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  1. Brand New Dark Ambient tracks!

    @Aubrey Hodges you are great! I listen to all of your soundtracks every single day. Journey Into The Dark Places has the most eerie dark ambient soundtracks I've ever heard, just like Doom soundtracks. WAiting for the FinalDOOM bonus tracks, those of Doom 64 20th Anniversary are memorable. Good job!
  2. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    This Arch Vile model won't be use anymore, it showed many problems to me in terms of adding the final touches, so I have to scrap it. At least, he did his best. Hey, did you see what you've done? Now he's very angry... Actually, I think the model isn't good at all, it's shitty, but I had a lot of fun using Paint3D by doing it, Paint3D really gave a good experience to me. And his face was taken from Doom 64 actually. The Ach Vile now has a completely new face, started and finished this morning and it's full of HATE! Hope you like it, more coming soon, been busy with my studies :)
  3. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    Thanks!! So the Arch Vile looks more alien to you, huh? Is it his head, face or whole body? Maybe the new one will look more Doom-y hehe. I just need to finish his head again.
  4. Has SNES Doom hacking ever been attempted?

    Yes, it has been attempted with it and my brother Erick194 is working on the PSXDOOM hacking program. Maybe you already know about this.
  5. Hola, Happy birthday!!!! Have a great day! :)

    1. Ledillman


      thank you very muchoo

  6. Has SNES Doom hacking ever been attempted?

    My brother Erick194 did an investigation about those hacked Snes Doom levels, one uploaded by @MopoZ in another thread and found out that the level had no exit, we used a pro action cheat code to skip the level and it ran map two (nuclear plant) which was corrupted, my brother thinks the created map got more bytes and acquired more file size replacing some data on map two, that's why there's no exit in map one to not run map two.
  7. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    Just a little update. The Arch Vile is being built again. It will keep it's design but will look better. And probably I will be making that Dual Rocket Launcher Cyberdemon. Time will decide.
  8. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Hmmm, I need to be more informed from now on. Hope it surprise me, at least.
  9. Ever wondered how Doom 64 guy reloads the super shotgun?

    Just like the shotgun guy does but @cybdmn is telling you the truth.
  10. Has SNES Doom hacking ever been attempted?

    I still owned Snes Doom. I love it.
  11. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    Thanks for your explanation @VGA. And I don't know that game hehe.
  12. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming to life soon

    That Arch Vile isn't completed yet hehe, there are still many details to add up. About your suggestion, I will consider it. INFO: the pictures have been updated into higher resolution.
  13. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Of course, you are approximately third gen (late 2nd gen) baptized by first gen Doom.
  14. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    I started playing Doom in 2008 on Snes. I can say I'm second generation Doomer. Why? Simply, the first Doom marks the first generation (1993-2004), Doom3 the second one (2004-2016) and Doom'16 the third one (2016-present)
  15. What are you listening to?

    You all know this one: