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  1. I do not know that app, I suppose you were listening to the midi tracks there. Well, soundfont doesn't work like Play Station SPU. I know you're feeling about it.
  2. @Impboy4 we know what happens there, it's not the music track because it was taken from the source code but, it's the GZDoom which cause this problem, you can notice that in Virgil level too, just listen to it carefully. It will also happen in Combine level, most of Final Doom tracks might sound different this time.
  3. Thank you @Antnee believe it or not, this is the actual Doom64 turning speed using the controller in N64. But if there's a way to fix this for users, we can add something new to get a faster turning. But we need more feedback to it! You're the first one!
  4. I finally understood what you wanted to say, you wish the opitions for this project can be GZDoom's default and the user is the one who can adjust the settings similar to the original PSXDoom or PSXDoomTC. I misunderstood you when you said this: I thought you were referring to set the GEC project to the original game settings while you were referring to the port itself. We thought this could be the right way for users, so they wouldn't have any problem by configuring the seetings similar to PSXDoom. Just like the example you game me about the PSXDoomTC. We don't want people think this beats PSXDoomTC and now PSXDoomTC is obsolete, same goes to @Nevander 's Doom 64 Retribution. We in fact, want people consider this as the ultimate update for those projects. That's why we credited the PSXDoomTC Team and Nevander in this project. I don't know if Lost Levels can work here, maybe give a try, if there's any issue, we all together can make it run in GEC.
  5. Ouch, this is extremely impossible (but who knows) to add. If we could manage it, you must be needing a whole memory card in order to save game. Just like PSX Hexen and Duke Nukem 3D lol. @Dark Pulse I guess next beta is coming next yeat, as @riderr3 pointed out, there are few new maps available. Anyway, we will be contacting the other members if they need help with their maps. Besides I must say Master Levels will be 32 levels megawad in this version and we need to add new maps for it, besides a new special episode for Doom. :)
  6. Gerardo194

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Can't wait for this!!!
  7. @Cacodemon345 this was already posted at ZDoom Forums, check it out! :) We are unable to play Doom in 1080p in our current PC, anyways, we can check this up in our laptop and have it fixed. This project is previously configured, so you don't need to set things up to make it look similar to the original game. If any user wants to see any GZDoom features on it, it can be easily done (unless there is no issue) by adjusting it in configuration settings :) Yes, PSXDoomguy is faster than his PC counterpart.
  8. Gerardo194

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Playing wads? Or getting ideas for coming Doom projects? Who knows...
  9. Hope you have fun with it!!! If you encounter some bugs or weird things, don't hesitate to tell us! I'm also waiting for those games you mentioned above.
  10. Gerardo194

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Glad to see this finally got here! Good job!
  11. We are finally done! I still remember when this started years ago, or maybe it was just yesterday. Good to see we just released it. Check the OP guys!
  12. Happy Birthday Doom! 

  13. Gerardo194

    Blighted aura. A heretic RPG

    I'm looking forward to this! Looks great!