big enemies start spawning in. I'm not a fan of this mechanic, but I do think it's a start for the groundwork of an Objective gamemode like in the first game. I haven't tried Endless mode yet; I'm not a fan of arena-type modes that go on until I fail it. I'm sure I'll get most of the limited-time cosmetics at some point. I just hope they don't nerf the Fireball Cannon before then. Later: Oh, come the hell on. I kill the Patriarch on a sunny beach to complete the weekly objective on Suicidal, but then I get boxed in a country-dark farmhouse and killed by King Shit and his mountain of turd minions on Normal? Oh well, at least the cosmetic I got looks pretty cool. Now a choice: Berserker or Firebug?
  9. Half-Life 1. I dread having to fight the grunts. Not a fan of tripwires, both the ones that activate sentry guns and the ones that go boom. Why the hell is there a level composed entirely of avoiding them? System Shock 2. Them spiders, man. I just noped the fuck out of there once they showed up. Blood. I lost interest in the third episode. I did persevere through episode 2 with the introduction of the spiders and the she-bitch that spawned them. Call the Spray Cans underpowered compared to the Napalm Launcher, but at least they let you see the eight-legged fuckers fry. Descent. Damn that yellow cyclopean bastard on Mercury with his cloaking and Smart Missile spam. And damn his posse of three of the toughest bots at that point and three high-damage hitscanners. I heard the last boss is even more of an asshole and armed with one-hit-kill Mega Missiles. Quake 2. I think I stopped somewhere in the Outer Palace because it became a chore to slog through. Hexen. The base game doesn't interest me and the item fetching is tedious. Those spikes that rise out of the ground still terrify me.
  10. Chow Yun Thin

    Most Recent TV series and episode you last saw

    Forensic Files. I don't remember the episode name, but there were a few graphic pictures of an open hand surgery. I'm gonna keep an eye out for the Batman TAS blu-ray. A few of the DVDs for the boxed sets are not being read by any DVD drive. I don't consider TAS to be part of the DCAU like the New Batman Adventures, Superman, Justice League and the rest.
  11. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Still half-assing it in KF2, but I pushed into Suicidal difficulty because of a weekly objective. The weekly objective changes something about the enemies in some drastic way, such as exploding on death or headshots only. The weekly at the time of this post is Beefcake, where enemies get bigger and healthier if they hit you or are boosted by certain enemy actions. One of the enemies capable of boosting the others will get a set of heavy armor when a new update lands in about a week, so I figure I try to complete the weekly and get its corresponding cosmetic before then. Who dares wins, eh? Good god, Suicidal is an apt name for the kind of person who enters that difficulty without at least acclimating to Hard. More damage, increased health, new evasive moves and attacks, and enemy variants that only appear on this difficulty on up. I died 3 or 4 times on the first wave, usually because I was trapped in a corner or caught up on map geometry. Eventually I got the idea to kite the groups of enemies and pick them off, especially the one booster enemy. I had a few close calls, mostly saved by armor I usually didn't purchase in lieu of better firepower. I guess the game was feeling less asshole-ish because I don't remember it spawning groups of tough enemies just around corners I'm about to go through. It even spawned a free set of armor so I could save dosh for a top-tier weapon. Thus I carried on, vigilant of each nasty creature I blew away and avoiding tight spaces where I could be surrounded. Finally, it was the boss wave. I bought new armor, reloaded all of my weapons and spent the rest on an RPG and ammo. I was loaded for genetically-enhanced bear and was not going to let this one get way. The game did not disappoint in its thematically fitting choice of boss: a hulking roided-out muscleman with flesh-grinding gauntlets, gold-plated spikes embedded in his flesh, and a chest laser that telegraphed his attack with a stereotypical pew-pew. I had fought him plenty of times before on lower difficulties, and he had no new abilities, so I focused on the basics: fire RPG to soften him up, dispose of his minions when they got close, duck when pew-pew, heal myself or reload when it is safe to do so, backpedal-jump-block with the knife in an open area when he performs his bullrush attack. Once I used up the RPG's reserves, I dropped it in favor of an automatic shotgun and chipped away at the energy shield the boss put up. He was on his last leg but had one last charge left. Instead of backpedal-jump-block, I charged towards him with a double-barrelled shotgun in hand. At the last second, I jumped up and blasted his head to oblivion with whatever a pair of 10-gauge shells contains. It felt damn good to complete the weekly, but my heart was pounding hard like when I started playing in Hard. I probably won't play Suicidal difficulty until I get more levels in my Perks.
  12. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been half-assing it with KF2. I started on Hard difficulty during the Christmas update and that was mostly for the pajama suit cosmetic. Steam says I have almost 600 hours on it, but in truth I'd put it as 20-25% actual playtime for completing the daily objectives. The rest has been idling on the main screen to exploit the cosmetic drop timer, especially during events. It's rare for me to actually want to play the game on my own without the carrot called the Vault Dosh. I've been playing a bit of Diablo II non-LoD lately, trying to level up a Skelemancer for Hell difficulty. Two non-LoD-specific things will have to be overcome: Diablo II monsters are scaled to account for LoD's act 5. Non-LoD characters don't have that to level up on before going on to the next difficulty, so they start the next difficulty with a gigantic deficit in levels and massively boosted enemies to face off against. Mercs are act-specific and do not travel with your character, nor can they be improved upon or revived. So no Might merc to power up my skeleton warriors. That also removes a source of damage to get that first corpse to drop, so now I'll have to figure out another way. I could use my Blizzard sorceress to kill a bunch of enemies in the beginning and switch back to the Necro, but since ice attacks don't leave many intact corpses and the game removes most corpses when rejoining a game, finding one that can be raised as a skeleton may prove frustrating. I'd hate to try to play with LoD because of my packrat mentality. All my mule characters are filled up as it is, and the double-sized stash seems like a scant benefit for all the possible charms, runes and runewords, equipment and weapons that LoD provides.
  13. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been watching LGR's Let's Play videos on Duke Nukem 3D and felt a need to kick some alien invader ass (or body part analog). Is it just me or is LGR's Duke impression higher-pitched? Fuck, in no particular order: Octabrains, their undodgeable psychic blasts that take half your health and that horrible ear-shattering howl when you shoot them repeatedly. Sentry Drones, their stupidly high health, their propensity to dodge rockets, and kamikaze attacks that don't do that much damage but blind the screen in red regardless. Protozoid Slimers, their general stretchy grossness and popping up on the screen right when I fire the RPG or Devastator. those horrible crushing gear traps in the nuclear disposal facility and the queen's chamber (extend to all crushing traps in general) Protector Drones and their stupid Shrink shots (but at least the Steroids are worth half a damn) bosses with their mostly one-hit-kill weapons and instakill on melee contact. I also found a mod for EDuke32 called Duke Plus that adds a lot of stuff to improve the Duke 3D experience. Some of the things I liked were: Akimbo Pistols. They bring up the lone Pistol out of its switch-shooting, Protozoid Slimer-popping niche into something fairly decent. And really, besides the Devastator you can't have a parody of '80s action heroes without a furious fusillade from a gun in each hand. Freezethrower becomes Freezeray. Now it shoots a precise beam instead of the spiky crystals that could bounce back at you. It also has a secondary fire that launches not-as-bouncy icicles that can shatter frozen enemies. A good alternative to the Expander and more plentiful and available. Holoduke 2: Electric Boogaloo. Enemies will actually approach it and get a nasty shock for their troubles. This upgrade wreaks havoc when placed in the middle of an ambush group, but then of course you need to know when an ambush happens. There's also an option to have the Holoduke summon a Dukebot, but I think it clashes with Duke's one-man-army-ness. NVGs reveal switch solutions. The NVGs never did what it says, but at least you can know what buttons to push. Steroids slowdown. Basically bullet time with the increased kick damage, fast movement and immunity to the Shrinker. Double-jump starts Jetpack. Good for sudden drops and off-the-cuff aerial acrobatics. You can still use the Jetpack manually for steadier airborne maneuvers. Quick Pipebomb. A great quality of life improvement. You can still select the Pipebombs for manually detonated backloaded spike damage goodness, and can throw them farther by holding the fire button. I wish the author had set the secondary fire to use the detonator instead of toggling a timed mode.
  14. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Yeah, not a fan of coffee. I'll drink some if I need to stay awake for an important reason, but otherwise no. I don't drink alcohol either. I'm mostly afraid of becoming addicted to alcohol and its effects compounding personal issues. I don't mind food cooked with alcohol, though.
  15. Chow Yun Thin

    Goldeneye Wii

    Goldeneye Wii can use the Classic Controller or Gamecube controller for dual-stick action. For the wiimote + nunchuk, you'll want to reduce the size of the deadzone.
  16. Chow Yun Thin

    Best pre-2000 game mods of all time?

    I'm still bummed that they never came out with the sequel They Hunger: Lost Souls.
  17. Chow Yun Thin

    Commander Keen is Doomguy's dad?

    I remember a Q3 mod called Generations that aimed to mesh the multiplayer experiences of the previous games into one. They also highlighted the differences by grouping said characters into one of five "game" factions and giving them their respective weapon sets and item sets. I think they tried to implement the different movement physics for three factions as well; the Doom faction moved very fast but didn't jump very high (no idea about wall running or SR40), the Quake 1 faction had bunnyhopping and air control, and the Quake 2 faction had strafejumping and that "jumping on slopes" speed boost thing. Very Samsara-ish in execution, before that was a thing.
  18. Chow Yun Thin

    Ducks quack

    *inhales deeply* Smells like... dinner.
  19. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I never clip my thumb or index fingernails all the way down, because inevitably within 5 minutes of doing so, I need them for something.
  20. Chow Yun Thin

    The Doomguy Test

    1) Never saw that when playing, but the example does bug me. 2) Never played a slaughtermap nor used an OP weapon pack. 3) Only on HMP, I don't know if there are more in UV+. 4) Once, because I was running on autopilot and forgot I moved an IWAD elsewhere. 5) Never played Doom multiplayer, but I do blame lag anyway. 6) Annoyed but not angry. "A shell, an Imp" as someone's custom title states. 7) Never touched a map editor. 8) Sometimes, then I answer "More pain." 9) No way. 10) Nope. 11) Mostly yes, especially if I can't get around it. I do the same thing with shotgun shell boxes. 12) Yes. 13) No. 14) It only happens when I think I can guarantee its death in one shot, but RNG says no. 15) A bit. I think my life is a little less enriched without Doom. 16) I don't remember voting in any polls, but I'd go with yes. 17) Never touched a map editor. 18) One of the best of all time, but I can't really put into words why.
  21. Chow Yun Thin

    Doom 2 Arcade Machine In "Grosse Point Blank"

    I played one a few times at an arcade. Single-player was going through the first episode with only 3 lives and multi-player was fighting off bots inside of a version of Quake 2's The Edge map. It used a trackball on the left hand for looking and a thumb button for shooting. Movement was with four buttons for the right hand, a thumb button for jumping and a pinky button for switching weapons. It was a little uncomfortable to play, but I put up with it since I didn't have a computer strong enough to play it at the time.
  22. Chow Yun Thin

    The best video game advertisements of all time!

    Some Sega ads from the UK made me go WTF (forgive me for the Kotaku article).
  23. Chow Yun Thin

    "Send them to Coventry" mentality pervading Youtube

    Interesting choice of phrase for the title.
  24. Chow Yun Thin

    What was your first anime?

    I remember watching a bit of Dragonball when eating breakfast before going to junior high. I think I got to when Goku was exposed to a full moon and transformed into a giant ape monster. I also saw Ronin Warriors during a summer break, that shit was awesome. My sister was into Sailor Moon, though. I didn't care much for it because "Ewww, girly shit!" I did have a chuckle when Google had the main character as the third result for "lazy underachieving 14-year-old crybaby". In the context of this forum, it reminds me of one guy who had a serious hard-on for one of the characters (Jupiter, I think) and would somehow steer a conversation into how he wanted her as a waifu. Pokemon doesn't show up on my radar, not even the mobile game from a year ago. But when it first came stateside, I hated how overexposed it was. It was everywhere, especially in high school. I didn't care much for the games (or turn-based RPGs in general), but I always cringed at how the anime mimicked the games by having the trainers call out the attacks. Full Metal Alchemist was the only anime I ever completed. I caught a few episodes of it on Toonami around 2004-ish, when Ed and Al first encounter Scar. It was compelling to watch, but I didn't keep up with it until a few years later. I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law for about a week and I happened to notice about a dozen volumes of the translated manga on the bookshelf among the Xbox 360 games. I plowed through the volumes within a few days and eventually the whole series, as well as the Brotherhood adaptation. I don't think I ever watched the first one as I heard it diverged significantly from the manga while it was still being written. Man, all this reflection has made me realize how weeaboo-ish my brother-in-law is. He listens to the soundtrack from Cowboy Bebop when studying, his car's license plate refers to a Gundam type, he plays weekly matches of Yu-gi-Oh with his friend, all of his online handles have Gundam in it, even has a goddamn mall ninja katana on his bookshelf and a copy of that giant sword from FF7 next to it.
  25. Chow Yun Thin

    Post some of your computer horror/scare stories

    I just remembered a computer screwup I dealt with in my teens. I was trying to install a demo of Alien Breed Tower Assault, but the computer didn't have enough memory to start the game. I don't know how, but I had configured it to start up as soon as I turned on the computer. I played it and had my fun, but then I freaked out when I didn't know how to exit the game from the title screen. There wasn't an option to exit, and Esc didn't work at all, and restarting the computer only started the game back up. In my panicked state I reinstalled Windows 3.1 and just about broke down in tears because I thought I had wiped out all of the stuff on the computer. A little later, I found out that if I started up the computer, exited the reinstalled copy of Windows, and started it up from the DOS prompt it would go back to the previous copy of Windows before I fucked up. About a year after that fuckup, my family bought a new computer from Circuit City and all was well for about a week. I was looking through floppy disks from the old computer when the computer's McAfee program found a virus on a Wolfenstein 3D floppy that a friend gave to me. I didn't have it remove the virus because I thought it would delete the game as well. I went about my business and forgot about the disk in the floppy drive. You can guess what happened, and I had to lie through my teeth to my parents and the Circuit City employee that the computer just failed to work when pressing the power button. We got a new one, and I promptly got rid of all the virus-infected floppies. A few months after that, I started college and I asked my uncle to help me build a new computer (mostly because Counter-Strike was the hot rage then and I wanted to play it with my dorm mates). At first the computer was doing fine, but after a few months the computer would start freezing CS with a looping sound about 5-15 minutes into a game. I brought it back to the computer shop where my uncle had it built, and their guys thought it was the video card overheating so they installed a fan onto the heatsink. It seemed to work while it was in the shop (and they even had a copy of Unreal Tournament running to prove it), but the damn thing still kept freezing up when I used it. It got so bad that I couldn't even play Solitaire without getting graphical glitches (and it certainly didn't help that my uncle convinced to use Windows ME). After a few more weeks of that, I just put my malfunctioning computer into the closet, resigned in defeat and took over the family computer from the previous paragraph. A few years pass. I was getting into building my own computer and was reading up on the basics. Now that I felt more comfortable with working on computers, my mind went back to the malfunctioning computer in my closet. I brought it back out and tested all the parts to see if any of them were still good. I finally discovered that the PSU was the primary issue for all the malfunctions and so much goddamn grief for no good reason. That POS was even worse than the one inside of the Circuit City computer and just didn't output the wattage needed for games. I replaced the PSU and bam! It worked like it was supposed to, regardless of Windows ME. That taught me the important lesson of not being cheap when it comes to the PSU. Any hardware setup absolutely needs a reliable PSU that outputs the needed wattage and then some. For emphasis: DO NOT SKIMP ON THE PSU! Recently, I was watching my younger cousin play Minecraft and he brings up the debug screen to see coordinates in the game world and figure out where to mine diamonds. I notice that, despite playing on a gaming laptop his brother bought him, the game was being played on integrated graphics. I convince my cousin to let me figure out how to get Minecraft to play better on the dedicated GPU and he relents with a half-hearted shrug. I get to the Nvidia Control Panel and try to switch the 3D settings to use the graphics card, but it says I need administrator rights to do so. "Run as Administrator" didn't work at all, so I figured maybe a restart would clear things up. What I didn't know was, my cousin always put the laptop on Standby mode when he was done using it. No Windows updates were ever applied since he got it. When I restarted the laptop, all of the then-current updates were applied, including one that made the hard drive unreadable to the BIOS. I panicked at first, then I went digging for a solution to "operating system loader signature is invalid". Eventually, I burned a copy of Windows 10 and had it go to System Restore and restore it to a save point before that day. Nothing of value was lost since he stored his stuff on Google Drive, but as he went back to play some more Minecraft, I thought to myself, "The laptop is back to where it was before, malware and non-use of the GPU included. It's still a restart away from being fucked up. Even if I clean out the malware, apply the Windows updates without that FUBAR, and get Windows to make use of the GPU, he's not going to notice or even care. This whole thing was just a waste of time and effort."