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  1. Hello. Hope you are very fine. What you are experiencing with the level progression is the normal behavior of the project in this Beta phase 4 GEC has released. It's not a bug. GEC is planning the full progression of the project to include those maps you want to see from both PSXDoom and Final Doom. Hope you enjoy beta 4 and have a good night.
  2. In NRFTL, Tomb of Malevolence, you have a nightmare CyberDemon. In Grosse, you have another nightmare CyberDemon in UV and Nightmare! In Altar of Extraction, you have nightmare Mankies. In Titan Manor, you have Nightmare Baron. Too many maps have nightmare variants
  3. Hello @Dynamo If you're referring to this project. Yes! There are nightmare Imps, Barons and Knights, Mankies, Archies, Cybies and so on. If you want, try it out. Have a good day.
  4. Thanks a lot for this. It has been added in the OP.
  5. We are still considering that. We'll let you know when we're ready.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Appreciated. But if there were a new name for the compilation, that will depend on Erick only. And the GZDoom version we made is the original Master Edition.
  7. Thanks a lot! Even though we internally applied some changes in some maps, the mappers team have done a good job as well. Enjoy!
  8. That would be taking one of the maps from the original games and using a tool to add them and then adding that information in the PSXMPINF. Erick must know about this better than I do. You can ask him personally. Regarding the completed version, we already have the map progression done when that happens.
  9. Yes. Erick has already planned that. After final version is completely done. We will work on the version that contains Master Edition and Original PSXDoom and Final Doom in one pack. That's the main purpose of this project.
  10. Nope, there aren't . Anyone can make their gameplay differences if wished. If you know decorate or zscript, you can make those differences to happen. If you have read the read me file. You can read it runs on GZDoom GEC Master Edition, aka DZDoom, but you can run it on Doom 64 Ex and the 2020 Remaster. In the full sprite sheet contained in the zip, you will see unused animations anyone can use to add more to those gameplay differences.
  11. Doom 64 Hell Hound version 1.0 released! Habemus Hell Hound! Here is the Download LInk: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i9la4idiiphi92d/Hell_Hound.zip/file Enjoy :)