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  1. Hi folks, as you already know: I am working on the cut content from Doom 64 started by me and suggested stuff from people here! This cut content includes the four missing Doom 2 monsters, the models created by Gregor Punchatz ant the "cut" weapon animations as suggested be people here and other websites. Now GEC (@Gerardo194 @Erick194 and @Chris194) is working on the special episode for Doom 64, titled: Journey into the Chaos. The main purpose of this project now is making a special episode that takes place after killing the Mother Demon, Doomguy realizes the demons want to take over Earth again now with Spider Demon at the helm. In this episode Doomguy must stop Spider Mastermind from creating a cosmic chaos using the Gate of Stars. This episode consists of a nine level episode a la DOOM. Here the Demons you know for the upcoming episode: (The ones based from Gregor's models have been updated/modified, not included here till further update) If you are asking about the IOS and the other monsters shown in the thread Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters, they will be available in the next episode. I hope you understand the current situation, screenshots are not working fine on the computer this time. There will be photos that were taken to show the progress of the levels after next update: Maps: Weapons rendered: Hope you enjoy the photos
  2. Gerardo194

    [WIP] Doom 64 Special Episode: Journey into the Chaos

    This will be for the GEC's source port called DZDoom mainly but a N64 and emulators version could be a possibility. Why not? :) Sorry for late reply, i have been busy with work.
  3. Hey folks, I am leaving Doom. 

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    2. Gerardo194


      Wait till the thread is posted 

    3. MidnightMage


      Good luck in whatever path you choose to do next.

    4. Gerardo194


      Wait till the Doomworld thread 

  4. This place is so boring now... 

  5. The best profile pic so far 

  6. Why are you visiting my profile? 

    Is it because I am not posting here? 

  7. Gerardo194

    Looking to disable my account

    I really wish that feature could exist. I have also thought about disabling or deleting my account.
  8. You might have noticed that I am not so active lately. No worries. The stuff we are working on is still alive just that i have been busy at work 

  9. Remember we are still working on the special episode of Doom64. After the special episode ends. This will mark the DZDoom next version
  10. Gerardo194

    [WIP] Doom 64 Special Episode: Journey into the Chaos

    Forget about the old monsters pics. In the Twitter account you will see the updated ones!
  11. Cute profile pic, so lovely

    1. NuMetalManiak


      I like her with this hair more than when she had her hair cut (wasn't her wanting by the way)

    2. Gerardo194


      Same, I like her more with this hair. She looks so cute 

    3. SuperCupcakeTactics


      I was about to comment the same thing. Cute indeed!

  12. Nice profile pic, so magical! 

  13. Gerardo194

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    I'm cooking with Plasma
  14. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I'm a computer, I'm a computery guy Everything made out of buttons and wires I'd like to show ya inside my digital life Inside my mind there is a digital mind
  15. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Zombie-pony. Looking forward to see pony guy, ponyimp, etc
  16. Angelo! How is it going?? 

  17. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Why do you have that green hair, Boi?