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  1. Hi folks, as you already know: I am working on the cut content from Doom 64 started by me and suggested stuff from people here! This cut content includes the four missing Doom 2 monsters, the models created by Gregor Punchatz ant the "cut" weapon animations as suggested be people here and other websites. Now GEC (@Gerardo194 @Erick194 and @Chris194) is working on the special episode for Doom 64, titled: Journey into the Chaos. The main purpose of this project now is making a special episode that takes place after killing the Mother Demon, Doomguy realizes the demons want to take over Earth again now with Spider Demon at the helm. In this episode Doomguy must stop Spider Mastermind from creating a cosmic chaos using the Gate of Stars. This episode consists of a nine level episode a la DOOM. Here the Demons you know for the upcoming episode: (The ones based from Gregor's models have been updated/modified, not included here till further update) If you are asking about the IOS and the other monsters shown in the thread Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters, they will be available in the next episode. I hope you understand the current situation, screenshots are not working fine on the computer this time. There will be photos that were taken to show the progress of the levels after next update: Maps: Weapons rendered: Hope you enjoy the photos
  2. From what i understood last time, it seemed to me that Gregor Punchatz might be working on recreaging the Doom 64 monsters he did. Looking forward!
  3. Gerardo194

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    Interesting... Btw. Post 666
  4. Gerardo194

    Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

    [GEC] news again, glad to see we are relevant again here in 2021.@BrutalDoomisAwesome@BrutalDoomisAwesome I congratulate you on your pursue of making an android Doom Port after the GZDoom GEC ME, keep on going with the hard work. Remember we all have something new to learn everday! Remember when there is a problem, there is a solution.
  5. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Snake, Snake, Snaaaaaaake??!!!
  6. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I remembered Kame 亀, Kami 神, Kaio 界王 and Ma 魔 characters but I have never seen that character above before...
  7. Gerardo194

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    Yes, Doom 3 is canon in the Doom universe. No, Doom 3 is non canon in the Doom Universe. Yes or no is a Doom game anyway.
  8. Gerardo194

    Share Your Sprites!

    Duke of Hell for Doom 64 Download wad here https://www.mediafire.com/file/5jvktywayppvzqr/DukeofHell.wad/file
  9. A Hell Knight like monster with Mancubus fireball throwers. 

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    2. Gerardo194
    3. doomguykiller69


      Ese demonio necesita una pechera lanza cohetes!

    4. Gerardo194


      Jeje otro día, ese monstruo no fue una idea de GEC, un usuario aqui me pidió que lo hiciera lel

  10. Reading Doomworld threads... Do you like carrot and orange juice? 

  11. Gerardo194

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    K'? I was Kyo before
  12. Watching Dragon Ball Z with the rest of the GEC crew

  13. Gerardo194 said on May 16 2016:

    "They were pretty cool and funny. I really like them. I'm thinking of using them in my future projects. Thanks for these sounds Mr. Hodges."


    And those sounds along those from Doom 2 by Robert Prince were used by my brother Chris194 to create the Arch Vile sounds used on PSXDoom Master Edition and PsyDoom released a while ago. 



  14. Playing Shinobi NES

    1. Gerardo194


      Hmmm i couldn't pass the helicopter part, will try other day soon

    2. Gerardo194


      Finally, I finished Shinobi NES

  15. Gerardo194

    [WIP] Doom 64 Special Episode: Journey into the Chaos

    Hello everyone! Hope you all are fine! The purpose of this post is to let you know how the project is going... Despite this has taken a long time, we have not stopped working on it. Here some of the details I want to share: 1. The new monsters have been digitalized to smaller sprites to make them fit in the game. There are some that needs some sprite work after digitalization process, like cleaning some rubbish left on the sprite. 2. The weapon animations are in WIP state (not referring to the rendered screenshots posted before), in order to be added in the game. 3. Some maps being reworked... some of my map designs were not convincent to me so my youngest brother is helping me because his maps look better than mine. 4. New textures will be added too. 5. A super heavily scripted story is being added to the game which explains with tons of cinematics how Doom Games are connected to each other making a bridge to the Doom Universe. 6. "Scavenger" enemy is being redesigned. The sprites look really good but I don't want to spoil much content about them now but I am redesigning the "Scavenger" enemy because this gave us some pain in the ass when digitalizing the sprites. but quite sire the new model will be better than the previous ones.
  16. Hello and salutatons!!! Please do not accept any fake information from both Dark Pulse and Impboy. They always like to raise fake news about our projects when even they do not chat with us. The Master Edition for PSXDoom will be added to DZDoom as well. My brothers and I have already discussed this internally.
  17. Gerardo194

    [WIP] Doom 64 Special Episode: Journey into the Chaos

    You're welcome @Cacovile Jackson I know you will enjoy this project coming soon.
  18. Gerardo194

    Do you know how to create a cool map?

    I start listening to music, play and pay attention to Doom Maps, also watch Doom mods on YouTube, the most recent Doom Mod I watched was Rowdy Rudy, watching Doom mods on Youtube helps on getting inspiration too. I also pick up a pen a paper to make some map sketchs. I also look on Google pics about Medieval, Greek, Egyptian places to get some ideas or watching videos about urban exploration related to hospitals, schools and so on that helps to add an eerie atmosphere.
  19. Okay, I have just watched the videos and this is indeed an awesome job everyone has done for both Master Edition PSXDoom and PsyDoom. Can't wait for Beta 4.
  20. Thank you! I like Tokusatsu genre very much. I will listen to the opening right now.
  21. Actually, three of @Shokan Kong videos must not be on this thread but on PsyDoom. Btw that's interesting seeing a Doom Game in Russian Language. I loved the PSX Duke Nukem music on one of the tutorials here.
  22. @Nikoka@Nikoka I really like your profile picture. From what TV series is that?