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  1. Happy birthday to me!!! I'm getting old...

    1. Fonze


      Happy birthday!

    2. Gerardo194


      Thank you! I am 23 now.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Just now became 23, and feeling old already? Give it at least twenty more years, I'd say. ;-)

      Not that I am +40, but even past 40/50 years you can still be "really" young. All that matters is health and spirit.

      Happy birthday. Make it a nice one. :-)

    4. Ledillman


      Feliz cumpleeeee <3 

    5. Gerardo194


      Ok, ok, ok. I will give it twenty more years! I'm 23 on March 23rd hehe...

      Muchas gracias amigos y amigas!!! Los amo! <3

  2. Indeed! I'm from Costa Rica! 

  3. The bruiser brothers are the big badasses, correct me if I'm wrong but they are tough, taller than you, super powerful, impressive and so on. It is said that the word badass is a cursed word and it wouldn't make sense if we translate the E1 ending this way: "una vez que vences a los grandes chingones/papudos /pichudos y limpiando la base lunar..." It sounds weird to me. But based on some examples about these words in a Spanish context they may imply something phenomenal, extraordinary, incredible, beastly/brutal(depending on the case and place) I would translate it this way: "una vez que vences a las bestialidades/barbaridades/mounstruosidades y limpiando la base lunar..." this one sounds good to me but it's just my opinion. Now about the Revenant it can be "resucitado" because revenant is said to be a French word; and Mancubus would be Mancubo, based on we say Sucubo and Incubo.
  4. He he, 燃えたろ?... Err I mean, Pura Vida!!! Soy de Costa Rica!!
  5. Happy International Water day!

  6. The dark eternal night.

  7. Hehe, I had a feeling that you would need some help with that, so I decided to talk about it. Gez's post reminded me that.
  8. In my country, when we see something or someone badass, we often say these words nowadays : papudo, pichudo, rajado, saico or psycho(literally).
  9. Thank you, Zed. Hay algunos que dicen que badass quiere decir chingón y de donde yo vengo no decimos chingón.
  10. What is your mother language, Zed? If English, could I have an explanation about the word "badass "?
  11. Imp can also be diablillo as well!
  12. It also can be "hombre de la condenación/destrucción" Translate the word "badass" in Spanish now. How could it be translated?
  13. Vaya ! nunca he jugado Hexen, creo que debería darle un intento. Wow! I've never played Hexen, I think I should give it a try. Those item names sound pretty good.
  14. Es cierto, los monstruos deben mantener los mismos nombres en inglés, no podemos cambiar el titulo del juego tampoco. Acerca de la BFG, yo suelo llamarla la BFG, si no hubiera una F, esta sería the BG la cual se traduciría "la gran arma/pistola". The plasma gun: la pistola de plasma, el rifle /fusil de plasma. Acerca de la chaingun, también se le puede llamar "ametralladora de cadena " Lanzacohetes es el correcto y a las energy cell les llamo batería de energía también pero esa es mi opinión.
  15. I'd call it Latin American Spanish instead of Mexican Spanish, but let's see what others have to say first. I might be wrong. Edit: I had a little mistake, I typed called instead of call it, hehe.