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  1. No, they aren't cannon. Happy for that!!
  2. Of course they are!!! I really like their soundtrack from KOF 94, it's badass!
  3. It sounds tempting. If I could make a video I would upload it. The problem is it would be very long
  4. Yes, it did!!! I was very fool to not having notice it lol Ahh, just like a demo... I have done that with Go 2 it level in UV, just for fun.
  5. Thank you very much :-) you are a great help.
  6. When you say pistol starts, are you meaning of finishing the level with pistol only??
  7. I need to give it a try...
  8. Today was terribly hot as Hell!! Happy that rainy season has come. 

  9. G.E.C.: "three minds, one being"


  10. Yes, I have!!! oh I see you master Ralf and Clark, they are very difficult for me to use. I can't believe when people can win with them. I forgot to mention one: Kyoshiro in Samurai Showdown. I also play as Iori and Mai in KOF. Good choice for Hanzo, I think he's better than Galford.
  11. Hahaha I see, sorry for misunderstood your post. Well, my mains are: Kyo. KOF2002 Kyo. KOF'98 Rock Howard and B Jennet. Garou Mai. RBFF2 Well, I can read a little of Japanese, not perfect though. I've been used to call them for its Japanese names because there were English Cabinets and bootleg Japanese cabinets here several years ago. Garou Densetsu is actually Fatal Fury 1 "the battle of destiny" My ex-girlfriend is Japanese so she taught me some words and pronunciation and I don't know what weaboo means hehe. It might sounds stupid but when I was a kid I new some meanings of Hiragana characters and few Kanjis despite Spanish is my mother language.
  12. Well I have played most of SNK fighting games on Neo Geo Cabinets, ahhh good memories of my childhood hehe. I have played KOF'94 to 2003, I don't know anything about the 3d versions. My main KOFs are: 94/95/96/97/98/2002, I play the others but I don't like them so much. I also like Art of fighting, Garou Densetsu and Samurai Spirits :D I really like when Kyo says 燃えたろ??
  13. The progress has been good so far! When we finish with our current projects that are the PSX Doom /Final Doom and Doom 64 for a modified version of GZDoom called GZDoom [GEC] Master Edition (it's just a matter of time to finish them), we will be showing more information about the RPGs. The turn based mechanic was something incredible I saw when my brother implemented it, I couldn't believe my eyes! If it wouldn't have been implemented, it wouldn't feel the same. The games were created for turn-based mode and here you go. There are many ideas floating around to make them incredible and the next step would be the combat mode to be implemented.
  14. I see, I didn't know about digital drawings but yours look really good. Keep the good work!! :)
  15. @Nathan92 nice drawings so far, but I have a question to you, How long it takes you to make them, and do you draw them on papers or using a computer program??