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Status Updates posted by Gerardo194

  1. Hello Doomworld.

    1. taufan99


      Hey Gerardo! We've all been waiting for you. Hope you have something new to give to us!

    2. sbw37


      i'm with him. all of us are eagerly anticipating your release of your doom 64 episode and the new enemies. we're rooting for ya lol


  2. Edit: Update for GEC followers, in some days... 

    1. Gerardo194


      We will have some news. We are cooking two eggs.


  3. If you know the origin of my profile picture, send a PM

  4. There's a picture of me somewhere in Doomworld 

  5. When you dream at night, if you can, if you have the chance, when you suddenly wake up early in the morning due to a dream, write, type it or record yourself telling the dream for you. You can have ideas for the coming days. 
    When I have dreams or nightmares like today, I type them on my phone for future reference. I recommend applying this weird practice.

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    2. sbw37


      heck i wouldnt even know where to begin lol unfortunately im just a visionary. i suppose if i had programming or video creating skills id probably pitch it to hollywood. that and a remake of event horizon. just pushing the bar of gore, horror, scare factors etc ive thought of as well. those two movies need to happen lol 


    3. Gerardo194


      Wow, cool ideas to be honest, many years ago there were some users here recommending Event Horizion as how a Doom Movie should be, but I haven't watched that movie yet, hehe. When I was little, I was having ideas in making a new Mortal Kombat movie (I was a terrific Mortal kombat fan) but I guess the 1995 is perfect and the one from 2021 is good, not that good as the first one to be honest but is a movie you can enjoy with family or friends to have a good time.


      As you see, I'm not an expert on what I dedicate my time. Being a visionary is good! I created GEC when I was 13 years old in 2007, and look now, people talk about GEC no matter if what they say is good or bad. Someday GEC will make all of their projects they created before knowing about Doom come true (if possible) and leave Doom forever, we don't want this game for the whole life, although we thank Doom for pushing us to the world.

      You can start with the most little project you have in mind. Learn from others, that is pretty important, and try to mimic their techniques, that will help you to improve your own techniques on whatever you do. Starting with the basics with programming or video creation is a good step to gain experience. Remember we gain good or bad experiences everyday. Enjoying yourself on what you create, that's the first step!

    4. sbw37


      ah yes the original mortal kombat movie and the games...brings back good memories of my childhood lol we're definitely in agreement regarding the comparison of the 1995 vs the 2021 versions. to me what made the first movie great was how suspenseful and action oriented the fight scenes were. the scorpion vs jonny cage fight sequence was great! 


      maybe one of these days ill start tinkering with a few things. well see lol. im speaking from the heart when i say what the three of you are doing for the doom 64 is very innovative. that game is so underappreciated and unique and to see a small team like you and your brothers create new enemies for it. im very excited to see the final results of it and how (hopefully) the rest of the community adopt the work into their mapping if yall are allowing it. 


      regarding event horizon, its highly recommended you watch it lol. idk how big of a horror movie buff you are, but this one will definitely get under your skin. and the truth is the version thats out was supposed to be a hell of a lot worse in terms of gore, and deeper detail. but what i read it was too extreme for theatrical release (unfortunately lol) so if you watch it, turn off the lights and crank up the surround cause this one like hellraiser 1 & 2 isnt for the faint of heart haha

  6. If I have ever been mean to you, please forgive me. I'm sorry. 

    1. Impboy4


      I'll forgive you, but only if you accept that I wasn't lying and/or trolling with my musical evidence.

    2. Gerardo194


      I forgive you too friend. I will send you a PM later.

  7. I remember those days when I got "crazy" saying stuff about the new me. It was funny. 

    1. OliveTree


      the corruption arc

  8. Ever wondered why all these status updates of a sudden? Yes, I'm currently unemployed now, i quit my job. But being into pixel art and learning more about 3D stuff. I hope my next job could be in the morning. I miss those days 😢

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    2. Gerardo194


      Why that fish looks different? Is that upscaled? 

    3. OniriA


      Who knows. 

    4. Gerardo194


      I see. I guess you might know the origin of this fish. Just maybe. 🤔

  9. Good morning, i had a very strange dream about Doom 3 today. 

  10. Good morning everyone. 

    Have you ever felt disappointed about customer service support when you really need help or being listened about any issue you are facing with any product? 

  11. It is very interesting how those genuises implemented the zoom gesture screen on devices using only two fingers. It could have been Apple? Not sure, but I have used zoom many times in this smartphone devices and I found it amazing right now. :/

  12. Making progress as always.

  13. Hello again Doomworld, long time no see 

    1. Biodegradable


      Nice to see you again, dude!

    2. Gerardo194


      Thank you 

  14. A Hell Knight like monster with Mancubus fireball throwers. 

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    2. Gerardo194
    3. doomguykiller69


      Ese demonio necesita una pechera lanza cohetes!

    4. Gerardo194


      Jeje otro día, ese monstruo no fue una idea de GEC, un usuario aqui me pidió que lo hiciera lel

  15. Reading Doomworld threads... Do you like carrot and orange juice? 

  16. Watching Dragon Ball Z with the rest of the GEC crew

  17. Gerardo194 said on May 16 2016:

    "They were pretty cool and funny. I really like them. I'm thinking of using them in my future projects. Thanks for these sounds Mr. Hodges."


    And those sounds along those from Doom 2 by Robert Prince were used by my brother Chris194 to create the Arch Vile sounds used on PSXDoom Master Edition and PsyDoom released a while ago. 



  18. Playing Shinobi NES

    1. Gerardo194


      Hmmm i couldn't pass the helicopter part, will try other day soon

    2. Gerardo194


      Finally, I finished Shinobi NES

  19. Wow, 168 notifications

    1. Gerardo194


      Thanks for following me guys

  20. I'm a Zappa fan, since I first listened to him I haven't stopped. I listen to him even at work. 

    1. Doomkid


      Glad to hear that, his music is very addictive!

  21. Are there any videos about speed mapping? 

  22. Hello Doomers and Doomerettes.

    Not opening a thread on the subforums because I think that's irrelevant but... What the Hell is going on with those YouTubers that make Doom Eternal gameplays arguing about the in game weapons? 

    1. Gerardo194


      I was watching videos about Doom Eternal monsters and YouTube recommendations showed me YouTube channels saying they will quit from the game, videos about Channels having an argument about the game and i tried to read the comments to know what is going on but found no answer. I think that's some drama they could be making to get attention, idk. 


      Ps. I am not on Reddit nor Slayers club. Doomworld is my place.