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  1. Nope, we don't consider that all the testing must be on our shoulders. A public beta release can be happening soon. :)
  2. Thanks everyone!! @V0idH0und I use Blender to make these models. I've learnt much from it. @DeXiaZ no, he's not a cyber a chain gunner, it's just his hand inside the chaingun. But your idea sounds cool. @Ex Oblivione the Revenant is gonna fire both rockets at the same time. Do they need to be slow like PSXDoom or fast like Doom64? BTW, nice profile pic. @GoatLord I'm considering your suggestion about the Zombieman. He might gonna has right-handed gun firing.
  3. Good night everyone!!! I had a busy day, I'm gonna reply some threads by tomorrow afternoon. But we really enjoyed the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal. It was absolutely fantastic.

  4. @Ex Oblivione thanks for your appreciation, my friend. I just need to adjust some things, capture frames, and convert them into sprites. @Rifle Infantry I like your idea about adding larger armor pouches to him. It would add a different touch to him. Besides he is wearing a backpack full of bullets. About the hand, of course I can make it more proportional. @Kaos thank you very much. I'm gonna make those calves bulkier. You are right about that. That's very easy to do, haha. @GoatLord I guess you are right about Revenant's proportions, I've been noticing this as well. As @Kapanyo mentioned before, do the legs need lengthening? I think you both are right. But, do the arms must look shorter as well? Give me an opinion of what to do here, please. The only thing I can't do is @Solmyr suggestion about the pelvis, It's too late for that now, I didn't know that I was doing back then. I'm sorry for disappointing you guys :(... About the former humans, what changes do you wanna see for them?
  5. Thank you, can't wait to do the Hellhound and adding more monsters to this. I'm thinking of adding the Sawcubus from Doom 2 RPG, it's just an idea.
  6. No, you misunderstood my words or I even expressed myself not that well. We care about all of your concerns, but dramatic posts like all above have gave you the chance to express what you feel about our project. But then again, we just take our time. I also am very sad about all of the drama here, it's so stupid. Judging without knowing our own future devices.
  7. hey guys, here a bring you more pics about the progression of this project. It's almost done!! Now I added two more monsters to the project. here they are: Arch Vile (it needs to be painted again XD). Heavy Weapon Dude (new model): Revenant: Spider Mastermind: The snakes of the brain are fatter now, as @Empyre suggested and added her a pair of arms, good suggestion from @NightmareMan I'm planning of a secondary attack for Spiderdemon. Female Arch Vile (Summoner or whatever you call her, give suggestions please) She needs color, of course! and.. Cyberdemon 2.0: more coming soon :)
  8. Wow, most of these comments are extremely ridiculous XD People complaining a year later this project started, how dramatic. We didn't know you guys were so worried about us. Are we most popular than Jesus?. Thank you guys. We love you. Can anyone tell me why everything has gone slowly and there is no much activity from us in this thread? Most of you have said nonsense things, judging without reason(a year later) and not having the humility to ask us: -"Hey, GEC guys! How are you? How is it going with your projects? Can I help you out with something?" No! You just waited for a pessimist comment to pour everything from your guts out. Making the thread popular. How can I make you understand that nobody is making any competition here. We just take our time to get the things done. I must say, there have been many plan changes about all of our projects, your projects. But we also have things to do as well, our life. We don't see the need to speed up this project when we're seeing progress in Master Edition Doom, thanks to you guys, although there are two of them complaining here, that's sad but it doesn't matter... Now... @DeXiaZ thank you very much for helping us. Situations like these have made us to know and get along well each other. Besides, we have things to talk about this project, yes, this project in its due time. When we started the Master Edition Doom project and you were offline those days. We must admit we were very worried about you. @Nevander I have said many times that we were going to help you, but this help have taken a long time just like this project. We GEC, are having many plan changes. There's nothing to be worried about. When things get done, we hope to have a good conversation about it. There will be good news, I'm happy to be the bringer of good news here. Patience is a virtue, thanks everybody and @Cacodemon345 “A perfectionist has to take his time; he shapes and he molds and he sculpts that thing until it's perfect" -Michael Jackson.
  9. I do not consider that as vaporware. We just take our time to do our things. There's no need to rush.
  10. This is extremely disappointing to me... I'm not going be able to watch the Doom Eternal Reveal this August 11 live.

    1. Gerardo194


      Errr. I mean August 10th

  11. Omg. I'm so exhausted...

    1. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Bringing the missing Doom 64 monsters to life requires an enormous effort! But the end results will be well worth it. Everyone will appreciate it.

    2. Gerardo194


      Thank you very much, friend! I'm working hard to get these done soon.

  12. Forgive me bro, I thought you were having that kind of thoughts... You know, there are people like that... I don't have any problem if others try to recreate these missing monsters. BTW, I know I haven't showed anything but I made a new Chaingunner model that looks better than the first one; the female Arch-Vile is done now and also the Cyberdemon 2.0 (the one who uses two rocket launchers), and Harbinger of Doom style as well, I also wanna to add more monsters that I have in mind. Now I have to finish the last missing Doom64 monster: the Cerberus.
  13. I cannot do that my friend. This project isn't for me. It's for everyone.