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  1. Glad you found the error. We might try to test this later as well to find out what's happening. That's why my brother said "welcome to Hell" Regarding the deep canyon, is there any textures issues???
  2. That's great my friend @DeXiaZ. put screenies when you can!!! And please use 3D effect. Glad to see you again! Gotcha slot is yours now.
  3. Keeping things as close to the PC versions as possible won't make it look that this was designed for the PS1 hardware. You can notice many differences between PC maps and PS1 maps, some of them were made to match up the PS1 hardware (e.g. some high ceilings were lowered due to some issues with textures, (issue that was fix in the PS1 version of Hexen) this issue cause an awful stretching to the textures) So, our performance goal here is getting the missing maps that resemble the ones of the PSX version. You can keep a map that look like its PC counterpart if possible to the engine, but if there's an issue with some maps that you dislike, feel free to tell us that you want to modify little things of it. For those who want to insert the LL maps, let me tell you that you can't (it's a joke) Let me tell you you can check up the VRAM viewer to get more textures and flats included if possible, you can also make your LL map to look a little bit different to the TC counterpart. We want something cool for everyone. And same for those who wants to make a whole new map conversion. Don't forget you can use any monster with Nightmare flag if you wish, and Use 3D as well if you want special effects as was shown in my brother's map New Hangar.
  4. @CoTeCiO when mapping, you can't exceed the colored squares or whatever they are located in the Vram viewer, with too much textures and flats. Try to open an actual psxdoom map and check it out with the Vram viewer. You'll notice it won't exceed the colored squares. I'm trying to explain this to you the best possible because @Erick194 is sleeping now. The two big squares are the processed game, next square are the fonts, the two other are the flats (up to 16 flats max) and textures. And the black rectangle located at the bottom is for sprites. I think it works like this.
  5. Hmmm, we didn't notice that. We will check it up. Meanwhile, ignore and delete it from maps too. Thank you. We are also working on these tools. The Final one will come when the project finishes. The engine might be difficult for megawads due to its limitations, that's why you need to check the Vram viewer when mapping, any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. That'd be good to see. But if you do, remember you can't sell them or make a profit with it, these tools were made with non profit in mind. Anything done with these, must stay free!! Besides, thanks for join us!!! Can't wait for more people to join. Don't forget to spill the beans. Lookin' forward to your maps:)
  6. Gerardo194

    PC sounds and HUD for PSX Doom

    Glad to see your dream project has come true @CoTeCiO also thank you very much for acknowledge and support our efforts and hard work.
  7. Happy to know our PSXDoom hacking project has started now. 

  8. Hey DeXiaZ, where are you?

  9. It's been a while, but are you still working on that mobile id games project?

    Because i wonder if it was possible to release some of the assets, like sprites and sounds, whether or not the ports of the games themselves would have also been released.

    I hope i'm not bothering you or sounding annoying.

    Anyway, congrats for those Doom 64 monsters.

    1. Gerardo194


      Hello, friend. Yes, I'm still working on the mobile Id games projects with my brother, it's true we haven't posted anything about it but we still keep them alive. 

      About the RPGs resources, I cannot release any of them because it was my brother who extract them all. But everything will be release at its due time. This is a hard work.


      You aren't being annoying or so, in fact I'm glad you are still aware of this my friend. 

      And thank you very much about the D64 monsters. :)

      Any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to ask me. 

      Best regards.

    2. whatup876


      Glad to hear.

      Hope your brother is doing fine with these projects.

      I admire the effort that was put into making these projects a reality.

    3. Gerardo194


      Thank you very much, we won't let you down!! Now mapping on PSX Doom format is a reality as well. :)

  10. That's something I've planned long time ago and is going to happen, my friend. :)
  11. Gerardo194

    Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    Yes, it's still happening! Don't lose your faith. We're just fixing and adjusting some things to make it more comfortable for everyone.