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  1. It's 4am and I cannot sleep.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Set up a sleep schedule. Stare at the sun when you wake up, that'll like super wake you up and also "cement" that wake-up time

    3. Memfis


      Phml gave a good advice: make a rule that no matter what, today you'll have to go to bed at least one minute earlier than tomorrow. It's not difficult since one minute is nothing, and seems like it actually can help you change things slowly.

    4. Gerardo194


      Thanks guys, you are great, I've gone through some stressful situations, specially with my wisdow tooth. It has been a Hell for me, the good thing is that I've been unemployed this time... This is one of my concerns as well but also think it has helped me with this hellish wisdom tooth. Hope to find a new job after its removal... Well, I:m gonna try to sleep now and wake up very early.