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  1. Thank you @Antnee , sure! There is new progress, the Icon of sin has his body done and I'm also working on some new models for @Nevander project. Soon I will show more.
  2. I love Doomworld

    1. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      The best part of waking up is Doomworld in your cup.

    2. Gerardo194


      That's right, my friend

  3. Gerardo194

    Advice for a console noob?

    @Memfis I think you have to give a try to SNES Doom, it was my first Doom and I love it. I suggest you to play it in Nightmare difficulty.
  4. Gerardo194

    Console Doom ITT

    Thank you @Linguica
  5. Gerardo194

    Anyone in the Generation Z who like Classic Doom games?

    My youngest brother, Christopher. He was born in July 14th 2002 and he's a Classic Doom fan as well. Starting with SNES Doom first.
  6. I really like Devil World, I remember myself playing that game long time ago. OK, I will be including some references at its time. I guess it will be fun. :) Meanwhile, I must finish what I started. There's too much to be done.
  7. @GoatLord I really like the idea for zombie nazis. It could be a 3d model resembling Doom64 zombies wearing Nazi clothes. What about Wolf 3D mutants? I also can model a D64 Keen resembling the GBC appearance as @SiFi270 suggested as well. @EtherBot I had thought about including Midway/Williams references as well, those were (possible spoiler) battling against Sinistar in a hidden level and finding Robotron. About Nintendo references... What could it be?
  8. @DynamiteKaitorn Yes, there will be PAL formats of each build as well! @mr-around you're welcome. We're glad new people is coming to participate in this project! Once you finish the maps, you must send it to @Erick194 via PM @RonLivingston I guess you must download the Custom GZDoom builder by GEC, you can find it on page 1, try to download the Master Edition PSXDoom Beta too! Once you download the Custom GZDoom builder, you must use, PSXDoom format to map, not Doom format. If you have doubts, you can search for solutions in this thread or simply you can ask us! Try this, (I don't know if it goes this way) open Fragport's desert prison in Doom2 format and try to save it in PSXDoom format. I guess you must also search for Erick194's videos when converting and loading maps for PSXDoom format. About the Administration Center level, I think it must use space sky, since Hell actually starts in Baron's Den level.
  9. Welcome to the Team, @mr-around If you have any doubts when mapping, don't hesitate to ask us here in the thread. :)
  10. Thank you very much @HorrorMovieGuy I'm glad to hear you liked them. I can't wait either. I hope that @DrPyspy is doing well and going on with his D64 Revenant.
  11. That's a great information @riderr3 thank you very much. I will help us a lot! Yes, we've been using v1.0 as a base but we can upgrade it to v1.1 that is the Greatest Hits Release and we also have a copy of it. Another difference between v1.0 and v1.1 is the skull keys reading in some maps. What's this? In v1.0, playing maps where skull keys are located (not keycards) but not having picked up one, the locked doors will always show keycards in the status bar. This was fixed in Greatest Hits Release where maps that have skull keys, the locked doors will show skull keys in the status bar. This was also fixed in PSX Final Doom.
  12. Gerardo194

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing Master Edition PSXDoom beta on my modded PlayStation. Very good so far! Haha