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Status Updates posted by Gerardo194

  1. I consider Universal Soldier for SNES (played on a emulator) better than Super Mario 64. I really enjoyed Universal Soldier.

    1. Gothic


      I really like Final Fantasy, I think it's much better than Pong

    2. Gerardo194


      Pong has better lore than Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger together. XD

  2. Everything comes in due time! :) 

  3. I spent a great night with my family. Good night everyone!

  4. Raccoons are invading my roof 

  5. Why the PSX Doom Credits Soundtrack is so badass? I really love it!

  6. I woke up at 13:00pm today. Call me lazy!

    1. KVELLER


      Ha! I woke up at 15:00 the other day! Beat that!

    2. Gerardo194


      Ouch! that hurts... :(

  7. Happy New Year Doom Community!

    I love you all!

  8. Going back with missing D64 monsters now!

  9. Planning the next project.

    1. seed


      Don't you have your plate full at the moment :v? 

    2. Gerardo194


      Yeah, you're right, currently working on two of them but there will also be the RPG's project (although my brother released all of the textures a while ago) but I'm planning the next one, just planning, hehe

  10. Happy Birthday Doom! 

  11. 1 day! 



    Almost 100% done


  12. If you want to make the world a better place

    Take a look at yourself and make the change

  13. Happy Weekend everybody! :)

  14. Hey everybody! Who is the cutest for you?





    1. whatup876


      I like the Cybie/Harbinger more.

  15. If you downloaded Master Edition PSXDoom yesterday, you must upgrade that bugged version with the new one just released 10/31/2018. The errors were fix now, we apologize for the bugs. Have fun

  16. PsxDoom Master Edition beta 2 is now available in Console Doom Forums, it features some NRFTL now, hope you like it. More coming soon!

  17. It's 4am and I cannot sleep.

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    2. bzzrak


      Set up a sleep schedule. Stare at the sun when you wake up, that'll like super wake you up and also "cement" that wake-up time

    3. Memfis


      Phml gave a good advice: make a rule that no matter what, today you'll have to go to bed at least one minute earlier than tomorrow. It's not difficult since one minute is nothing, and seems like it actually can help you change things slowly.

    4. Gerardo194


      Thanks guys, you are great, I've gone through some stressful situations, specially with my wisdow tooth. It has been a Hell for me, the good thing is that I've been unemployed this time... This is one of my concerns as well but also think it has helped me with this hellish wisdom tooth. Hope to find a new job after its removal... Well, I:m gonna try to sleep now and wake up very early.

  18. Just finished Doom3 in Nightmare difficulty. It was a fantastic time. I can say now that the other difficulty levels are easy... Playing RoE right now, sometimes I consider RoE levels just a copypaste from Doom3 levels


    Now, I am radioactive, that cannot be good.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      I'm waking up I FEEL IT IN MY BONES, ENOUGH TO MAKE MY SYSTEMS BLOW, welcome to the new age, to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age...

  20. I love Doomworld

    1. Delete


      The best part of waking up is Doomworld in your cup.

    2. Gerardo194


      That's right, my friend

  21. If there's a thing a hate, 

    It's having a toothache

  22. I'm glad you're still here, VGA!

    1. VGA


      Oh, yeah, hello!

  23. Hi everyone!!!! I was very busy but I'm finally back. Happy to see everybody here :)